Does This Sound Like You?

You're passionate about what you do.

You want to take your life and business to the 'next level.'

To make more impact. To be of greater service. To earn more money. To have more time, fun and freedom.

You have some awareness that you are your biggest obstacle.

The mental science of experience.

Is your identity aligned with your goals?

It’s a serious question.

Because although we may not be conscious of it, our identity determines our results.

It’s common practice to set big goals and make plans for their achievement only to end up falling short or to moderate the goal along the way. 

Not because there’s anything wrong with the goal,  plan or strategy.

But simply because we’re not personally in alignment with the goal.

And it’s not surprising. 

Because what gives rise to the desire, ambition or the goal in the first place is our lack of alignment.

Our awareness that we don’t yet have whatever it is we want is the very reason we desire it.

If we were already aligned with it, we’d already have it in our experience.

Because it’s who we’re identified as being which is continually being expressed.

So until we change what we’re identified with, the ‘outside’ world has to keep mirroring results consistent with our current identity and inner stories.

In order to achieve something we’ve never achieved before, we need to shift our awareness and accept it in our own consciousness FIRST.

We need to move in mind.

And to do this effectively, we must learn to embody the identity of being the person who has already achieved the desired outcome.

Which sadly is something most mindset teachings don’t teach!

Most mindset courses come at mindset from the perspective of “needing to become someone” you’re not.

And although this may sound the same, it’s wildly different.

Such approaches typically involves techniques, affirmations and “trying to impress your subconscious”.

And sadly – although their marketing may be good – the success rates are woeful.

In “Identity Shift”, we take an embodied approach.

One based on what’s been taught for 3000 years and categorically proven by quantum physicists for the last 100 years.

Identity Shift is based on the understanding that in aspiring to a particular goal, we are seeking to express and experience a facet of who we already are.

So there’s no becoming; there’s simply shifting our point of perception.

It’s a subtle difference that makes all the difference!

Because it guarantees results.

In “Identity Shift”, you’ll gain the understanding as to why you have the desire in the first place.

You’ll come to understand that your desires choose you, not the other way around.

And that goal achievement is about accepting and allowing, not about effort and striving.

It’s about enjoying the journey, not working at it. 

Achieving goals is a game but it’s not a game of chance or striving or about luck.

It’s a mental science based on the nature of reality and based on the truth about who you really are.

If you’re open to opening your heart and mind to truth….

If you’re open to accepting and expressing and experiencing more of your potentiality, you’ll literally amaze yourself with what you’ll achieve in a short space of time.

Is any of this overly familiar?

You’ve nailed it financially and ticked many of the success boxes but somehow there’s still a hole that ‘more’ won’t fill.

You want something new or different but you’re not sure what or how.

You sometimes or often feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious with more to do than you can do.

You experience a persistent sense of restlessness, sometimes felt as anxiety or fear?

You struggle to focus or to know what to focus on. You’re drawn into tasks you already know won’t really make the difference you seek.

You know you have an unsustainable imbalance in the different areas of your life.

You’re always on the verge of the results you want and know you’re capable of but they’re somehow always just beyond reach.

You say no to things or reject your dreams because you don’t have the time or the money or you can’t see how it’s possible.

You find yourself putting your life on hold for the future. 

You feel guilty when you take time off. You fear that if you’re not working, you’re not making money?

You’re frustrated you’re not realising more of your potential despite trying so hard.

You have a constant internal battle between your intentions, desires, behaviours  and actions – somehow you just can’t get them all to line up.

You’re concerned the clock is ticking, that you’re running out of time to enjoy your life to the full. 

You know there’s something more to this game of life and you’d love to discover how to have it all (without having to suffer any more hype and BS).


Potentiality Realised.

Identity Shift a self-study and coach-supported programme for entrepreneurs, leaders and individuals seeking to combine a shift in results with true wealth and freedom.

The only way to get everything you really want is to step into a new version of yourself from the understanding of who you already are.

I'm Rob Begg

I created ‘Identity Shift’ to play a small part in helping to resolve a huge problem.

So many people not realising their biggest goals and dreams or living the richly rewarding, fulfilling, happy and free lives they most want to live.

All because they’ve never been taught the truth about themselves, their desires, their minds and how to align themselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically with their goals and with what it is they most want.

And the irony is – although I freely admit it took me more than 30 years to make my way through the jungle of advice on self-actualisation and self-realisation – it’s remarkably simple. 

So simple that it’s paradoxically the utter simplicity, relative to what we’ve been told or conditioned to believe, that makes the truth so challenging to accept!

as with my other coaching programmes, Identity Shift was ultimately born out of my own struggles and challenges. As an entrepreneur seeking to take my business and life to the next level,  I ran into a number of ‘brick walls’ along my way – both personally and professionally.

