What We Want vs. What Mind Wants

It’s often said success leaves clues.

But the clues aren’t obvious.

And because they’re not obvious, we find and follow the clues our mind believes in..

And therefore wants us to follow..

Such as hard work, guru strategies and advice, developing skillsets, etc.

Maybe we work on our products, pricing, positioning, marketing, sales, team capability etc…

Or read books and attend seminars on how to succeed at X,Y and Z.

And any or all such activities may help…


Do they really shift the trajectory…. and sustainably?

Do they help us to 3, 5 or even 10X our income? (If we want to / believe its possible).

Whilst also working less and enjoying more freedom?

Some of us turn to mindset but unfortunately very few succeed with this as they intend to.

Because ‘mindset’ is typically and mistakenly focused on changing thoughts and beliefs.

Unwittingly giving the power to the very thing we need to take power from to experience the changes, fulfilment, freedom and happiness we may want.

Trying to effect change at the level of the mind is like asking a police officer to catch a thief when the police officer is the thief!

The major clue to success isn’t obvious for one big reason!

It’s not in evidence and can’t be seen because it’s ‘spiritual’ in nature…

Many are turned off or repelled by the mention of the ‘S’ word.

Partly because it’s so misunderstood.

But mostly because it’s so threatening to the mind and ego.

But whether put off or otherwise, it’s still the source of everything in our experience.

It’s the origin of all desires and experience.

Some honest self-enquiry makes this more obvious.

Where do our thoughts come from? Why do we think the thoughts we do?

Why do we feel as we do? (And not as we may want?)

Why are we triggered by some things and not others?

What really causes us to choose left vs right or doing vs. not doing?

Do we choose our thoughts in advance or does thinking happen on its own? (Mind especially wants to jump our investigation of this one!)

The golden key to the change we want is to prepare spiritually for what we desire to experience.

This is what every great leader, entrepreneur and high achiever in history has done consciously or unconsciously… without exception.

It’s the domain of the heart (and not of the mind).

We may of course be unconsciously heart-led in some aspects of our life and for many things.

But for the most part – when it comes to our Heart’s biggest desires – our identification with the mind keeps us from the results we most want.

Because the mind wants to preserve the current trajectory of results.

Mind likes the known. Heart wants what’s not yet known.

So mind uses memories and conditioning to shape our thoughts and our future.

Long story short, our mind doesn’t want the change our Heart does.

But if we battle with the mind, we lose. (It’s why mindset fails >95% of mindset students).

Mind promises change, happiness and fulfilment in the future; when we’ve done X,Y and Z.

And mind loves mindset because mind knows it’s the one doing the mindset work!

So mind has us believing all our doing and action is the answer to the change we seek.

But it really isn’t. Mind isn’t for change.

But unlike Mind, our Heart is.

Heart is for growth, impact, freedom, travel, adventure, laughter, joy, fulfilment.

Heart is for expansion, expression and for feeling more alive.

Heart is abundant, intelligent and fearless.

Heart is truth.

It’s limited only by the mind and our relentless identification with our mind.

And when we identify with our mind, we can’t help but suffer the limitations and consequences.

We believe certain activity will move us to experience the growth or results we most want but somehow incremental is the experience vs. the quantum leap we desire.


When we learn to be Heart-Led, we get what our heart wants and desires.

It is in fact the only way.

There can be no truly significant, sustained change in our experience unless we choose following our heart over attempting to resolve our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Being heart-led is natural but sadly it’s not the norm.

Because we’re conditioned to be Mind-led instead.

Which explains why success and mental freedom are so rare!

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