The ‘S’ Word & The Human Paradox

It’s normal to believe we are a mind and body.

Why wouldn’t we?

And of course we are.

But if we pause and consider, it’s so obvious we’re SO much more.

The challenge is we don’t pause and consider.

And in not pausing, we perpetuate the ONE belief that’s in the way of everything we want.

Not just in the way of the easy attainment of our biggest goals and dreams.

But in the way of our innate happiness, joy and freedom too.

If this is really true, we might wonder why it is we don’t pause?

The answer is somewhat ironic and paradoxical.

It’s because we believe so strongly that we are only a mind and body.

And this mistaken belief causes us to fear what’s true.

Ironically, this belief prevents us from believing what we couldn’t deny if we did pause!

It’s the human paradox:

Who we think we are most wants what who we think we are is also most afraid of.

It seems crazy really but that’s the whole point!

It’s the game of life.

It’s upside-down and inside-out.

PLAYING it as it’s designed to be PLAYED does seem crazy.

But what’s truly crazy is to remain wedded to the belief that we are only a mind and body.

Because we then suffer accordingly.

The game is actually set up to help us realise who we really are so we can free ourselves.

Free ourselves from the bondage and suffering of believing ourselves to be who we’re not.

So we can free ourselves to achieve our biggest goals with ease, live free from anxiety, fear and judgement and enjoy our innate happiness.

Not fleetingly but lastingly.

It’s such an amazing and fascinating game!

Because it’s so simple and yet our ego (which is simply the belief in us being only a mind and body) makes it seem so complicated.

But our ego is nonetheless an essential part of the whole game.

If we didn’t spend so long falling for and being deceived by the illusion of ego, waking up to the truth wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding.

As a belief, one of our ego’s primary roles is to be on high alert for us discovering the truth.

Ego hides the rules for how to play the game of life in the best place there is to hide anything.

In plain sight.

Ego plays a game of defence.

Defending our current beliefs, perpetuating struggle along with the belief that hard work is necessary for the attainment of results.

Of course most of us know that playing a game of defence is not the formula for goal scoring or winning.

It’s a formula for staying safe……. or stuck!

>> Trigger Warning. The ‘S’ word ahead. <<

If we’d only pause to consider; it’d become so obvious to us that we are spiritual beings as well as intellectual and physical ones.

Much as our ego may want us to, we simply can’t deny the evidence.

Our thoughts are spiritual and so are our desires and our goals.

If they’re not, then where are they now? Where do they exist?

Where do thoughts and goals come from? Why do we have the thoughts and goals and desires that we do?

Where do our thoughts go to when we’re done with them?

A little self-enquiry makes it obvious.

Beyond this, there’s 3500 years of scripture and ancient text to fall back upon as well as more than 100 years of modern / quantum science.

Yet the mere whiff of the word ‘spiritual’ can trigger and panic our ego.

It can cause instant dismissal.

Causing this ONE BELIEF (ego) to throw any number of other beliefs and illusory evidence into our awareness to preserve itself.

A false belief preserving itself with other false beliefs!

What a clever and crazy game!

And if we fall for this clever illusion, it leads us back to denying the expression of the potentiality we feel and know is within us.

It leads us back to denying or resisting our desires.

It causes us to suffer by denying what our heart wants.

And to not recognising that our desires and goals are ours for a reason.

That they’re wanting be expressed through us.

That it’s only our belief in a false sense of identity – and the corresponding thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions – that sets up ALL the resistance.

And gets in OUR way.

The ego belief most likely says no to or dismisses this of course.

Ego says it’s far more complicated than this. It’s just not that simple.

But it really is that simple.

The game of life is simple.

It’s that we always get to be right based on what we believe is true.

Whatever we believe in – not at an intellectual level but at an emotional level – is pushed out as our truth.

So we can experience the evidence of our power to create – and at some point – wake up to who we truly are!

Or not!

The game gives us the option to continue falling for believing we are who we’re not.

The game gives us the option to ignore the mirror of our own consciousness.

Leading us to believe we have to work harder or find a new strategy or change our habits and beliefs or our mindset.

Or that there’s some ‘outside force’ in our way like the economy or the market or other people.

Or that some of our desires are unachievable or ‘unrealistic’ for ‘us’.

And of course we then get to be right about all of that….. because the rules apply no matter what!

But there’s ultimately only ONE BELIEF to change.

One we can expose as not being true within all of about 5 minutes!

If we’ll only pause!

The question is, at what point we become willing to pause and to experience the truth for ourself.

At what point are we prepared to realise the freedom we’ve been so eager to experience?

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