How Not To Overcome Procrastination

Attempting to overcome procrastination is the worst possible approach we can take… Winning at the game of life is about power, not force. Anything we actively resist always persists in our experience. It has to. Because what we bring our awareness to with emotion is creative. And inclusive. Wanted and unwanted. So, when we’re trying …

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Why Getting Ahead of Ourself is So Fundamental.

When it comes to achieving our goals and intentions, two things are very clear. One is that most people don’t believe we can have certainty about the achievement of our goals, intentions or desires. Because we’re taught early on in life to believe otherwise. TAUGHT NOT TO GET AHEAD OF OURSELVES. There are too many …

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Goal Achieving & The Cost of Worrying

The cost of worrying may not be obvious. But it is significant. Financially, emotionally, energetically, physically, relationally…. Because worry is creative. It’s understandable to believe worry is the effect of the news, the economy or current circumstances. But it isn’t. Worry is the outcome of what we’re thinking or imagining about the future. Based on …

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Once Upon A Heart

A short story on being heart-led. Being human is so fascinating. It’s a one player game appearing to have two players. The desires, wisdom and truth of Heart (true self) duelling with the illusory limitations, stories and beliefs of Mind (false self). One rule of the game being that Heart will continue to suffer and endure our allegiance to …

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