The Illusion & Obstacle Of Control.

Control and freedom are not compatible.

We can’t have both.

For the simple reason ‘control’ doesn’t exist.

Although we’re free to believe it does.

And we’re educated to believe it too.

But it’s an illusion.

A powerful one.

We may seek control in subtle and less subtle ways.

Through our goals, choices, actions and behaviours.

But for as long as we do, we’re being delusional.

And we’re not only making our business growth, vision, goals and dreams much harder to achieve.

We’re also denying our innate freedom and fulfilment.

Because when we’re wanting or needing control, we feel contracted.

And when we’re contracted, it’s a signal that we’re operating from fear.

And when we operate from fear, we filter everything through our beliefs.

And then we’re only free to iterate results based on our intellect.

Versus being free to create as we’d most love to.

And nor can we experience true wealth.

Because no amount of anything can compensate for a life lived from or underpinned by fear.

And, much as we may seek control in our lives to allay our worries, doubts or fears.

So we may feel better.

We can’t control anything.

Not ever.

But persisting in trying to is a common trap.

One which keeps us locked in a mental and emotional prison.

And often financial or relational ones too.

Typically without knowing we’re even in a prison led by our own perceptions.

It’s a trap which may cause us to leap from frying pan to frying pan in pursuit of …..more control.

Yet, counter-logical as it may appear, the only thing that really sets us free is when we see and accept that we have NO control.


Realising we have no control is the very thing that swings the doors wide open to getting everything we most want.

It opens the door to wealth, abundance, fulfilment and freedom.

And what’s great is there’s no need to wait to see or to realise this.

We can see it now.

If we’re willing.

If you’re willing, take a moment and look to see if you can control anything that might happen or not happen…

In the next second.

Or in the next minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade?

Can you be 100% certain about what will or won’t happen or unfold?

Can you really control anything at all?

Or do you just think or want to believe you can?

Can you even be certain about what your very next thought will be, let alone what might happen ‘out there’?

No is the answer.

We have ZERO control over anything in the future.

But believing we do is a powerful illusion.

One which fuels entire industries.

And all manner of decisions, actions and behaviours.

In a bid to still the mind, extinguish fear or a sense of lack and in a bid to come back to our natural state of peace, freedom and fulfilment.

The need for control – whether it’s conscious or subconscious – leads the experience of an internal disquiet.

It may be subtle or otherwise and we may experience it in our chest or stomach or as over-thinking.

As such, we may then seek to alleviate or distract ourself from this through whatever action or means we feel may bring us some relief.

Actions which we may be completely unaware are motivated by seeking control.

Actions we believe will support us to feel more safe, secure, approved of, more loved…….and in control.

Or in other words, actions take in an attempt to allay some undercurrent of fear or lack.

The internal story might be: “When I’ve done this or I have this, then I’ll feel better.”

Or “When everything is as I want (need it to be). Then I’ll feel more in control of my life / business, etc.”

Then I’ll be able to let go and relax more.

And we can play this game for our entire life.

But when we feel any need for control, three things are certain.

Firstly, we’re coming from a place of fear. Subtle as it may be, much as our ego may deny it or push against the suggestion.

That’s what it is.

And we may then throw ourself into trying to find a solution to control what we don’t like or want to get away from.

More compensatory, fear-fuelled activity.

But if we’re wiling to look honestly, we’ll reveal this to ourself and we then empower ourself to choose a shift in our awareness.

Secondly, we’re giving away our freedom.

We’re being led by an illusion and not from our vision.

And thirdly, we’re getting in the way of our desired result or outcome.


Whilst we can’t control anything – what we do have is complete freedom to CHOOSE where we place our awareness.

And because of this, what we therefore have is dominion and freedom.

Which is infinitely more powerful than the actions fuelled by fear.

Because experience follows where we place our awareness.

And we are always free to choose to be aware of what we love.

Versus what we fear or are wanting to control or to be different.

Therefore we experience more of this instead.

We’re always free to habitually place our awareness on what our heart desires.

And in doing so, we’re free to create new experiences based on what we’d love.

A Big Difference. 

Living from the heart with heart and mind unified.

Versus living from and being led by the mind and trying to control things so we can feel better.

It’s Power, not Force.

It’s Love, not Fear.

It’s Wealth and Freedom.

It’s Choosing, not Controlling.

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