Be. More. You.

Now is the time to realise your boldest vision.

When was the last time you truly dared to dream?

To imagine and to feel deeply what you’d most love?

Without being bound by beliefs or conditions or the limitations of your mind?

We do it freely as young children.

When we’re wise and know who we are.

When we’re unafraid to surrender our heart to our dreams.

Until, we’re ‘educated’ not to. 

Until our boundless imagination; the only creative power in the Universe is constrained by the beliefs of those who seemingly know better.

Before we know it, we’ve unconsciously inherited others’ beliefs and assumptions about the world and ourselves.

We become hemmed in by the prison of our newly formed perceptions.

All too soon being led by the limitations of our mind and not by the infinite wisdom of our true self.

Soon we’re defending our limitations and believing we’re right.

Soon we believe our thoughts and feelings about the world are true.

Whilst our heart waits.

Unconditionally loving; it doesn’t interfere.

We may feel the yearning only now we’re honouring our mind.

And, good, bad or indifferent, our ego loves nothing more than to be right.

To prove our perceptions and beliefs are valid.

Depending on our beliefs, we may still achieve some amazing things but somehow there’s never quite enough of more.

Somehow we feel we’re missing a trick. Or even a part of ourself.

The trick is in learning once again to open our heart.

The challenge is we’re now so identified with our mind and body that we believe this is us.

It's this simple.

1. Desire

The realisation of any truly worthy goal or ideal springs from our desire for it.

This is easy and effortless. 

It’s done for us and through us. 

The desire for fuller expression is in our nature.

Our nature knows the way to its realisation too. 

Whether we honour our desire or not requires a decision.


2. Decision

Realising any goal or desire starts with a decision. 

If we listen to our mind, we condition our desires and we may never make a decision.

The mind loves using money, time and timing as excuses for why we can’t.

But top performers and serial goal achievers never do this. 

They decide knowing the how and the money and everything follows decision.

Decision is easy. Do you want to fulfil the desire or not?

Having the time or the money or knowing how is completely irrelevant until a decision is made. Why would they be?

3. Fulfilment

Only after a decision is made does timing, money and how become relevant.

Fulfilling the goal with certainty is then about letting the heart lead.

The mind then follows like a faithful servant and achievement of your desire or goal becomes as certain as night following day. 

Because success and goal achieving are not a matter of luck or chance. 

It’s science.

What’s held in consciousness with emotion must move into form. 

It works by law however we have to let go of the egoic mind’s desire for us to navigate by the evidence of our senses.  That keeps us in a mental prison that denies our dreams.

“If I want to be free, I’ve got to be me. 

Not the me I think you think I should be. 

Not the me I think my husband or wife thinks I should I be. 

Not the me I think my kids think I should be. 

If I want to be free, I’ve got to be me. 

So I’d better know who me is.”

– Bill Gove.

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