At times it seemed no amount of hard work, effort, coaching support, strategising, personal development, skillset, mindset or ‘guru’ advice could or would help me all that much.

In making a very long story short, I had some dark and challenging times but what I eventually discovered was this. 

Most of what we’re taught and believe is required for ‘success’ just isn’t true.

Eventually I learned that until we align our own consciousness with our true desires; all our wanting, striving, trying, skills, knowledge and effort either won’t lead us to the attainment of our goals or won’t give us what we really want – happiness, inner peace, joy, fulfilment and freedom.

Identity Shift will lead you on the direct path to realising your boldest vision. You’ll gain an understanding only a fraction of 1% of all people ever do, you’ll connect the dots and realise your goals with certainty, ease and flow. What’s more, you’ll also find the inner peace, freedom and happiness you may be seeking. Not fleetingly but lastingly. For the simple reason that they are your natural state of being.

“Nothing is more valuable or important to me than my happiness and fulfilment and having the time and freedom to be with and do what I most love with those I love most.

In going through the Mindsource programme, I literally feel transformed from the inside-out and my life is now a mirror of this...
just as Rob promised me at the outset that it would be.

I can't put into words the impact this programme has had on me because it's affected every aspect fo my life.
So much so that I hesitate to call it a programme. It's positively impacted my health, my energy, my business, my finances, family, friends.

Even my golf game!

Truthfully I was looking to get to the next level but this isn't it.
This is way beyond next level. This is like there is no level. I feel free for the first time in my life.

Just do Mindsource. Give yourself to it and you'll be so grateful. Thank you Rob.
Gavin Davids

I’ve worked with and spoken to:

The way we're living and working isn't sustainable.

With Unhustle Mastery you can rewrite the rules of success and design an authentic and sustainable LiveWorkPlay that's unshackled, uncluttered, and unbusy.

"Beyond words."

Words cannot describe what I gained from working with Rob. I literally feel like a different person.

Rob’s teachings and coaching not only helped me shift my awareness and sense of self, they helped me overcome beliefs I didn’t even know I had!

I’m now earning more than twice what I earned before but amazingly I’m working fewer than half the hours and having so much more fun!

A friend recommended Rob and I enrolled for business reasons but it’s fair to say it’s impacted every aspect of my life. It can’t not!

Sarah Conway, All About You, Canada 

"I literally don't recognise myself."

I found to be a life transforming experience. So many dots have connected for me and the way Rob teaches experientially and not just through information or asking questions is a big part of what’s so amazing.

On the very first live call, I found something truly remarkable for the first time in my life. Myself. 

Sarah F.,  H.R. Consultant,

"I've found true wealth."

I’ve done well in my career and I have a happy family life but somehow I always felt I was missing something. 

Until I did Mindsource with Rob.

I can honestly say I feel happy and fulfilled like I didn’t know was possible.

I’ve been promoted to a new role and my new team has achieved an all time sales record. 

I can’t help but wonder why this isn’t taught in schools everywhere. 

Whatever it is you want, this course is it…. and I don’t give testimonials!  

– Ray K., Head of Sales at Upti.

1. On-line digital platform

A digital platform gives you access to 

Delivered on Zoom

2. Escaping Hell and Living Well

Over 8-weeks, you’ll learn how to:

  • Redefine success and bust the myth of Hustle Culture
  • Reclaim your schedule and gain clarity on priorities
  • Rewire your brain to go past overwhelm, stress, fear, self-sabotage and procrastination
  • Take time off without guilt and fear
  • Optimize your body and mind
  • Improve your focus to do the work that matters
  • Flow instead of hustle
  • Build a high flow sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing your financial goals
  • Create more freedom, ease and joy

3. Group Coaching and Community

You gain immediate LIFETIME access to a community of pirates, rebels, and game changers in Unhustle U. This is an underground community where like-minded people from 15 countries gather to connect and learn the unhustle philosophy. Live trainings and guest speakers. Monthly themes for going deep into a topic, accountability and progress. Transformation and accountability to support your goals during and after the program ends.

Immediate access to Unhustle U community



Bust the Hustle Fallacy Myth and create your new definition of sustainable success without sacrifices and burnout. Shift your perspective, let go of toxic work habits and adapt new practices and rituals for more focus, calm and joy without guilt and fear leading to peak performance and unleashing your human potential.

Now is the perfect time to redefine your success.

In this module, YOU’LL LEARN

Great series and sessions! It was such a great experience to connect with people and hope to continue in the future. It really helped me declutter my digital chaos. I have deleted 2000 emails, unsubscribed from things that just took up time and space. I now have much better morning rituals and so much more time, focus and space. My biggest takeaway was learning to work with my own biology instead of going against it. That was very valuable and so easy to implement. A very worthwhile investment!
Katrine Trinkie



Bust the Hustle Fallacy Myth and create your new definition of sustainable success without sacrifices and burnout. Shift your perspective, let go of toxic work habits and adapt new practices and rituals for more focus, calm and joy without guilt and fear leading to peak performance and unleashing your human potential.

