Faster Growth with More Ease & Freedom.


Be led by the dreams in your heart, not the limits in your mind.

The Challenge

Your heart desires so much more. ❤️

  Faster, easier growth, more impact, to serve more, earn more, travel more.

Your heart desires true freedom.

But your mind is what’s in the way. 💔

Even although your mind probably doesn’t agree!

Maybe you’ve read all the books, tried the hard work, strategies, guru and mindset coaching.

But the needle hasn’t shifted as much as your heart desires.

The reason being that changing the mind at the level of the mind is hard.

It’s like a dog chasing it’s own tail.

The one that needs to change is the one in charge of the changing.

To attain our heart’s desires with certainty, we must go to the origin of results.

Which is before the mind.

Start from the heart with understanding and the mind falls into line.

Everything your heart desires then follows.

"The intellect is the bouncer to our heart's desires."

The Promise

The only limitations we have are those in our own mind.

If your heart truly desires it, you can have it. 

With certainty and far greater ease than you may believe possible.

Whether it relates to business, career, money, income, sport, health or relationships 

Or to the fulfilment, inner peace, happiness and joy you may long for.

You can do it and have it.

But it’s dependent on doing what most people don’t.

And what only a fraction of 1% of all people succeed in doing consciously. 

 It’s dependent on becoming heart-led, not mind-led.

Which is precisely what Mindsource® is all about.

"Wisdom is knowing how to listen to our heart, not our mind."

The Naked Truth

The game of life is Be, Do, Have.  

No matter what we may ‘Do’ to attain a significant shift in results, if it’s done from an underlying state of lack, it can’t produce the desired outcome.

Our mind may convince itself otherwise but it’s just not possible.

It’s a Law of Being. 

Who we are Human Being always wins over who or what we are Human Doing.

"95% of all investment in mindset and personal development does not deliver the results promised, anticipated or desired."



The Heart of Transformation.

A transformational 12 week 'blended-learning' group coaching programme for entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals.

Suited to those seeking a direct path to accelerated growth, greater ease and certainty with time and money freedom, fulfilment and inner harmony.

“A leadership programme like no other.”

Part 1

Laying The Foundations

part 2

What Do You Really Want?

part 3

Application & Results

"Using the mind to change mindset is like sending a police officer to catch a thief....when the police officer is the thief."

I'm Rob Begg

Why is it so many people do not succeed in achieving their goals or living the fulfilling, richly rewarding, happy and free lives their heart desires.

The simple answer is we’re not taught the truth about ourselves, our desires or our minds or how to align ourself with what we most want.

The irony – although I freely admit it took me more than 30 years to cut through the jungle of advice on offer – is that it’s remarkably simple. 

Paradoxically it’s the utter simplicity relative to what we’ve been conditioned to believe, that makes the truth so hard to accept!

Mindsource® was ultimately born out of my own challenges. As an entrepreneur wanting to live a more successful, happier, fulfilling and free life, I ran into a number of ‘brick walls’ along my way – both professionally and personally.

At times it seemed no amount of hard work, effort, coaching support, strategising, personal development, skillset, mindset or ‘guru’ advice could help me shift the needle as I wanted to.

In making a very long story short, I had some challenging times but what I eventually discovered was this. 

Almost everything I’d been taught and believed was required for ‘success’ just wasn’t true.

Eventually I learned what’s been known for more than 3000 years but which is sadly seldom taught an is far from common knowledge.  

I learned about the heart – our true self – and how, by allowing it to lead (and not our mind) we can attain our heart’s desires in the fastest,  ost effortless and certain way. 

I learned that unless we do this, we will inevitably fall prey to the limitations and stories of our mind and deny ourself the happiness, abundance and fulfilment which is our birthright. 

Mindsource® is based on immutable, unchanging truths and is the most direct and certain path to realising your boldest vision…. no matter what this is.

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes."

 – Carl Jung 

You want testimonials?

I absolutely love how easy it was to use, and the course that came along with the template with tips and tricks that I would have wasted time trying to figure out… game changer! I was able to create this page in less than an hour, even with a fussy baby in my lap!

– Allie Trumpower

I love all your templates! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your colors and esthetics. Even though I am a web designer I find it easier just to use your templates on my own projects and get it DONE! Otherwise, my own website work gets behind and I start procrastinating (lol)

– Marium Kabir

It’s gorgeous!! And pretty things make people want to stay on a page and look around. This page is so well designed and promoting it in one email I made my money back and then some. This page makes me look like a rock star. I want more Kimi!!

– Maggie Klaassens

"Beyond words."

Words cannot describe what Rob has created with this programme. Or what it’s done for me and my business.

Sales and profits have more than doubled, I’m working almost half the hours, having much more fun and I’ve never been more relaxed.

A friend in the UK recommended Rob and I enrolled for business reasons but it’s impacted every area of my life. 

Sarah Conway – AAYL, Canada 

"This isn't a great programme!"

This isn’t a great leadership programme. 

It’s so much more. 

I found it to be a life transforming experience. So many dots have connected for me and the way Rob teaches experientially and not just through information is a big part of what’s so powerful.

On the very first call, I found something truly remarkable for the first time in my life. Myself. I genuinely feel free. 

Susan Fraser. –  H.R. Consultant

"True wealth."

I can honestly say I feel happy and fulfilled in a way I didn’t know was possible.

I’ve on-boarded several great new clients and am enjoying record sales with so much less effort. 

