Why The Meaning We Add Matters

This article is meaningless.

And yet it may also be the most meaningful post I ever write.

You get to decide.

When he first said it, I dismissed it as nonsense.

When I then thought about it, I could see something in it.

When I studied the science of how we each create our experience, I understood it intellectually.

But I really didn’t want to accept it. 

When I looked back on my life, I couldn’t ignore the truth in it.

And when I eventually applied it, I experienced it as life-changing.

What my then mentor said that day was this:

Rob, what you’re imagining now is what’s determining your future results.

Your problem is you’ve no idea just how much you imagine…

Or how imaginal your world really is.

You’re not aware you’re imagining almost non-stop on auto-pilot and based almost entirely on your past….

Even when you’re imagining your future, you’re doing it now and using your past.

And it’s impacting everything… the only one getting in your way is you.

Consider this, he said:

Does any of what you can now see, hear, touch, taste or smell have any meaning in and of itself?

The table we’re sitting at?

The coffee you’re drinking?

Your pen and notepad?

Do any of these have any intrinsic meaning?

Or do you add in all the meaning?

What about the email from a prospective client saying yes to your proposal? Or no?

Or the amount of money in your bank?

Or last month’s or last year’s sales figures?

That person crossing the street?

Or what the guy you cut up in traffic shouted at you?

Or the news about the economy?

Think of anything or anyone you like.

Do they have any standalone meaning?

Or do you add ALL the meaning in?….

All of it. All of the time. 

Do we each make up our own meaning?

For everything.

Are we always using our imagination to add meaning?

When I thought about it, I had to admit it.

The meaning is always added in.

In my world, the meaning was always inside me and in my mind and nowhere else.

Facts were just facts, opinions were just opinions, things said or done were just that……

I was the one adding in all the meaning. 

Meaning was entirely personal.

So Rob, what determines the meaning you add?

The answer is, whatever you’re imagining at the time.

Usually it’s what you’re imagining about what something means for your future.

But regardless; all the meaning is added using your imagination.

Mostly filtered through your perceptions, assumptions and beliefs… which are typically based o your past experience.

You’re imagining meaning on auto-pilot based on your inner state which is being dictated by the meaning you’re adding.

So hear this Rob…

We live in a world of relativity. That much is obvious. Everything is relative.

But it’s ‘who we are being now‘ relative to the circumstances, events and situations of our life that is the key….

Because life returns to the thinker what he or she thinks, assumes and feels into it.

You think you live in a Universe but what you really live in is a You inversed!

So, when it comes to growing your business and income faster and having more of the time-freedom you say you want… the only thing you need do is this…

Stop imagining meaning based on what you don’t want and start imagining meaning based on what you do!

In other words, stop thinking to your goals and start thinking from them.

Because – as you’ve just established for yourself – you’re making it all up anyway!

Your world is always showing you a delayed image of who you are being and of what your imagining.

You’re adding all the meaning and then the meaning you’re adding is mirrored back to you.

The problem you have if you’re unconscious is that you then confirm the belief using the reflection in the mirror instead of you changing what’s causing it!

So I then asked, how do I change the meaning I add?

Strange as it may seem Rob, if you really want to shift your results and get off the hamster wheel, you’ve got to get out of your mind a lot more!

Get out of your mind and your intellect’s obsession with reason, repetition, seeking, striving, recycling the past , figuring out how and adding meaning which isn’t helpful.

And get into your heart so you then live, think and feel from fulfilment and from your desires and add meaning which is helpful…

On autopilot!

Then life returns the symbolic expression of your new inner state and your corresponding thoughts, feelings and assumptions.

Whether this is in the form of money or time or whatever it is you want.

I know it makes no sense Rob, but that’s the point.

Our senses are not for creating with!

If we go by our senses, we’re screwed.

Our senses are for recording and experiencing the physical evidence of what we’re creating with….

But whatever this is, we add the meaning…

And the meaning we add creates the next image and so on.

We create based on what we’re accepting and assuming in our heart as true in the present moment.

We create based on our state of being.

It’s why we get stuck or we don’t.

Listen carefully to this Rob…

Who “I am now” being is what’s most meaningful.

“I AM” is, in and of itself, full of meaning.

“I AM” without any labels or conditioning or meaning attached is infinite.

It just is. you can add to it whatever you want.

So, by definition, without anything added, it’s also equally meaningless.

The game of life is one of realising we each create moment to moment based on the meaning we’re adding to everything …

We each get to see the evidence of what you’re giving life to in our mind.A

About ourselves others, the world around us.

About business, money, everything.

It’s just whether we do this consciously or unconsciously.

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