Choosing Transformation or Change?

You may not want either which is cool but if you did and could choose one or the other…

Which would you choose?

Because you do have a choice.

We all do. In every now moment.

Let’s use caterpillars to illustrate the point….

Caterpillars don’t ever change into butterflies.

They die so the butterfly within them can live and fly.

We don’t trans-form anything by trying to change, improve or fix.

Or by re-forming or con-forming to the norm.

Or by gathering in-formation.

Caterpillars don’t fly by becoming more informed!

Caterpillars can’t and don’t fly.

Caterpillars don’t read books or take courses on ‘how to make a caterpillar more anything’. 

Caterpillars don’t do personal improvement or focus on trying to perform better as a caterpillar.

They do what’s natural instead.

They surrender so what’s already within them can be allowed to be expressed – naturally.

As humans, we’re designed to do the same.

It’s the only way we transform anything.

Not by struggling to change but by choosing.

Choosing what we’d love to experience next.

Choosing from the infinite options available to each of us.

And choosing to then surrender our self-concept and to stop resisting what is in favour of surrendering to our desire so it can be expressed.

It’s 100% natural. 

The problem is we’ve been told to believe we need to strive or work hard or to change or develop to become what we already are.

We’ve fallen for believing we need more confidence or courage or personal development or in-form-ation.

But that’s all suppression and denial of what’s natural.

Striving to be an improved caterpillar is not what the human journey is about.

And suppression and striving not only kills dreams. it leads to becoming sick, tired, frustrated, disillusioned or depressed.

So, unless we want to deny what’s already within us and suppress, condition or delay our dreams, desires and natural fulfilment, health and happiness, we’d be wise to wake up.

And recognise our desires for what they really are.

Our divine and natural urge to know and experience more of what’s already within us.

And surrender to let it be expressed.

Because it’s not about what, when, where, how or even why.

It’s about whether we’re willing to surrender to our desires and let go?

Because there can be no real flying or soaring without surrendering.

Striving is not required but we are naturally free to choose it.

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