Or to dream big at all? 

When did you last think about earning more each month than you now earn in a year?

Or imagine serving 10, 20 or even 100 times more clients than you do now….

Whilst working less and enjoying a lot more fun and true freedom?

Do you even dare to consider this is all possible?

Or dare to believe you could do it with ease and certainty?

Because you can...

If you want to that is.

Despite what you may have been told, may have tried or may currently believe…

Everything you truly desire can be yours. 

With absolute certainty....


Maybe you want to 10X or 20X your business or income, to have more impact, serve more clients or create an amazing legacy.

Maybe you want more variety, travel, adventure and richness of experience.

Maybe you want more fun, freedom and laughter and to live more joyfully, freely and abundantly.

Whatever it is you want, it can all be yours.

And you don’t have to wait years, work harder or adopt the push yourself model of most personal development and empowerment teachings. (You really don't).

No thank you.… been there, tried that…. and contrary to ‘popular belief’, you don't need to 'improve yourself' to get whatever it is you want.

Think about it. If hard work, effort and mainstream personal development advice and strategies were really the answer, wouldn't a lot more people be a lot more 'successful' than they are?

Wouldn't you be?

What's required is much, much more simple.

It doesn't involve fancy hacks or tricks or 'brain switches'...

What it requires is for you to wake up to realising the truth.

The truth about you and how powerful you really are.....

Because when you do this, you can step into your power and stop unconsciously shutting yourself off from all that you want and deserve.

When you do this, you can finally shed the limitations, false concepts, beliefs and perceptions which blind you to your potential and are holding you back.

You can quit the self-sabotage, earn whatever you want and get off the hamster wheel.

You can stop trying so hard, create effortlessly and live the abundant and joyful life you're here to live and which you once upon a time dreamed possible for yourself.

Do you remember when you did?

Wouldn’t you love to reawaken your dreams?

Or breathe life into new ones?

Not just to dream them but to live and experience them?

Because you can....

Provided you're willing.

Your life is not a dress rehearsal!

Everything you seek and desire is already in the wings, dressed and ready and waiting for you!

Waiting for you to wake up, get out of your own way and to live life more fully and freely.


I'll get straight to the point...

Most people never live the lives they really want to live simply because they never dis-cover the truth about who they are and how their minds work.

As such, they remain ignorant or confused and blindly hemmed in and controlled by their habitual patterns of thoughts and beliefs.

And it's completely understandable.

We're not taught about this in school or by our parents and sadly, for those who do seek out the truth later in life, the net result of their research, endeavours, 'personal development' and 'mindset' work is either more confusion and struggle or more of the same.

On the other hand, when we discover the truth, we can't help but come to an understanding of something else.

Something truly transformational!

Which is that we already have everything within us to be, do or have whatever it is we really want.

And that we can be, do or have it with certainty and without all the hard work, effort and struggle we may previously have been told or have believed is necessary.

Of course you may not believe this.

And that's OK.

But it's still true.

Any desire you have only exists within you because you already have the innate ability to realise it.

You wouldn't want it or desire it otherwise.

It's the potential within you seeking expression.

You might believe your challenge is that you don't know or can't decide what you really want but this in itself is just an indication you haven't yet discovered the truth about you or your mind.

So you're unconsciously blocking yourself from knowing, deciding or aligning with whatever it is.


When you dis-cover how powerful you truly are, you realise that achieving your goals and living your dreams is not about pushing or trying or working harder or longer.

Or about 'improving' yourself or creating some new strategy or learning more.

(You've probably tried all of this).

What it's about is learning how to get out of your own way!

And to allow your innate potential to flow and to be freely expressed through you instead of you blocking it off with your illusory fears, doubts, perceptions, false beliefs, faulty thinking, hard work, effort and conditioned reactions to life.


Have you ever seriously considered why it is some people succeed wildly, create massive wealth and achieve their goals so easily, quickly and effortlessly?

While others work hard all their lives and yet never truly succeed or live as they really want to?

If so, you may have noticed the difference has little or nothing to do with hard work, effort, intelligence, skill, capability or luck. 

Or with how many books they've read, how many courses they've done or how much they know!