Learn how to get your most important work without distractions and stretching yourself thin. Say No to busyness and replace FOMO with JONO (The Joy of No).

In this module, YOU’LL LEARN

"Let's just say I needed this bad. I was heavily addicted to Instagram and it was really distracting me from growing my business. I needed the nudge and the tools to help steer me in a more healthy direction and this program did exactly that. If you struggling in ANY way with being addicted to your phone, I promise you this is worth every ounce of your time. Milena has mastered the art of unhustling and detoxing from all the "noise" and she can really help you become more focused and more productive. So grateful to have found this!"
Emily Ryan
Digital CEO



Rewire your brain to go past any limitations and fear. Gain clarity, confidence and courage.

In this module, YOU’LL LEARN

"The Unhustle program has really helped me reevaluate the way I do things and the way I work to be able to uncomplicate my life and be a lot more mindful of how I’m doing things instead of just what I’m doing."
Talia Raney
IT Leader



Presence, creativity and productivity without striving. Learn how to create high flow living and working.

In this module, YOU’LL LEARN

"I’m already part of a community that’s really focused on looking at how we can hack high performance and part of this community is sharing of each other’s endeavors. When I saw the focus of where you’re coming from, it really resonated with me and my interest to be able to slow down, find my biorhythms and come into harmony to prevent burnout in the corporate world. I ABSOLUTELY loved the way you hold space for these sessions."
Aluba Fenix
Sales Leadership Executive Coach, Google



Declare the day a victory and move to what’s really important

In this module, YOU’LL LEARN

"I was able to easily identify the areas I wanted to work on and incorporate strategies to feel empowered and less stressed from all the “Hustle” culture. The Unhustle program is easy to understand, yet has deep aspects to apply to my own life. I now can start my mornings with clarity of mind, and can focus on the tasks ahead of me. If you feel bogged down by the rush of work then I highly recommend this program."
Deni St Lawrence
Deputy Director of Operations | Women in Data



Create a life worth living with purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

In this module, YOU’LL LEARN

"To work with Milena is profound, subtle and catching."
Prof. Dr. Stephan Weichert
CEO Vocer



Create sustainable and authentic success with vitality, fun and abundance.

In this module, YOU’LL LEARN

"A huge thank you for how you're helping so many people, the work you do is changing lives."
Garrett Carlson
CEO, Dudefluencer

Plus, some amazing BONUSES



Learn 7 different superpowers from the Unhustle Framework.



(Worth: $250/year)

Get access to course materials, support and accountability and connect with like-minded Life Pirates.



(Worth: $500)



(Worth: $10,000+)

Kristen Ulmer

BONUS Workshop: Emotions, simplified (so they're not such a big deal)

Kristen Ulmer is a thought leader who draws from her tenure as the most ‘fearless’ woman extreme skier in the world for 12 years, from intently studying Zen for 16 years and from facilitating thousands of clients on achieving emotional flow and peak performance. The author of: The Art of Fear: Why Conquering Fear Won’t Work and What to Do Instead, Kristen radically challenges existing norms about what to do about fear. She currently facilitates and keynotes about emotional intelligence all over the world. Some of her clients include Google, Citigroup, Olympic athletes, and the US Air Force.

Max Frenzel

BONUS Workshop: Rest is Productive - How to Build Your Rest Ethic

This session will discuss how the deliberate practice of time off is not just a nice-to-have, but a key competitive advantage that will enable you to be your most successful and creative self, and stay competitive in the future of work. We will discuss what a rest ethic is, why you should have one, and how you can get started on building your own. You will learn about the creative process, why rest is an integral part of it, and how to use deliberate rest to thrive personally and professionally. With AI and other automation technologies taking over more and more of our busywork, it’s time that we focus on our uniquely human skills - all of which require a strong rest ethic.

Max Frenzel is the co-author of the international bestseller Time Off: A Practical Guide to Building Your Rest Ethic and Finding Success Without the Stress. His ideas have been featured in Fast Company, Financial Times, Thrive Global, Entrepreneur Magazine, and other publications. After receiving his PhD in Quantum Information Theory from Imperial College London and working as a postdoctoral research fellow at Tokyo University, Max has been involved in several tech startups, focusing on the intersection of AI research and product design. Most recently he has been interested in the applications of AI and deep learning to creativity, design, and music, particularly in the context of wellbeing and performance optimization. Some of the AI-art Max has been involved in was exhibited at places like the Barbican Centre in London, and he is a regular public speaker on topics such as AI, creativity, and the future of work. As a consultant, Max has helped companies like Deloitte, Gitlab, and Amdocs build their rest ethic. In his time off, Max enjoys good coffee, tries to perfect his bread baking skills, and produces electronic music and performs around Tokyo.

