The Mind and Money

I typically don’t write about money.

But it’s on many peoples’ minds.

And the relationship between our mind and money is the only one that matters when it comes to experiencing an abundance of money….. or indeed a lack of it.

I believe money is important.

I don’t place it on a pedestal but life is undoubtedly easier with money.

It’s a great enabler and when we understand the true source of it, we free ourselves to experience plenty of it, regardless of circumstances.

If only we were taught more about money at school!

Money is so fascinating!

Here’s a short summary of this blog post to help you determine whether or not it’s worth investing your time in reading….


  • Everyone has their own unique relationship with money.
  • The nature of the relationship can only change if we change our internal state.
  • Everyone can experience being rich and abundant.
  • The rules for playing the money game are exactly the same for everyone.
  • Whether played consciously or unconsciously, it’s 100% an inside job.
  • Because our inner states express automatically.
  • We can change our relationship with money in a heartbeat.

Everyone has their own ‘special relationship’ with money.

Mostly – but not always – as a function of or as a reaction to ‘early life’ messaging around money.

Messaging received directly or picked up through observations and experience.

Which then impact our later-life relationships with earning it, spending it, saving it and investing it.

As a result…

Some don’t earn much but always have plenty.

Some earn plenty but never seem to have much.

Some find it comes easily and effortlessly.

Some find it only comes in proportion to how hard they work.

Some spend freely, never plan and somehow always have enough.

Some have more than enough but spend it begrudgingly or with fear of it running out.

And some spend their entire lives chasing it and wondering why it remains so elusive.

Etc., etc., etc.

So how do we create the kind of relationship with money we’d love?

Before getting to this, let’s firstly answer…


The simple answer is it’s a convenient mechanism for exchanging value and energy.

In and of itself, money is completely neutral.

It has no meaning or value other than the meaning and value we assign to it.

Which are entirely subjective.

Meaning and value come entirely from our own mind.

We may believe they’re determined elsewhere but this isn’t so.

We might consider something to be ridiculously expensive or extravagant or surprisingly cheap but according to what?

According to us…. and our perceptions, assumptions and beliefs.

According to how we are seeing the world.

The value of money is ALL about our own internal perceptions.

About what we’re accepting as true.

Nothing is independently expensive or cheap.

Products, services and their prices just are. We determine and perceive the value.

It’s all perception.


Whether I’d exchange a certain amount of money for something is relative to my internal perception of value…

At a particular moment in time.

Based upon my internal state at the time.

I’d likely value (and pay more for) a hot mug of soup on a freezing cold day than I would in the middle of a hot Summer’s day.

The same soup at the same price.

Perceived and valued differently based upon what’s alive in my mind.

The weather may be different but it’s me that’s making the value call.

Based on who I’m identified as being at the time and on the assumptions and perceptions that flow automatically from this.

Whether I have the money for something I’d willingly or would love to exchange my money for is a different matter. (We’ll get to this).

But either way, money itself is neutral.

It’s just a vehicle for making an exchange convenient.

To buy 12 loaves of your bread, I don’t have to bring you a sheep or a goat!

So, if money itself is neutral, what dictates the flow of it in our experience?

What determines how much or how little of it we have?

Why is one person’s experience so fundamentally different from the next person’s?

Once again, it has nothing to do with money itself.

Or with what we do.

Or with anything outside of us.

It’s entirely down to our internal perceptions, beliefs and assumptions about money and about ourselves.

Who we are identified as being. 

Experience mirrors identity.

Money is not the expression of what we do externally or of how capable we are.

Money does not come to us relative to how much we want or need it.

Money is an expression and reflection of where we stand internally.

Not at an intellectual or conscious level but at an embodied and felt level.

Because, contrary to popular but misguided belief, our mind is not in our body.

Our body is within the mind. 

We FEEL the deeply held assumptions and beliefs we hold in our mind.

We FEEL them to be true. We feel what we believe.

And our mind always produce the evidence to prove our assumptions are true for us… because that’s how the mind generates our individual experience.

So changing how we feel is the only way to change the assumptions so we can change what our assumptions are generating.

Believing we’ll feel differently when we change our experience is like believing breaking the mirror will change what it’s been reflecting.

One challenge we have is that many of us have unconsciously attached

disempowering beliefs, assumptions and emotions to money.

Perhaps we’ve heard when growing up that people with money are greedy.

Or that money is hard to earn and we need to work hard for it.

Or we’ve been told money is a dirty subject or that people with money are dishonest.

Maybe we regularly heard our parents arguing over money or observed how hard they worked to earn it.

Perhaps we’ve lived through some very challenging times with regard to money when growing up.

Or we’ve had an event in our life that impacted us significantly.

And so we carry these in our mind and then experience the evidence of the unconscious assumptions and beliefs. 

Left unquestioned, we therefore believe the world works in a certain way.

But if it’s not true for everyone, how can it be true?

It can’t.

What is true is that we experience the evidence of where we’re predominantly placing our awareness.

Of what we’re consciously or unconsciously attaching to “I AM”.

So, if we wish to change our current ‘external’ experience with money, we have to make the change within first… because our external is just our internal playing out.

As such, we can’t continue to be predominantly aware of and to emotionally resist something we desire to change and experience the desired change.

Because our mind can only express what we’re dominantly bringing our awareness to.

Just like a mirror can only reflect what’s in front of it.

It’s not about what we’re focused on, it’s about where we’re focused from that plays out.

So, to experience greater abundance and the flow of money in our so-called ‘outside world’, we must shift ourself internally first.

All the trying in the world from an internal state of “I AM trying to grow my business faster or I AM trying to earn more money” can only continue to produce more evidence of the internal state. 

Another challenge we have is perceiving the external world to be distinct and separate.

But this is the essence of the game!

To realise we never have and never will experience anything outside our own awareness.

And when it comes to money; realising we are always the common denominator in our money experience…

And that our money experience is just a reflection of where we stand within.

Realising we have the innate ability to shift internally to embody any state so that it can then be expressed in our ‘outside’ world.

To discover we can shift internally to being the person now who always has plenty of money or we can be the person who never quite has enough…

We can always change who we are aware of being.

And when led by the heart and not the mind, we can literally do it in a heartbeat.

But what we cannot do is change the rules of the game.

The rules are 100% consistent, unchanging and apply to everyone.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

I AM……

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