All the highest achieving entrepreneurs and leaders throughout history have been led by their hearts.

Heart-Led Leadership

The fastest, most certain way to the achievement of your vision.

Lead with your heart, not with your mind.

Your heart and mind want
different things.

Do you know why this is?

Perhaps you’d love to double your business, make more impact, multiply your income, work half and enjoy more fun, freedom and adventure?

 💔 But your current experience is different.💔

Despite your hard work, capability, strategy and investment in coaching you’re still not where you’d love to be.


Your mind is in your heart’s way.

(It’s the one and only reason).

What if you really could achieve your goals with speed, certainty and ease?
Without striving.
And without working on your mindset?

What if your mind didn’t doubt this?

What do you really want?

Big Heart (1)

Do you know what your heart truly desires?

Or just ‘think’ you do?

Based on what your mind think, feels or believes is realistic or possible?

Do you know why your mind gets in the way of your heart as it does?

Most people never listen to their heart.

Their mind jumps in.

And they believe their thoughts and feelings are real. 

So turn to strategy, working hard or trying to change their mindset.

💔 And suffer the ‘heart-felt’ consequences. 💔

Are you ready to join the 1%?

Would you love to combine wildly audacious goal achievement with time and money freedom and being happy, fulfilled and free?

Because there’s only one route to this.

And it’s not through hard work, intellect, strategy or mindset.

It’s through learning how to be heart-led.

Your mind doesn’t want this but YOU really do.

Are you ready?...

To replace this..

With this..

"I'd really love all of that," whispered the heart.
"But it's too good to be true." said the mind.

Where are you today?

“All that’s required for you to attain whatever your heart desires is to accept the one truth your mind will do all it can to keep you from.”


Now is all you have.

Now is your life.

None of us can ever make a decision or live in the future. 

Believing we can is one reason most people never achieve their goals or live their dreams or experience true wealth and happiness.

Another reason is because they believe their thoughts and feelings are real.

When your heart wants so much more,
it's wise to learn how to listen.

Are you ready to make this the moment everything changes?
To unlock the potential you know is within you.
To achieve and live your biggest goals and dreams?
To be happy, fulfilled and free?
To let your heart lead you every step of the way?


Start With The Heart

A transformational 16 week coaching programme which won’t just transform your business, it will transform every aspect of your world.

Forget what you think, feel, believe or have been told about what’s required to create wealth, happiness and success.

(Look around – see how rare true ‘success’ really is!) 

Dis-cover what’s actually true instead.

Re-define your vision.

Re-awaken your imagination.

Be led by your heart.

Realise your goals and your heart’s desires with ease.

Be happy, fulfilled, abundant and free like never before.

Love your life.

What your mind may want to know.

Entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals in business and sport.

Those seeking to attain next level results and attain their goals with greater ease, speed and certainty.


The course is focused on completely shifting your awareness right from the start. 

Not intellectually but experientially.

Because we only truly learn through experience. (It’s why the books, courses, programmes and most coaching fails to deliver the anticipated or promised results).

Over the course of the programme you’ll receive: 

 16 x Life-transforming recorded video lessons (and experiments).

16 x Live weekly coaching / Q&A calls with Rob.

Digital downloadable play-book to support your learning and shifts.

1:2:1 access to Rob in between the weekly calls.

Whatever you’d love them to be! 

Attaining your goals and heart’s desires.

Being led by your heart – feeling fully alive in your life.

Immediate shifts in your creativity, productivity, awareness and results.

Increased earnings / income / wealth / health / energy.

Time freedom.

Improved relationships.

Freedom from unwanted thoughts, feelings and fears.

Unstoppable confidence, resilience and freedom of mind.

More creativity and inspiration.

End procrastination and indecision.

Support from others in a community of like-hearted business leaders.

Everything you truly need to achieve any goal you have.

Everything you need to be happy, fulfilled and free.

Love of your life.

The commitment isn’t about time.

It’s a commitment to a new way of living and operating in the world…

It’s about embodiment of the learnings.

Based on a new level of understanding, awareness and experience.

