Your Awareness is Everything

“You are already that which you want to be and your refusal to believe this is the only reason you do not see it.”  

– Neville Goddard

You can read books, listen to podcasts and gurus, attend seminars, join masterminds and do the courses.

You can invest in personal and leadership development, business coaching, mindset, spirituality and ‘transformation’ strategies.

And you can strive, spin the hamster wheel, build businesses and enjoy a level of ‘success’ … however you may define success.

But without gaining the required awareness; at some point one or more of the following is inevitable:

1. Your results / growth / income / profits will fail to align with your aspirations and efforts. 

2. You’ll keep experiencing obstacles, circumstances and patterns whilst being unaware you’re creating them.

3. You’ll live with the awareness you’re capable of so much more but without the awareness of how to realise it.

4. You’ll struggle to find the clarity, certainty and direction you feel and know you need.

5. The fulfilment and happiness you believed objective success would bring somehow remains just beyond reach.

To achieve your highest vision and goals with certainty and to experience the mental peace, happiness and fulfilment you may want requires one thing.

Greater knowledge and awareness of Self.

Because – whether we understand it or deny it – we are our only competition.

We are the only one resisting what we want.

Because our mind is simply the vehicle for us to experience the evidence of who we are being and what we’re giving life to internally. 

Try as we might, there’s no way around this.  It’s a law of being. 

Life happens through us, not to us or by us and we either resist it or allow it.

Our job is to become more conscious (aware) of this and learn to tune our awareness accordingly.

The paradox being that whilst awareness of Self (with a Capital S) is the answer, it requires a degree of courage.

Not because it’s inherently scary… and it definitely does not require us to dig into our past or to fix anything.

But because discovering how powerful you truly are and that there are genuinely no limits to what you can achieve is scary as hell for who you are not.

But, scary or otherwise, the purpose of our life is to wake up to the truth about ourselves.

It’s the most important, valuable, rewarding and liberating endeavour any of us can undertake.

And it’s the only awareness which sets us free. 

Free from the prison of perception to effortlessly express ‘next level’ results.

From a place of being happy, fulfilled and free. 

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