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Your Time Is Now

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Your Time Is Now.

Our entire lives are made up of now. Now is the only moment any of us ever have.

We can't make a decision or act or create results in the future.

Believing we can is what robs so many people of their dreams and goals.

Saying we'll decide or act later is really making a decision now to procrastinate and deny our desires.

And it's a trap. It puts your life on hold.

So, although I'd love the opportunity to explore with you whether we're suited to working together, I encourage you - for your sake - to decide now to enquire or decide now that you're not going to.

This way you make a decision and you free yourself up from the heavy, mental and emotional burdens of indecision and procrastination.

The truth is the timing for creating whatever change you want may never feel 'quite right' and yet it's always 100% the perfect time. 

Because it's never about the timing; it's always and only about you.

Your time really is now.

It's the only moment in which you can live and it's the only moment in which you create. 

Now is when you decide based on your dreams or it's when you allow your memories, doubts and fears to decide for you.

And if it's the latter, then what you need is a bigger, bolder, more life-affirming dream plus more courage and understanding. 

If you're ready and willing, I can help you with this.