It’s not about working on mindset or beliefs or hoping or forcing or striving!

That may be a popular approach but it just doesn’t work.

The course material itself requires an approximate commitment of 30 mins a day.

The live weekly calls are circa 1 hour long.

At the risk of being repetitive; the results and shifts we desire are not the outcome of time invested!

£8,000 + VAT (£9,600 Inc VAT). 

In the very first week, you’ll learn what more than 99% of all people never do.

Over the course of the 16 weeks, you’ll receive the wisdom Rob took almost 3 decades to uncover. 

Your life will change beyond all measure.

You’ll discover how to earn what you want and how to live like you want to.

(Some of Rob’s clients make their investment back within the first month).

You’ll discover how to enjoy true freedom, happiness and fulfilment and how to live your dream and change the world if that’s what your heart wants.

What’s all this really worth?

Or considered differently, what’s the cost of not discovering this?

There are no discounts available.

If you practice and apply what you learn, results are as certain as night follows day.

The course is designed specifically to support your application and in tun your results. 

You will have Rob’s full support but ultimately only you can apply what you learn and Rob has no control over this.

As such, we are unable to guarantee specific results.

Full refunds are available immediately upon request for whatever reason within the first 30 days of the start of the programme. Thereafter there are no refunds available.

(To date no-one has ever requested a refund).

Yes, the mind thinks this because the mind doesn’t know truth.

Truth is a lived experience, not a concept.

Mind is anchored in believing what it thinks and believes which is why most people become imprisoned by their own mind without even knowing it. 

Although they do feel it!

Gravity is ethereal but does it affect each and every one of us?

Go against it and we know.

The same is true of our heart and nature. Go against them and we suffer.

The offer of a full refund any time within 30 days is designed to provide some comfort for the doubting mind.

The start date for the next cohort is 22nd September 2022.

Places on each programme are restricted to a maximum of 10.

ModuleS 1 – 3

The Foundations..

ModulES 4 – 6

The Mind

ModuleS 7 – 9

Understanding Fear & Doubt

ModuleS 10 – 12

Title of Module

Everything your heart desires.

Is 'Start With The Heart' right for You?

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...


Testimonials are easy to place on a website.

They help sell. The mind loves them.

It's no secret social proof influences a doubting mind.

But here's the BIG problem.

Marketing of promises is one thing. Delivering on them is another.

Personal development and mindset is an almost $40 Billion a year industry and many in it are great at marketing.

But sadly only 5% of all who invest achieve the results they hope for and are led to expect.

Which is a 95% non-success rate!

Testimonials come from the 5%.

This is one reason to be wary of testimonials.

They're not an indicator of success.

Another is this.

Your success has nothing whatsoever to do with what others have achieved.

It's never about the programme or the process.

It's 100% about YOU and what takes place within you.

If you apply and join this programme, you can be assured of this...

1. You'll discover the truth about yourself that you've been seeking your entire life,

2. This truth will set you free.

3. I AM 100% invested in YOU!

This is not about leading or moving you through a process or a programme.

It's about a movement within you.

If you apply what you learn, I don't think you'll succeed, I KNOW you will.

And there's a big, big difference.


If you're serious about joining the programme or working with me, you're more than welcome to speak with any of my clients.

Let me know and I'll be happy to connect you for a 1:2:1 conversation.

“Utterly transformational in every possible way. Why it took me so long to wake up to this I will never know!” – D.S., London

So you've made it to here.

Words on a web page can’t ever fully convey an experience and nor can they fully inform you about your outcome or results. 

As with everything we do in our life, enrolling on “Start With The Heart” requires a leap of faith.

This however is not a leap into what’s known. 

It’s a leap into the unknown but that’s really the whole point.

The curious paradox is that what you desire isn’t yet known to you. 

 So, to experience it, you’ll have to move into what’s unknown.

It’s the only way.

Mind resists this. 

Heart desires it.

And we either lead with our mind and experience it’s resistance.

Or we lead with our heart and experience our desires.

I’d truly love you to leap. And so would your heart. Because your heart knows this is it. 

But heart never forces or manipulates. 

Only you can decide. 


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