Ending Yo-Yo Sales

End yo-yo sales for good and enjoy steady, predictable and accelerated growth…


The lifeblood of every (sustainable) business.

Up one month or quarter, down the next.

Two or three steps forward, one or two back.


Inconsistent or incremental growth when what we really want is consistent, significant and meaningful.


What is common however is to attribute “non-reasons” to account for them.

“It’s the economy, political situation, the time of year, the team, the holiday season, the clients, market, prospects, etc.

Or some other ‘non-reason.’

โš ๏ธ What I’m about to say can be a hard pill to swallow and I fully acknowledge it can be triggering too BUT it’s key to unlocking the consistent sales growth our heart may desire. โš ๏ธ

It’s medicine to shift from Yo-Yo sales to predicable, significant and sustained sales growth.

๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ’Š Sales…..whether Yo-Yo or otherwise….are always a mirror.

Not a mirror of what’s going on ‘outside’.

But a mirror reflecting our dominant inner thoughts, stories and mental diet…

Driven by our perceptions, assumptions and felt beliefs.

Driven by our inner ‘state’ of being.

Or in other words who or what we’re identifying with.

It’s our dominant ‘state of being’ that we get to experience the evidence of.

It’s often said that where ‘focus goes, energy flows’ and that results then follow.

But focus itself doesn’t create results, our consciousness does.

What we’re emotionally entangled with is what’s mirrored back in our experience.

Good, bad or indifferent.

Of course our mind absolutely wants to reject this.

In favour of perpetuating the belief that causes are mostly external.

In favour of perpetuating or dragging us back to what’s most familiar to us.

The last thing our mind wants is for us to wake up to this understanding.

But being prepared to see and accept this is the direct path to getting the results most desired.

And to understanding why it is that some people thrive no matter the circumstances.

Whilst others don’t despite their capability and desire.

Because here’s the thing…

What the mind does is to faithfully project results which align with and reflect our state of being and the thoughts, beliefs and assumptions which stem from our state.

What’s active in our consciousness through our emotional involvement is what the mind projects onto the screen of our experience.

And so, if we react to what’s being projected, we’re reacting to our own projections and typically perpetuating them.

Or creating ones of a similar nature.

So being in a state of ‘needing more sales or revenue‘ perpetuates the ‘need for more sales and revenue.’

Being in a state of ‘things being difficult‘ or ‘not enough time or money’ gives us the evidence of our states.

Whereas being in a state aligned with ‘plenty of sales‘ gives us the experience of ‘plenty of sales.’

Until our state shifts.

It’s why winning streaks occur.

And it’s why losing streaks occur too.

Without this awareness, it’s so easy to get stuck in unwanted patterns….. whilst trying very hard to break out of them.

It’s so easy to not see that a steady flow of desired results always follows a corresponding stabilised state of being in flow or alignment.

Thoughts, beliefs, actions and results flow from our state.

Because the screen doesn’t create the movie; it just shows the film that’s in and being illuminated by the projector.

It’s a law of Being. An immutable law as old as philosophy and as scientifically proven, accurate, predictable and consistent as the law of gravity.

We experience the effects of the law of Being 24/7 just as we experience the effects of the law of gravity 24/7.

We may just not be conscious of it – partly because we’re not taught about it – although we do feel the degree to which we ‘resist’ or ‘allow’ what’s wanted or unwanted.

What we’re consciously or unconsciously putting into the projector of our mind and lighting up via our state and imagination may be in contrast to our goals or aligned with them but either way, the projector can only show the film it’s being given.

It’s why its so vitally important to be internally oriented.

And to choose our ‘film roll’ based on our heart’s desires, not based on our current circumstances or the thoughts, beliefs or actions coming from an unwanted state.

And this is NOT an intellectual endeavour.

It’s an affair of the heart.

Intellectually we already know we’re capable of (and desire) more.

But knowledge, intellect, desire , strategy and capability are not what drive our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, perceptions, actions, behaviours or outcomes.

Our inner state is what does ALL of this.

In other words, what our heart and mind are aligned with does.

And thatโ€™s the game.

The game is that we either continue to react to the movie being played.

Whilst remaining unaware we’re the script-writer, director, producer and the lead character.

Which is often the formula for Yo-Yo or much slower and more painful sales growth than our heart desires.

Or we place a new film of what’s desired into the projector and illuminate the next frames with an aligned state instead.

With the awareness that if we lead with our heart’s desires, our mind will fall into alignment.

“It’s just not that bl**dy simple; it’s ridiculous!” … says the mind (in its relentless bid to preserve what’s familiar and to always be right).

“It’s much more complicated. There are clearly external factors and many other things at play.”

And yes, it really does appear this way and it can absolutely feel it too…

But what does our own direct experience point to?

Are we feeling and thinking relative to our past or current circumstances and to where we’re trying to get to?

OR are we feeling from the fulfilment of our goals and heart’s desires?

There’s a BIG and important difference.

One is REACTIVE. One is CREATIVE …..(Exactly the same letters in each word but in a different order… how interesting!)

Although in truth, they’re both creative. Our reactions are merely an indicator of our current state and it’s our state that creates.

If we buy into and run the story that it’s more complicated or that results are dependent on external factors and other things, we experience this story. (Because it’s a Law of Being and not a game of chance.)

And if we buy into unwanted stories in our mind, our heart suffers our ignore-ance of this…

The internal contraction (and suffering) we may experience from buying our mind’s limitations and stories is an invitation to stop giving our power away.

To stop giving our power to causes we perceive to be separate.

To stop believing the stories of our mind.

And to stop resisting our heart’s desires.

The challenge being that our ego of course feels validated when we do.

Ego loves to own results that are wanted and to allocate blame and reason for results that aren’t.

Because this perpetuates the illusion.

But the problem is that familiarity then prevails… familiar patterns and familiar inner stories and feelings…

When what we and our heart desires is change and freedom.

We desire to be heart-led because our heart is free.

Instead of believing the stories of the mind.

And yes of course, we can continue to try ‘mindset’ and positive thinking and strategies and working harder and other initiatives… but to what end?

What about trying ‘heart-set’ instead of ‘mind-set?’

What about living from the heart?

Because, no matter what our mind (ego) may tell us

The sales and growth and income and freedom and fulfilment our heart desires are all here for the taking.

No matter the economy or circumstances.

But only if we’re willing to do what EVERY high achiever and truly great leader throughout history has done…

They’ve been willing to open their hearts to their desires and to winning…. before there was any evidence.

Instead of being focused on the absence of their desires or their fears or on the next new strategy..

Achieving is 100% about Being.

It’s about allowing our true nature by embodying the ‘state’ aligned with the fulfilment of our heart’s desires and not the state of wanting them.

Yes, it’s illogical and yes it seems paradoxical and yes it takes courage but it’s the only way.

Whether in business, in battle or in sport, this is always how what’s uncommonly achieved is achieved.

2% of people do this unconsciously and some do it consciously but either way, what they’ve all done at some point is allowed their heart to lead them…….not their mind or logic or reason or strategy and effort.

Much as our mind may not want to hear it, there can be no truly significant or sustained shift in our experience unless we have the will to follow our heart over continuing to try and resolve our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions and results are all outcomes. They’re reflections of the state that gave rise to them.

Our direct experience points us to this.

The question is when or if we’ll be willing to surrender to being led by our heart and its desires instead of protecting it and denying them…

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