It’s Never About The Money.

I’m more interested in wealth than money but let’s talk money for now.

Because although money without wealth is a sorry state.

Money is undoubtedly important. 

And although it took me a very long time to discover…

Having plenty of it is simple when we realise it’s not about the money.

Might you say what’s written here is overly-simple?

Absolutely you might!

But overlooking the simplicity is what makes it complicated!

How much money we have and enjoy boils down to 3 things:

  1. How much we’re ‘demanding’ based on what we’ve DECIDED we’d love the experience of. (Low demand = low supply. High demand = high supply).
  2. Loving ourselves enough to fully ACCEPT the DECISIONS we’ve made about what we’d love the experience of… (in advance of the actual experience).
  3. Continued acceptance of whatever it is we’ve decided upon.

That’s it. 



It’s easy to believe it’s so much more complicated.

But is it really?

What if we really look?

Because if we do, we find that one of the challenges we have is our complete freedom to choose.


We keep changing our mind instead…

One minute it’s this and the next we’re questioning or conditioning the desire or we’ve moved mentally to maybe, hopefully or to something else.

We think or say: “I’d really LOVE that”.….. and then we put BUT in the way. 

We condition the desire based upon the circumstances or the past or what we’re imagining.

About such things as time, timing, money, others, etc.

Unaware that we’re literally putting those conditions in our path in that very moment!

Unaware those seemingly real conditions have no standalone existence without us giving them existence in our mind in that moment. 

It’s Self-Denial.

And, if we keep changing our mind or conditioning our desires and believing our thoughts and feelings are true…

Then we will never live and experience life as we’d truly love to!


We can know and believe intellectually…

And we can work and try and wish and want and persist all we like

But no amount of wanting, strategising, personal development; mindset, spiritual teachings or effort will compensate for what we’re not willing to fully accept.

Whether it’s money or anything else, we must accept our desires in order to experience them.

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to think or say: “when I have the time or the money, then I’ll decide and then I’ll do….”

It’s a mistake because making a decision is never dependent upon us having the money or the time or resources or knowing how.

Making a decision is about deciding whether we’d like or would love to have the experience of something… OR to CHOOSE something else instead. 

Making a decision is a key part of ensuring we then have the money for what we’ve decided to experience!

Only after making a decision does it become about the timing or the money or about how. 

Because why would we bother about the money or about anything else if we’ve not even made the decision? 

That really is a waste of time and energy!

The money and ‘how’ are of zero relevance or consequence until a decision is made!

Much as we may believe or protest otherwise.

But believing otherwise is one reason most people never have the money or live their dreams.

All highly successful individuals and entrepreneurs decide first.

Then it becomes about the money, the timing and how. But only then.

The game of life is played inside-out.

And the playing field is one of Love.

One of how we condition “I AM“.

“I AM” itself is whole and complete, lacking nothing and is alive with infinite potential.

The quality of the game of life we play depends on how we limit I AM with our stories.

Which is about how much we’re willing to Love ourselves.

Not in the future but NOW.

And what we therefore CHOOSE / DECIDE to experience.

And the magic of the game only truly reveals itself to us when we DECIDE and are willing to open our hearts and ACCEPT…

I AM WORTHY of all that I desire to experience and I get to choose.

And I AM willing to love myself enough to decide NOW on this and this and this.

That is true Self-Empowerment instead of Self-Denial.

That is Loving one’s Self enough to honour why you’re here.

To play the game!

When we know the ONLY limits that exist are the ones we keep putting there in our mind, we’re FREE to play.

Free to be, do and have whatever we decide we desire.

Can you imagine if it was really so simple?

It really is.

But only if we decide and accept it is. Until then, it can feel more like war with Self or money or the world than a game!

Ready to choose a game of ease?

If so, I invite you to explore Effortless Wealth.

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