I can’t help but wonder why this isn’t taught in schools everywhere.

Whatever it is you’re looking for in business or life, this course is it…. and I don’t give recommendations!  

Ray Keith – Independent Sales Consultant.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

 – Albert Einstein

Talia Raney
IT Leader

Plus Bonus


Learn 7 different superpowers from the Unhustle Framework.



(Worth: $250/year)

Get access to course materials, support and accountability and connect with like-minded Life Pirates.



(Worth: $500)


Next Start Date: 22nd September 2022

What your mind may want to know...

Mindsource® is designed to deliver truly meaningful and sustained breakthroughs.

The programme blends intellectual awareness with experiential understanding delivered via a ‘blend’ of: 

(1) Live weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom. 

(2) Short, ‘experiential’ lessons delivered via a digital platform.

(3) 1:2:1 ‘laser’ coaching call support as required. 

(4) Optional live weekly group Q&A calls with Rob via Zoom.

The programme and all live sessions are delivered personally by Rob.

Entrepreneurs, CEO’s leaders and professionals seeking next level results, time and money freedom and the realisation of more of their innate potential.

Do you think this or know it?

I used to think and feel this too. I believed my mind.

However I now know group coaching with small groups of like-minded individuals is among the most powerful and impactful of all  environments in which to learn and unlearn.

Groups are deliberately restricted to a maximum of 12.

Yes. The first thing to be aware of is that whatever breakthroughs or transformation you may be seeking at the speed you want them will never come about from intellectualising, gathering more information or by strategising how to get from here to there. 

Knowing what to do and how to do it may result in progress over a period of time but will rarely if ever deliver transformational shifts and breakthroughs.

You probably already know this. 

It’s why the books and videos and working harder don’t really help. It’s also why training and coaching and most personal development and leadership programmes fail to deliver as expected. It’s why it can take years or decades to achieve what could be experienced in months. 

A sustained shift in consciousness is the only way to deliver a sustained shift in results and this is not obtained through intellectual endeavour.

The intellect does of course have to be satisfied to the degree this is necessary however the focus through Mindsource® Academy is on supporting you to shift your ‘state of being’ through an ’embodied’ heart-led approach.

In doing this, you will effectively be moved to think, feel, behave, act and react in different ways. You’ll tap into your innate intelligence, learn to distinguish intuition from conditioned beliefs, eliminate unhelpful conditioning and beliefs and begin to experience the realisation of your desired results with remarkable ease and flow.

Places are limited, this isn’t for everyone and it’s important to determine if you’re a good fit for the programme.

 It’s also important for you to be clear that the programme is suited to your needs. The application process enables you to chat to Rob and ask any questions you may wish to ask.

The investment for the programme is currently £4000 + VAT. (£4,800). 

Rob provides the opportunity to receive a full no questions refund at any point within the first 30 days. (To date no-one has exercised this option).

Whatever you’d really love them to be!

Rapid and effortless business growth.

Attaining your goals and heart’s desires.

In being led by your heart and not your mind, you feel fully alive in your life.

Immediate shifts in your creativity, productivity, awareness and results.

Increased earnings / income / wealth / health / energy.

Time freedom.

Improved relationships.

Freedom from the impact of unwanted thoughts, feelings and fears.

Unstoppable confidence, resilience and freedom of mind.

More creativity and inspiration.

End procrastination and indecision.

Support from others in a community of like-hearted business leaders.

Everything you truly need to achieve any goal you desire.

Everything you need to be happy, fulfilled and free.

Falling in love with your life.

The commitment isn’t about time.

It’s a commitment to a new way of living and operating in the world.

It’s about embodiment of the learnings.

Based on a new level of understanding, awareness and experience.

It’s not about working on mindset or beliefs or hoping or forcing or striving harder.

That may be a popular approach but it just doesn’t work.

The course material itself requires an average time commitment of circa 30 mins a day.

The live weekly calls are 1 hour long.

At the risk of being repetitive; the results and shifts we desire are not the outcome of time invested!

You’l also notice a dramatic shift in your productivity as you become free from the machinations of your mind.

If you apply what you learn, results are as certain as night follows day.

The course is designed specifically to support your application and in turn your results. 

You will have Rob’s full support but ultimately only you can apply what you learn and Rob has no control over this.

As such, we are unable to guarantee specific results. guarantee specific results.

Full refunds are available immediately upon request for whatever reason within the first 30 days of the start of the programme.

Thereafter there are no refunds available.

(To date no-one has ever requested a refund).

Payment is made in full at the time you decide to enrol on the programme.

Rob is however open to conversations about spreading the cost if payment in full is an obstacle for you.   

Yes it does.

The mind thinks this because the mind doesn’t know truth.

Truth is a lived experience, not a concept.

Mind is invested in believing what it thinks and believes (and rejecting what it doesn’t) which is exactly why most people become imprisoned by their own mind without even knowing it. 

Although they do feel it!

Gravity is ethereal too but does it affect each and every one of us?

Go against it and we know the consequences.

The same is true of our heart and our nature.

Go against them and we pay the price.

The offer of a full refund any time within 30 days is designed to provide some comfort for the doubting mind.

Now is all we ever have. Now is life. 

Nobody has ever made a decision in the future. 

So, if not now, then when?

Who decides? Your Mind or Your Heart?

One leads to more of the same.

The other leads to what your heart desires.

Your heart will thank you for making the leap.

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