The Very Nature Of Goal Achieving

In the work I do I’m often asked: “What can I do to achieve my goals with more certainty and less effort?”

My answer is always the same.

Do what ALL top performers do….

“Stop wanting the goal and accept it in your heart ❤️ first.”

It isn’t theory, it’s the very nature of things. 

It’s actually the only way we ever achieve anything.


The fastest, most certain (only) way to goal achieving…

Is firstly to STOP wanting things or circumstances (or people) to change.

Those who achieve their goals fastest and with least effort are always led by their desires.

They’re NOT led by their resistance to or their focus on ‘what is’.

Current circumstances may of course give rise to the desire or goal – as contrast often does – but top performers don’t resist them.

Instead they tune their awareness into the desire.

They move out of their head and allow the goal into their heart. As a result, they’re then pulled and moved by the desire and not entangled with the wanting or needing of it.

It’s a very subtle difference which makes ALL the difference.

Continued resistance to our current circumstances only binds us to them.

Because we don’t get what we want, we get what we’re bringing our awareness to.

And results align with who we’re therefore aware of being.

Top performers and high-achievers are consciously or unconsciously “in the spirit” of their goals.

Meaning they’re NOT in the spirit of wanting or lacking or resisting them.

It’s a subtle difference which makes ALL the difference.

Because being ‘in the spirit’ of our goals moves us to think, feel and behave from the goal.

We’re literally being led by the heart (spirit) and not by lack or fear or by the head and current beliefs (ego).

If we’re ‘in the spirit of wanting’ our goals or resisting what is, we then think, feel and act to the goal… 

Which is definitely not the same thing.

Although the action may look the same and we may ‘think’ we’re right to be taking it – (ego always wants to be right) – the outcomes are never the same.

Because they can’t be.

It’s a law of mind. 

A law of nature.

Just as an apple tree can’t grow from an acorn, our goals can’t be realised from a consciousness of the absence or wanting of them.

We can’t be dominantly aware of what is and experience the opposite.

When it comes to goal achieving, “inspired action” is often spoken about but the truth is, ALL action is inspired.

It’s what the action is inspired by that matters.

Because it’s the energy behind our action that dictates results.

This is the seed of the fruit that’s later experienced.

The word, ‘inspired’ means ‘in the spirit of’ or ‘breathing life into’…

So, because the mind is the activity of consciousness (spirit / source), we’re always ‘breathing life’ into what we’re giving our awareness / consciousness to.

Trying to get away from unwanted outcomes is paradoxically, breathing life into them. 

So action inspired from resisting or trying to change circumstances therefore leads to more trying and more of what we want to change.

It’s the law of nature. 

Conversely, action inspired from acceptance of our desire leads to the evidence of progress and the desire’s inevitable fulfilment.

The alignment of mind, body and spirit with our desired outcomes is ultimately the only way to achieve our goals.

Or in other words, accepting the desire in our heart and integrating our ego. 

Many serial, big goal achievers are blessed with unconsciously doing this.

In other words, they don’t resist their true nature

As a result, they’re moved to do the right things, be in the right place at the right time etc. and to realise their goals with certainty, speed and relative ease.

Unfortunately and ironically – because it’s been unconsciously natural and heart-led for them – their ego often jumps in to claim ownership for the success.

As such they attribute their success to things like strategy and hard work or how smart they were which are of course not the actual causes. 

Sadly, this often means they teach ‘strategies’ to others which they believe are the cause and then wonder why their students don’t get similar results.

Unfortunately, in not understanding their consciousness as being primary cause, it means they can’t then pass on the real reason for success to others or to their children and those they love.

But this is how the game of life is designed. 

To get us to wake up to our true nature.

To wake up to realising flow and ease and the realisation of our desires and goals are the inevitable experience of our non-resistance to our true nature.

That our consciousness is first and only cause. 

And that striving, hard work, over-thinking, anxiety, stress, mental suffering and not achieving as we inherently know we’re capable of or ‘want’ to are ALL just symptoms of the degree of our resistance to our nature.

The suffering we experience as a result of our ‘ignore-ance’ is nothing other than a cry from our heart …. to get us to wake the f up, get out of our way and allow our true nature to flow through us.

So how do we drop the resistance?

1. Gain some awareness of our essential nature and the laws and workings of mind.

2. Start accepting our desires in the knowledge they’re ours for a reason.

3. Stop resisting what is. (Striving is a form of this and so is having a deadline).

4. Understand what ego is and integrate it or dissolve it instead of strengthening it with resistance. 

(This is so fundamental and failure to do this is the No. 1 reason ‘personal development’ programmes fail and why people stop themselves from living the lives they once dreamed they would).

5. Trust your heart with all your heart.

6. Find someone to support you to integrate and quieten the ego.

Finally, here’s what the ego-belief really doesn’t want you to hear…

Your goals are literally waiting for you to stop resisting them and start accepting them. 

Non-fulfilment of our heart’s desires is only ever down to lack of awareness on them or resistance to them or to what is.

Isn’t it time to stick two fingers up to the outdated, old-school, Newtonian belief that struggle and striving are required for achievement?

Or that some of the things you desire just aren’t possible for you?

Remember…..we always get the evidence of what we dominantly tune our awareness to….. 

If its that hard work is required, we get to have that as our experience! If it’s that it’s easy, this is our experience too.

Thankfully we do get to choose what we tune our awareness to!

Our heart’s true desires or our ego’s! 

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