On Breakthroughs and Freedom

Have you ever watched a chick hatch?

It’s an inside job.

What’s fascinating is that chicks do not hatch when they’re ready to.

They hatch when nature moves them to.

And there’s a big difference.

As humans, we can learn a great deal from understanding what moves us to either experience the breakthroughs we want or to stay stuck in our shells.


When chicks are moved to hatch, they don’t resist or get in the way.

As nature, they allow nature and they breakthrough quickly.

Maybe the chick would prefer to stay warm in its shell but nature is way too clever.

For one, the chick isn’t blessed or cursed with an intellect so it can’t get in its own way.

It can’t resist.

And even if it could, the consequences of resisting its very own nature and staying in the shell would be too severe.

Continued resistance to a breakthrough would cause untold suffering.

Because nature is, by its very nature both free and intelligent and is always for fuller expression.

Leave your garden to its own devices for a few weeks and the expression of nature’s inherent freedom is everywhere!

Look closely at a leaf or at the back of your hand or into your own eyes and it’s clear there’s nothing random about nature. It’s intelligent. Infinitely so.

So, as part of nature, chicks don’t resist nature’s plan for them.

Or put another way, the chick doesn’t resist it’s own nature.

The same is true with other animals.

Squirrels are moved to gather nuts and birds are moved to migrate.

But the difference between us and other animals is we do have the ability to resist our nature.

We have an intellect and whilst this is a phenomenal tool if used as nature intended, it’s typically not used in this way.

More often than not, our intellect is hijacked by our false sense of self (ego) and is used to restrict the expression of our very nature.

Our ego is clever at it too.

Hijacking our intellectual faculties of logic and reason, we’re then moved to act baed on our beliefs and to experience only incremental changes.

When our very nature is urging us to allow our heart to lead so we can experience the abundance, freedom and growth that is within us wanting out.

But unfortunately, it’s how we’re conditioned.

Conditioned to be led by our head and to trust our intellect and to believe in our beliefs and our stories.

And to be led by the evidence of our five senses.

Instead of being fully present and allowing our heart to lead us.

Instead of trusting in and allowing our very own nature.

Being human can feel so complicated at times!

We can make it ‘feel’ so hard.

Often by resisting current circumstances or trying to control situations and outcomes.

Control is of course a major form of resistance.

And it’s a paradox too.

The more we try and control anything, the less we’re actually in control.

If we felt in control, why would we feel the need to control?

Great leaders never control. They lead and others follow.

This aside, can any of us ever gather enough information or put enough things in place to absolutely know for sure what’s going to show up in our lives in the next minute?

No, we can’t.

And whilst I’m most definitely not saying we shouldn’t make plans for the future, I am saying trying to control anything is truly and utterly a complete waste of time.

Not least because it represents resistance to our nature and desires.

Our EGO HATES hearing this!

Because our ego needs us to buy into believing we really do have control over certain things.

Because if ego can convince us of this, we’re more likely to stay in our shells.

With control comes resistance and the changes we desire are hard fought and incremental.

And for our ego, incremental is the safest place to be.

Control doesn’t produce breakthroughs.

But we feel the constriction of this.

The constriction of our potential.

Our true nature is constricted.

And so we suffer.

Resisting our inherent, free nature and our innate potential for fuller expression always causes suffering.

Because we’re resisting what we’re here for.

And it’s painful!

It’s meant to be. Nature is clever.

It’s built suffering into conflict and constriction in a bid to ensure we don’t keep resisting our nature!

Because who we truly are is free. Who we truly are simply desires to express our innate potential on a grander scale.

To be more, do more, have more.

The problem is that who we “think” we are is not free.

Who we think we are – thank to identification with our ego – is therefore busy seeking freedom and approval and yet paradoxically, it’s also seeking the safety and comfort of the shell.

Metaphorically we’re attempting to break out of our shells whilst staying inside them and keeping them in one piece!

Push. Pull. Never ending Tug-Of-War. Denial of our inherent desire to express.

I’d love to but…. I would but…..

Love and Fear.

And who we “think” we are – ego – is such a clever, clever trickster.

Because in doing everything possible to keep us in our shell and continuing to seek freedom, ego has us searching on the ‘outside’ for how to breakthrough!

When the only way to breakthrough is from the inside!

So our ego has us seeking out new strategies, marketing tools, gurus, experts, products, books and any number of other things.

Ego tells us this ‘external’ tool, strategy, person or thing will help us find the freedom, security and comfort we seek and will help us breakthrough!

But it’s an illusion.

And yes, of course we may buy or use a tool or strategy and subsequently obtain what we call a breakthrough.

Whilst not realising that it wasn’t the tool or strategy that did it, it was our belief in the tool or strategy.

That it was our belief and faith in the tool that meant we dropped our resistance.

And our non-resistance meant we experienced a shift in our awareness which allowed our true nature to take over and to move us to experience the benefit accordingly.

The problem we have if we don’t know this is that our ego keeps us on the hamster wheel forever seeking who we already are.

Looking for the next tool or strategy.

Forever creating resistance and a seeking energy which keeps us from our desires.

So, what might happen if we just let go completely?

What if we just leaned back and trusted our true nature?

And surrendered fully to it.

Instead of hanging onto the ego-based misconception that we have any control at all.

What if we just trusted that our heart’s desires are given to us for our benefit and not as torture devices or carrots at the end of sticks?

What if we knew our desires are given to us for us to experience.

As part of nature’s plan.

Because the truth is they are.

Much as we may believe it, we don’t choose our heart’s desires.

(Ego wants us to think we do in order to perpetuate the illusion of control but we don’t choose them).

Think about it.

Why do you desire what you desire?

Where does this come from?

Who really chooses?

The answer is your nature does.

Your specific desires choose you and you specifically!

So, what if we learned to accept them and to fully allow them?

What if we stopped forcing?

And just allowed ourselves to trust our hearts?

And to realise we’re only ever being moved to do anything based on what we’re allowing.

Or resisting and seeking to control.

What if we really could just stop resisting?

And stop telling ourselves all the unhelpful stories that cause all the unwanted feelings and suffering?

Might it be that we then experience the breakthroughs nature most wants to express through us?

Might we experience the freedom from the striving and straining and the freedom from the suffering caused by our resistance?

Might we then get everything we’ve always wanted?

Is it possible that by accepting our desires instead of resisting them through all our trying, that they may flow more easily into our experience?

The answer is 100% yes.


For our ego, letting go brings up the fear of death.

Because letting go brings us into alignment with our true and free nature.

Which means we experience the abundance, peace, happiness and fulfilment our ego has been busily seeking but has been so afraid of finding!

But whatever we ‘think’ of this or anything, one thing is undeniable.

Our entire lives are made up of the present moment.

All we ever have, have had or will have is right now.

And if we can learn to live here instead of from our ego’s domains of the illusory ‘past’ and ‘future’, w’re free.

And of course now is where all breakthroughs occur.

Because now is the place of complete non-resistance.

So I dare you.

Dare to be fully present and notice the freedom in it.

Whilst relishing just how fearful your ego becomes because it knows. It knows if you dwell here, you’ll be moved to your breakthrough.


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