Logic Defying Performance.

99% of Businesses Make This Mistake

Logic may be logical but it unconsciously kills growth and steals dreams.

Learn to become illogical and why this really matters.

If you want to grow exponentially faster with less effort and exertion, you’ve got to understand why logic and reason are the enemies.

Logic is the Enemy of the Results You Really Want.

Logic may be logical but this is exactly why it’s the enemy of the results and success we really want.

The fastest growing and most successful individuals and teams never use logic or intellect to set goals or determine strategy.

And they definitely don’t use past performance or current circumstances to influence and drive their thinking.

High achievers take thinking out of the mix when goal setting.

And allow themselves to be led and influenced by their hearts.

So their hearts determine their vision, goals and strategy… not their heads.

The head comes in only after the heart.

And this makes ALL the difference.

It’s something everyone can learn to do.

But which 99% of people sadly never do.

Because they remain governed by intellect.

Unaware that our results are never the outcome of our intellect, strategy, hard work and effort.

They’re always the outcome of what we’re in and remain in the spirit of.

So whether you want to 5X or 10X your sales and income in the next 12 months whilst working half the time. 

Or grow your business whilst travelling the world, it’s 100% possible.

But only if you get logic out of the way.

My team and I went into this not knowing what to expect.
400% sales growth and a lot more fun was the outcome!

"We were in the midst of the pandemic and sales were down.
Our industry was being hammered and it made no sense to set a goal for growth.
As a business, we were focused on getting through.

Rob was recommended to me by a friend in the UK and after a chat with him I chose to invest in his help.

On the very first coaching call Rob really opened our minds to what's possible. Something switched in us all.
Within a few weeks sales began to flow and we went on to have a record quarter followed by another and another.

If you get a chance to work with Rob, my advice is just do it. I promise you'll be so glad you did!"
Mhairi Powell

Goal setting, strategy, skillset, mindset and persistent hard work will only take you to the limit of what you believe is possible.

Going to the origin of results before the mind will shift you to understanding there are no limits other than the ones you believe in.

It's All About You

Most training is based on a false premise. 

That we need to ‘develop’ or improve in some way. To develop our mindset or skillset or new behaviours.

But despite appearing to be causal, these are all outcomes.

What’s really required is for us to un-develop. 

To get behind the mind, the intellect and the false concepts, conditioning and beliefs.

Because when we do this, we experience the truth and free up all the potential which is waiting to be expressed through us.

Inspired Action

All action is inspired. 

What matters for results is what the action is being inspired by!

Inspired meaning “in the spirit” of.

It matters because the action we take will always produce results in harmony with the spirit  (inspiration and energy) that gave rise to the action. 

So action from wanting and needing perpetuates more wanting and needing.

On the other hand, action from a state aligned with one’s goals leads to the achievement of those goals with certainty.

You Flow, Sales Flow

When you’re in flow, everything flows. 

Because life and results happen through us, not to us or by us.

The challenge we have is in knowing  how to get into and remain in flow.

Because we’re taught the opposite.

Believing flow will come from attaining a certain outcome, we try harder.

Unaware that trying is a paradox which blocks both flow and our desired results.

Results on the outside are always a function of what’s going on inside us. 

Knowing how to shift internally first is the key.

For organizations and teams looking to...

– Unlearn old ways of working and outdated norms and increase capacity

– Disrupt the status quo and increase flexibility, engagement and performance without sacrificing financial and business goals

– Quit Hustle Culture and build supportive Human Culture for better mental well-being and lower burnout levels, becoming resilient to change

– Put humanity into leadership and the workspace for more creativity, innovation and increased fulfillment

If you want the boat to go faster...

“Culture is either a commercial asset or a commercial liability.” – Rob Begg

So much time, effort, energy and resources are invested in trying to get the culture of a business aligned with its intentions and commercial objectives.

Yet, if you line 100 business owners up and ask them to define ‘culture’; the variety of answers may surprise you.

What’s common in attempting to create the ‘right culture’ is to focus on Purpose, Vision and Values.

But what if you looked at culture in a different way?

To see that culture is nothing more than group behaviour.

That it’s about people in a team or organisation consistently and dependably behaving in a certain way.

Because that’s ultimately what it is.

And behaviour isn’t driven by values or vision.

It’s driven by beliefs, perceptions and assumptions.

Not conscious ones but unconscious ones.

So if we want the boat to go a whole lot faster and enjoy the journey a whole lot more, the key is to shift the underlying beliefs and assumptions.

Because when you align intentions with belief, you’ll be amazed at how fast things move.


Hi, I'm Rob

Is an award-winning marketer turned rebel entrepreneur, founder of Unhustle®, keynote speaker, business consultant, and human potential coach, trained in mindfulness-based stress reduction and biohacking. She works with exhausted leaders and burnout teams to help them regain their well-being, focus and optimal performance.

Milena’s thought leadership on well-being, burnout, mindfulness and the future of work awarded her a seat at the World Economic Forum agenda at Davos and people’s choice award at Wisdom2.0 conference, sharing the stage with business luminaries and world leaders to activate change on a global scale.

Unhustle® has been featured in CNN Business, NPR, Thrive Global, Entrepreneur and countless podcasts.

She’s on a mission to elevate people’s lives and work through creating sustainable success without sacrifices.

Build without burnout

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