And you may have noticed it's not down to strategy either.

If it was, couldn't we simply copy or follow the strategy and succeed wildly too?

It's clear there's something more at play. Something subtle. Almost intangible.

So subtle the vast majority of those who succeed wildly don't even know what it is.

If they did, wouldn't they pass their 'success formula' onto their children and to others?

In not knowing, they understandably attribute results and success to such things as hard work, skill, confidence, strategy, luck or timing but it's really none of these things.

So what is it?

The answer is it's their dominant states of consciousness.

Or in other words, the degree to which they are or are not in alignment with their goals and desires.

The truth that sets you free is to know your consciousness creates your reality.

That's it. So simple. So simple it defies conditioned belief!

So simple it gets overlooked in favour of complexity.

Yet it's still true.

Align and stabilise your consciousness with your goals, dreams and desires and you can have whatever it is you really want. Every time. 



Aligning your consciousness with your desires.


Self-Observation & Awareness.

Dis-cover the truth about who you really are, about what your mind is, how it works and why it really is that your consciousness creates your reality.

In this step you'll discover how and why your 'outside world' is a reflection of your 'inside world' and that to change the outside, you firstly have to change what's creating it.

There is no other way.

In completing this step, you'll be able to connect the dots looking backwards and you'll feel the relief, gratitude and sense of freedom that comes with knowing there is no-thing and no-one to change but yourself in order to be, do or have whatever it is you really want.

The price to pay for this awareness is responsibility.

The reward is the freedom you've been looking for.


Decide What You Really Want.

Equipped with the awareness gained from the previous step, now you decide what it is you really want to be, do and have in your life.

Nothing is off limits. Now you know you are limited only by your imagination and that all things are possible.

Now you know that life doesn't happen to you or by you; it happens through you.

Here's where you create a vision for your life, unconditioned by not knowing how or by limiting thoughts, beliefs and assumptions.

Here's where you allow yourself to breathe life into your dreams from the understanding that you absolutely can and will get to experience them.

Now you understand what most people never do. Who you are and precisely how you create your own reality.

Freedom remains.


Detachment & Attachment Of States.

Now you know who you are and what you want, here's where you align your consciousness with your desires and begin to experience the 'external' evidence and results of the shift within you.

As you attach to your new states and detach from your old ones, you notice your old habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving rapidly begin to change.

No longer are you at the mercy of old patterns or having to try to consciously change habits, beliefs and behaviours at the level of the habit or the belief.

Your new states contain the blueprint for their own realisation so you get to experience being moved to play your part in the unfoldment of your desires.

Creation feels effortless and results flow in response to you moving into permanent alignment with your desires.

Life flows as it's mean to.

You are free.

Are you ready for transformation?

  • Are you ready to finally step into your truth and your true power?
  • To give yourself the understanding you need to guarantee you flourish and succeed wildly?
  • Are you ready to break free from the shackles of what you were told was possible or realistic?
  • To do what 99% of people never ever do?
  •  To turn your back on the 'conventional wisdom' which robs people of their dreams.
  • To escape from the prison of your perceptions and your unconscious beliefs?
  • Are you willing to unlearn and to start creating consciously instead of unconsciously?
  • To dream boldly once again and to live life freely, joyfully and abundantly on your terms?
  • To have it all.

An Extraordinary 12 Week Journey

Over the course of 12 re-defining, paradigm-shattering weeks Rob will help you find the clarity, confidence, courage and truth you’ve been waiting your entire life to wake up to. 

When you choose to join us in Power Of You, you’re making a powerful investment in your own transformation. One which will permanently benefit you as well as everyone you love and everyone you encounter.

Be ready to re-awaken your imagination, to dream big dreams once again and to enjoy restored faith and confidence in yourself. 

Be ready to live fully and freely. 

Because it’s your absolute birthright.

Despite your ego’s fear of change, despite your unconscious fear of huge success, your heart wants it.

Because your heart knows you're here for so much more.

Your job is to let yourself be more of who you already are.

Are you ready?

Do you remember when you started to become ‘realistic’ or to allow other peoples’ beliefs perceptions and opinions to impact your Vision for your life?

