Visionary or Recessionary?

At the time of writing, Britain is having an interesting time.

Another Prime Minister.


Interest rates on the rise.

More talk of recession.

It is what it is…


If there’s one thing we’d be very wise to stay clear of..

It’s adopting or having a mindset for a recession.

Because a recessionary mindset always leads to recessionary results.

Just as the opposite does too.

It’s evidenced in history books, leadership and our own lives and businesses.

And if there’s one place this is really crystal clear, it’s the stock markets.

Dress it up any which way but strip it back down and ultimately stock markets are a mirror.

Of beliefs, perceptions and imaginings about what might happen in the future.

And of the corresponding emotions and reactions this invokes.

Unlisted, private businesses are no different.

Results reflect an amalgamation of assumptions, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and emotions.

ALL of which are subjective…

Because the truth is that nothing intrinsically has any meaning of its own.

Facts are facts, numbers are numbers, objects are objects, money is money, etc.

We add ALL of the meaning.

Based mostly on our (often unconscious) memories of the past, thoughts, assumptions, perceptions and beliefs.

Or on how we’re feeling at the time of the stimulus.

But the Visionary’s or Entrepreneurial journey isn’t based on history, memory or beliefs.

Or dictated by the economy or interest rates or inflation or politics.

It’s based on the LOVE of a vision.

It’s based on being emotionally involved with “what it is I really desire to create?”

It’s NOT based on “what do I believe current circumstances or resources or my history or beliefs will allow me to create?”

It’s NOT based on “how do I fix this or that problem?”

It’s NOT based on a negative vision of “if I don’t create this, then I fear this will happen or I won’t be x, y or z.”

In saying all of the above, I’m not for a moment suggesting we ignore challenges or current circumstances or history…


Re-minding ourself that our results can only mirror what we’re mentally and emotionally attuned to, can really support us.

Re-minding ourself that history doesn’t need to determine the future, can really support us.

Re-minding ourself that we are adding the meaning and that it’s entirely subjective, can really support us.

Because when we’re mindful of this, we can use circumstances as the stimulus for strengthening or renewing our connection to our vision and to what’s wanted.

(As all the great leaders throughout history have done).

Versus using circumstances as the stimulus to imagine or to become emotionally involved with the idea of an unwanted future.

(As the news channels and newspapers appear to be so invested in encouraging!)

Albert Einstein was at pains to point out that we can’t solve our problems from the level of the problem.

And he was right.

Because whatever our heart and mind are aligned with and attuned to can only move us in the direction of completing that circle.

Problem or Solution.

Recession or Vision.

So the biggest favour we can do ourselves, our families, our business, our teams, our clients, the economy and our country is to BE visionary, not recessionary.

And to BE this regardless of circumstances and irrespective of what others may be broadcasting based on what they’re attuned to.

The challenge is, it’s not a popular stance.

It’s more popular and, dare I say it, culturally acceptable to be moved by circumstances and fear than by vision but, popular or otherwise, it’s the only stance to take if we’re to BE true to our heart and to BE of service to others.

Be-cause we can’t ever BE in the future and be-cause who we are BE-ing now is causal!

Being visionary and not recessionary requires us to have a stronger emotional connection with our vision than the psychological connection to our fears and doubts!

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