Know Thyself

whether we know it or not, our mind is the vehicle for our true self (Consciousness) to have experience.

Our mind faithfully produces the evidence of what we’re consciously or subconsciously assuming, believing and feeling…

About business, time, money, ourself, our team, clients, others, our body, our health, how easy or difficult things are, what’s possible, what’s not etc. 

Whether we accept this or reject it, our results are the expression of our assumptions and beliefs.

As such, our experience does not necessarily reflect our desires, intentions, hopes, conscious beliefs, hard work, efforts and actions.

We’re not taught this so we may understandably remain unaware of this however we can’t escape it.

In filtering out what doesn’t correspond with what we’re consciously or unconsciously bringing our awareness to, the mind provides us with a delayed reflection of what does.

As such, we’re always being shown a delayed reflection of what we’ve been giving life to mentally and emotionally.

Thankfully, wen we understand this immutable truth and learn how to shift our consciousness, we can free ourselves up to create the results we most want and to life a self-empowered and fulfilling life.

And there’s no striving required… unless we believe it is of course…..and then it is.

The key in shifting our mind however is to do this from the awareness and understanding of our true nature and not from the level of the mind itself.

Battling the mind from the level of the mind may be popular among mindset and other personal development teachings but its misinformed and a reliable recipe for exhaustion, unsustainable results and….. for most people,….. not much change!

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