Know Thyself

Carved into the stone above the entrance to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi are the two words: Know Thyself. 

I work 1:2:1 with a small number of leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals who wish to take their game to an entirely new level.

The intention of my coaching is simple.. 

To help you free yourself to be led by the wisdom and courage of your heart and intuition and realise your boldest vision and goals with certainty and from flow.

To support you to understand there is no objective reality and that yours is just the image of your current perceptions, beliefs and assumptions.

When you understand your true nature and how your mind works, you then realise you truly can have everything you desire. All that’s required is for you to let go of the belief that you can’t and to stop conditioning your desires with your logic, reason and false beliefs and assumptions. 

Whatever you truly desire, you can have. 

There are no limits other than those in your mind however to realise the shifts you most want, you must be willing to embrace aspects of your self you’ve not yet embodied or expressed.

Because you can’t express results which you haven’t firstly accepted in consciousness.

Working with me is not for the faint of heart. 

I will help you free yourself from your current perceptions and see the world in a different light – literally. You’ll realise you can attain whatever your heart desires but living your truth requires courage and taking responsibility for your life and results in a way you may be unaccustomed to.

The price of awareness is responsibility. The reward is freedom and fulfilment.

My coaching is about self-realising and then integrating this understanding so you elevate your consciousness, access the wisdom of your heart and intuition and free yourself from the BS programmes and limitations of the mind, logic, reason and dogma which deny the growth, happiness and results you most want.

If we work together, you’ll understand why logic and reason and the intellect are almost always the biggest barriers to the changes your heart desires and your intuition know the way to. 

If you’re serious…

If you’re serious about creating a truly meaningful shift and would like to explore working with me 1:2:1, please book an introductory and complimentary call via the button below.

Please note: I work 1:2:1 with only a limited number of clients and cannot guarantee immediate availability.

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