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Lead from the Heart

Realise your boldest vision with speed and certainty whilst loving the journey.

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"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."
- Steve Jobs

Are you ready to ditch the striving and self-sabotage and realise the results and life you really want?

What we’re identified with is always reflected in our results.

The mirror never lies.

Results and experience represent a delayed image of our inner state, assumptions and beliefs.

We can of course deny this but it’s still how it is.

The challenge we have is we learn from an early age to identify with our results and with trying to create a better and improved future.

And in doing so, we unconsciously deny our power and potential and severely compromise and condition our desires and outcomes.

Being led by the mind is like using the rear view mirror to drive with.

It takes a great deal of effort, there are more wobbles and it’s slow! 

Leading a business or life this way creates a conflict in our consciousness which always gets in the way of our goals and dreams.

Sadly most mindset and ‘success’ advice actively re-enforces this.

“Create a vision, set your goals, change your subconscious beliefs, become the person who…, develop more confidence and skills, control your thoughts, create a strategy, take massive action, do, do, do.”

Popular as it may be, the results for most are not all that pretty…

Incremental change, patterns of sameness, more striving, being hard on ourself, not much change or change being slower, temporary or more difficult than is wanted.


And the other outcome of being led by the mind is that regardless of our results, the happiness and fulfilment sought somehow remains temporary or elusive. Somehow there’s never quite enough of more to fill that void.

Can’t we have it all? 

The health, wealth and the happiness.

100% Yes but not if we keep playing to the ego.


Discover Your
True Self

Clarify Your

Align Your


The Way Of The Few

There is another way to lead.

The way of all great leaders and creators throughout history.

One which is: 

Free from the BS stories of the mind.

Free from the bondage of reason.

Free from the prison of perception.

Free from the belief in secondary causes.

It’s one which involves opening yourself back up to the truth.

So you’re free to access your innate power to create consciously and effortlessly from flow and to realise your boldest vision with certainty.

Leading from the heart and intuition is the way.

Which means letting go of the limitations of the ego.

It means recognising “I AM” is the operant power within each of us.

It means understanding that “I AM” is a verb.

One which declares a certain state of Being within us.

Which then gives rise to the quality and nature of our thoughts, feelings and actions.

And with which our results and experience always harmonise.

We can’t escape this eternal truth.

We may deny it or remain unconscious of it.

And our ego loves nothing more than to mask this truth.

But we can’t ever escape it.

It’s a Law of Being.

As within, so without. 

The mirror doesn’t ever lie.

None of us can ever experience “I Will Be.”

Believing we can is a trick of the mind. An illusion of the ego. 

A trick which denies our creative power, masks our happiness and perpetuates seeking.

 The promise of a better, happier future is an ego illusion which fools 99% of all people.

Keeping them on the hamster wheel.

Because all we ever experience is…

 “Who I Am Being Now”

This is what our physical world then reflects back at us in time and space.

Showing us who we are being!

The key to experiencing everything our heart desires in the fastest, most certain and effortless way is to do what’s rare.

To open our heart and allow it to lead.

To play the Game of Life as a Human Being. 

Not the Game of Doing in an attempt to Be.

Your boldest vision is waiting for you.

Are you ready to play the Game of Life as it’s designed to be played?


From The Heart.

In the Present, Eternal Now.

With Mind, Body & Spirit in Perfect Alignment.

A Transformational 12 Week Programme For Creating True Wealth

Weekly Coaching

Powerful live group coaching calls with Rob.

Video Lessons

Video lessons anchoring in key learnings.

Audio Lessons

Short daily audio lessons to shift your awareness.

1:2:1 Support

1:2:1 support in between weekly sessions.


Apply what you learn and results are 100% guaranteed!

I’m not one for endless ‘sales pages’… this one is long enough.

I’d prefer to ask you this instead.

What does ‘true wealth’ look like for you?

Effortless business growth, impact, money, health, travel, time for family, friends and self, great relationships, laughter, happiness, fulfilment, freedom?

Drinking your coffee every morning feeling grateful and with a big smile on your face?

The specific content may vary for each of us but everyone broadly wants the same things.. 

Maybe you’ve tried a load of strategies, personal development, mindset or coaching? Maybe you haven’t.

Maybe you’re deeply cynical about it all? I certainly was.

But either way, what does your heart desire?

What if you really could experience your version of ‘wealth?’

By discovering a simple truth about you that will set you free to play the game of life as it’s meant to be played?

On your terms.

Then I invite you to discover what only a fraction of 1% of all people ever do.

That there’s nothing you need to fix. (That believing you need to is part of the problem). 

That striving isn’t necessary.

That happiness, fulfilment and abundance are your inherent birthright.

That you can achieve ALL of your goals and live a self-empowered, fulfilling life.

All that’s between you and whatever it is you desire is a simple shift in your consciousness to align with the fulfilment of your heart’s desires.

The only obstacle we ever have is in our own mind

This may of course include the belief that it’s just not this simple!

If you’re an entrepreneur or leader and ready to ditch the striving, unlock your potential, lead from your heart and create a business and life you really LOVE, I invite you to explore further.


"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."
- James Allen

Is it this simple?

1. Desire

The realisation of any goal springs from a desire for being, doing or having it.

This in itself requires no effort. 

Our heart’s desires are given to us for a reason.

The desire for fuller expression, experience, wealth and abundance is in our nature.

Whether we honour our desires and allow them to be expressed or whether we condition and constrict them is firstly dependent upon us making a decision.

Do I want this in my experience or not?


2. Decision

The starting point for the achievement any goal or desire is  a decision. 

Many people automatically condition their goals and dreams and never make a decision. 

They mistakenly consider that time, money, timing or circumstances are relevant or need to be in place before they can make a decision. 

Top performers and achievers never do this.  

They make decisions quickly and change them slowly, if at all. Do I want to fulfil this desire or not? 

How is 100% irrelevant until a decision is made. Why would it be?

3. Fulfilment

Only after a decision is made does time, money or timing become relevant.

Contrary to what we may believe, we do not need to know how to achieve our goals. 

How is always an outcome of our emotional commitment and the alignment of our heart and mind with our goal.

We are then furnished with the necessary thoughts and ideas and moved to fulfil the goals realisation. 

Provided we maintain a state of alignment, the achievement of our goal is certain. Goal achievement isn’t about luck or chance, it’s an exact science. A science of mind.

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