Do you remember when it was you began to reign in your dreams for your future?

The grand, no limits, abundant, adventure-filled future you once imagined for yourself…. and wholeheartedly believed in.

It’s probable you don’t remember when exactly. Conditioned limitations start so early in our lives that we're often not conscious of them and they then gather their own unseen momentum.

Before we know it, we can find ourselves falling into the dream-killing mistake of looking to our past or to the outside world to determine our vision and goals or to decide what’s possible for our future.

Unaware we're looking through the lens of our conditioned and unconscious beliefs.

Or we find ourselves using logic and reason to try and work out how to get where we want to go; unaware these faculties are being unconsciously hi-jacked and driven by the very conditioning which is holding us back.

All too soon our imagination and dreams have taken a back seat to hard work and effort or to all the ‘musts;’ and ‘shoulds’ that we place upon ourselves.

Before we know it, all the reasons for why it’s so difficult or for why we can’t do or have this or that have moved themselves into the driving seat and taken the wheel.

Daily life can then feel like more of a struggle than the joyous and abundant adventure we’d once imagined for ourselves and which it absolutely still can be for us……. if we’ll only let it.

If we'll only learn how to get beyond our conditioned beliefs and the habitual patterns of thinking.

Maybe for you it's that you stopped trusting in yourself.

Stopped trusting that you’re actually capable of true transformation? Stopped believing in possibility.

Or maybe you’ve been putting your dreams on hold until the timing is better, Until the day you have the money or the time.

But what about today?

What about now?

Right now.

Because tomorrow never arrives.

Now is the one and only time any of us ever have.

And there’s a reason you’ve read this far.

The reason is there’s a longing within you.

And it exists for one specific reason.

To serve you to wake up to your own truth.

To steer you by reminding you that you are here for so much more.

If you weren’t, why would you have the longing? Why would you have that restlessness? That ache for more?

It would make no sense.

It’s a longing to express and expand and explore. It's a longing to realise your truth and to allow your true potential to be expressed. 

It’s a longing to be free.

If you’ll only let yourself.

If you’ll only stop with all the trying and the fear and with seeking to control everything. 

If you’ll only let go.

Let go and surrender to your truth instead of blocking it all the time. With your fears and doubts.

Because you’re not here to struggle or to settle or to limit yourself or to deny your desires. 

You’re not here to compare yourself to others or to think you’re any less worthy or capable than anyone else.

You’re not here for mediocrity or to shrink or to pinch yourself off.

You’re not here to create a life you need to take holidays from. 

What you’re here for is the adventure of a lifetime. For richness of experience. For abundance. For expansion and fuller expression. You're here to be more you. 

That longing. That restlessness. That sense of struggle. That low grade anxiety.... It all exists to guide you back to your unconditioned truth.

That feeling you keep attempting to drown out with work, activity, busyness or distraction or which you unwittingly fuel and give life to with your stories.

Or which you believe will go away if you can just get to the next level. 

The feeling you perhaps blame on things outside of you… 

It's your true self knocking at the back door of your heart.

Wanting for you to recognise it and let it out.

Wanting for you to stop shrinking from your greatness.

And to enjoy the freedom and liberation you really want. 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You ENROL

  • Access to The Power Of You members platform containing short but immensely powerful daily lessons to support your transformation. The platform can be accessed at any time via a mobile device, tablet or computer with an internet connection so you may go through your transformation from anywhere at any time.
  • 12 live, weekly 'paradigm-shattering', belief-shaping, group coaching calls with Rob designed to support the unfoldment of your boldest vision, dreams and goals.
  • One-on-One 'laser coaching' call support as required between the weekly group calls.
  • A supportive community of like-minded, growth focused individuals on the same Power Of You journey.

It's easy to fall for believing in your own limiting stories or to feel you need to build or improve your courage or self-confidence.

The world is full of well-intended people, products and programmes to help with this but the truth is you already have all the courage and confidence you'll ever need or want.

You don't need to build or develop it. What's required is to reveal to yourself what you already have in abundance. 


Enjoy the feelings of gratitude, inner peace and freedom which come from knowing and living from the truth of who you really are, what it is you really want and how to be, do and have it.

