One-on-One Coaching with Rob.

I work 1:2:1 with a small number of those who wish to take their Self-awareness, business and life to an entirely new level.

In working with me, you’ll:

  • gain an understanding of your true nature, (You are not who you think you are).
  • learn why you want what you want (or why it is you don’t know what you want). 
  • gain clarity on what is you really want.
  • understand why the past (recent or distant) has no bearing on your future.
  • understand the primary cause of and the mechanics of results.
  • learn the one thing required in order to realise all of your goals.

Whatever you desire, you can have it however you have to be willing to open your heart and embrace facets of your Self you’ve been denying.

My coaching is not for the feint-hearted. 

It’s not about supporting you to ‘become’ anything. 

It’s about self-realising. (Realising who you already are vs who you think you are).

Foundational to this is you realising – for yourself – that happiness and fulfilment are intrinsic to your very nature and that the sky is not your limit, only your mind is.

My coaching has one intention. To set you free to be more you and to experience the outcomes of this.


60 minute, 1:2:1 call. £800+VAT (£960.00 inc VAT)

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