Is Mindset Really A Scam?

Mindset. It can be so frustrating!

Why can’t it be our desires, ambitions, drive, hard work or skillset that determines our success?

Instead of it being our mindset and beliefs.

Because our (subconscious) beliefs aren’t our fault and changing mindset is hard!

Isn’t it?

Yes it is if we try to change it the way we’re most often taught.

But what if it’s the ‘education system’ in relation to mindset that’s the real problem?

What then?

Changing our mindset to create the meaningful changes we may want in our life or business at the speed we may want it, can be really hard.

This was my personal experience…… for many years.

And the evidence suggests it’s also the experience of more than 90% of those who invest in mindset coaching, courses and programmes.

Temporary, incremental change may be fairly common but this often comes about in exchange for increased effort and is therefore not the result of a shift in mindset. (Hence it being temporary, incremental… and requiring effort).

But shifting our mindset (and results) doesn’t need to be hard.

Or at least it doesn’t if we’re savvy enough to observe the statistics are not an indicator of a ‘learning difficulty’.

They’re an indicator of a teaching problem.

One way to think about it is this…

If more than 90% of pupils in a school did not pass their exams, would you look to the pupils, the teachers, the school or the education system for where the problem lay?

I’d say that blaming the pupils would be inappropriate and unfair.

Just as it would be inappropriate to take the 10% of pupils who did pass or the 2% who achieve ‘A’ grades and put photos of them on the front cover of the school magazine or website as ‘testimonials’ to convince prospective pupils and parents what a great school it is!

Yet it’s exactly what most of the personal development industry does.

Sweep the 90% under the rug and parade the 2% or 3% as if they’re representative of the norm.

You could say “it’s just good marketing practice Rob” but really?

We’re talking about peoples’ lives here! And their hopes and dreams, not to mention their mental wellbeing.

I’d suggest the education system around mindset needs to be turned completely on its head.

Even if putting aside the somewhat alarming fact that anyone can become a mindset coach with ZERO qualifications or experience and that the coaching industry remains unregulated, shouldn’t the industry be honest enough to recognise and own the problem?

So that more people learn what’s really required to create the changes they most want.

With the speed and certainty they also want.

Because what’s required is a shift in awareness.


Because to really change our mind-set, we’ve got to go upstream of mindset to the source of it.

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