Become child-like once again in the use of your imagination, breathe life into your dreams and enjoy playing the game of life as it's meant to be played.


As you step into your power and begin to harness the power of your mind, you'll begin to move swiftly towards the attainment of your vision and goals.

Turn your annual income into your new monthly income, work less, travel more, have way more fun, build a business, create a legacy. Be free to do what you want.

You'll wake up to knowing the world truly is your playground and is always at your command; not the other way around.

A Few Testimonials

Anne Fergusson

Every area of my life has changed...

In ways and to a degree I would never at one time have imagined possible, every area of my life - spiritual, emotional, intellectual, relational, financial and physical - has improved as a result of working with Rob! 

David Lewis

So much for me has changed...

I love working with Rob! So much for me has changed. I now operate and see the world completely differently. I’m happier and more fulfilled, business has grown significantly and everything now just seems to flow easily.

Sarah Conway

Transformational. Do what he says, pay what he asks.

In the very first week of working with Rob, I knew I'd found what I'd been looking for. It's difficult to put into words how much has changed for me but let';s just say my advice to anyone would be to do what Rob says, pay what he asks and you'll be so happy and grateful you did!

Mike Caldwell

Tripled my income, work less than half the time.

I engaged with Rob because I wanted to improve my coaching business. My income was all over the place. Some months I was earning £5K or £6K and some months I was earning half of this or less. By shifting my understanding of myself and changing my state, my income has grown dramatically. I now consistently earn £20K a month or more and I'm only now working about a third of the time that I was previously! Life-changing.

Nick Dayman

More time, more money, happy and content.

I've known Rob a long time and what inspired me to work with him was the change I saw in him.

Since working with Rob my business has grown considerably and everything now flow like it never has before. Of course I now know this is because I'm in flow! 

Melanie Auld

Happy and fulfilled and sales and profits have exploded. 

“My thinking has completely changed since I met Rob. He has expertly guided me to see and shift limiting beliefs I’d unknowingly lived with all my life.

As a result sales and profits in my business have exploded and more importantly, I’m now living a happy and fulfilled life, I am confident and I have a clear vision for the future.”


you wouldn't be here if you didn't want this..

If you put money, wealth, abundance, health, relationships, dream homes, new cars, jewellery, lifestyle, travel, adventure, starting and growing businesses, giving to others, rewarding work and creative expression all to one side for just a moment, I'm going to suggest something to you....

Which is that what you really, really want is to feel secure, happy, fulfilled and free.

I'm also going to suggest that true liberation sits at the heart of all that you desire. Liberation from painful thinking, from memories and regrets of the past and from worries, doubts, anxiety or fear about the future.

You want this not just some of the time but all of the time.

The reason being that despite your experience or whatever you currently believe; true freedom is your natural state.

But there's only one way to return to it and that's to dis-cover (uncover) the truth about who you really are. To free yourself up from all the conditioning and BS beliefs and perspectives that you and others have unconsciously piled on top of your own true nature.

It's my belief and my own direct experience that we can pursue money, profit, material possessions and any other number of worthy things ..... and we can read all the books, run up hills, do fire-walks and break blocks of wood with our bare hands only to find that none of these things give us what we're really looking for...... or at least not for long.

The irony however is that when you do find what you're really looking for, the 'objective success' and everything else you wanted falls perfectly into place.

It does so because your so-called 'outside world' is a mirror of your inside world. And when you change your understanding of self and you align yourself with your desires; the mirror which is your life reflects this back to you in abundance.

Accept it, deny it, scoff at it or consider it to be BS,.... It doesn't matter. It's still the way it is.

The Power Of You programme won't change who you are.

What it will do is help you reveal who you already are to yourself so you can then be, do and have everything you really want and so much more.

The Game of Life is magical when we learn how to play by the rules. 

The question is........Are you ready to play?

“Come to the edge," he said.
"We can't, we're afraid!" they responded.
"Come to the edge," he said.
"We can't, We will fall!" they responded.
"Come to the edge," he said.
And so they came.
And he pushed them.
And they flew.”

― Guillaume Apollinaire

Are You Ready?