Megan Swan

BONUS Workshop: Beating Burnout - 5 Ways to Tap into the Body’s Intelligence to Prevent Burnout.

This dynamic and spirited workshop will take 6 pillars of optimal wellness to give you clear, concrete action steps you can take today to help you prevent, manage and recover from burnout. Here you will learn how to feel more in tune to what your body is telling you, embody the state of being you want and a few quick mindset shifts you can make to start putting your own oxygen mask on first.

Megan Swan is a mindset and wellness coach that designs custom, approachable wellness lifestyles for the ambitious woman. She helps women optimize their wellness through nutrition, mindfulness, mindset and movement so that they can feel magnetic energy + confidence in their own skin so that ultimately they can accomplish their dreams and stop playing small. She is a certified IIN Health Coach, Plant-Based Chef, Detox Expert, Yoga Teacher with over 10 years of integrative wellness experience.

Raiza Sali

BONUS Workshop: Becoming Exponentially Human With Flow

Humanity is at a tipping point, and we have some important work to do. We are about to experience the most dramatic and exponential change humanity has ever witnessed. Technological innovation is accelerating at a mind-boggling pace. Our brains and bodies are demanding more from us than ever before.

How do we thrive? By becoming exponentially human.

This is where my expertise lies: Training flow consciousness and moving from altered states to altered traits. We will be deploying cognitive frameworks for peak performance and embodiment practices to enter flow and play. Flow is fundamental to our collective wellbeing. It is defined as the optimal state of consciousness where you feel your best and perform your best. In flow, the impossible becomes possible. You are primed for empathy, breakthrough insights and the ability to solve complex and challenging problems. The kind of problems that we face in an exponential, ever-changing world.

Raiza is a certified peak-performance consultant and an embodied leadership mentor training creatives, entrepreneurs, and executives in Flow Science and her mission is to get our neurobiology to work for us, instead of against us. She is a researcher on Flow States, a Keynote Speaker, Certified Yoga Teacher, Breathwork Facilitator, Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, DJ, and host of "The Flow Sutra" Podcast, where she discusses psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, wellness and ways to activate optimal states of consciousness. Raiza grew up in India for 18 years, immersing herself in Yoga and meditation from a young age. In the UK, her successful career in Engineering and global multi-million pound Management Consulting programmes led her to question traditional models of corporate culture. In the industry, she subsequently developed and implemented a framework for high-performing teams based on her research on organisational group flow and high-trust cultures.

Jaime Jay

BONUS Workshop: Learn to delegate like a pro

In this short session you'll learn how to create systems and processes so you can stop doing the wrong things and focus on doing your best work.

- How to build a positive work culture through effective leadership skills - How to create systems based on company experiences - How to improve recruiting and hiring processes for today's competitive markets

Jaime Jay is The CEO of Bottleneck, which he built from homeless to a 7-figure business and the author of Quit Repeating Yourself.

Meredith Hooke

BONUS Workshop: Tap Into Your Inner Strength and Wisdom

Inherent in all of us is a wealth of wisdom, compassion, and creativity. So often we struggle because we are unaware of where our true source of power comes from. Your heart is this source - it has the greatest influence over your emotional, mental, and cognitive well-being. In this bonus workshop you’ll learn how to bring your heart and brain into coherence - tapping into this synergy and releasing stores of creativity and energy.

Meredith is a former Hedge Fund Partner who turned to meditation in the 90’s as a way to relieve the stress and anxiety inherent in the financial industry. In 2013, she left her job, home, and partner to fully commit her life to her spiritual practice. Meredith has developed her own unique style of teaching combining Eastern wisdom and practices with 21st-century neuroscience. Meredith lives in Baja, Mexico leading meditation classes and retreats.

Identity Shift

What's Involved?

Digital Platform.

8 powerful lessons delivered once a week over 8 weeks.

Time Commitment & Timing:


Refund Policy:

100% refund if you’re not satisfied for any reason whatsoever within the first 30 days.


Mindsource® Academy is designed to deliver meaningful and sustained breakthroughs.

With this in mind the programme blends intellectual awareness with experiential learning delivered via a ‘blend’ of: 

(1) Live weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom. 

(2) Short, experiential lessons delivered via a digital platform.

(3) 1:2:1 ‘laser’ coaching call support as required. 

(4) Optional live weekly group Q&A calls with Rob via Zoom.

The programme and all live sessions are delivered personally by Rob.

Entrepreneurs, CEO’s leaders, expert service providers and professionals.

Yes. The first thing to be aware of is that whatever breakthroughs or transformation you may be seeking will never come about from gathering more information or by strategising on how to get from here to there.

Knowing what to do and how to do it may result in progress over a period of time but will rarely if ever deliver transformational shifts and breakthroughs.

You probably already know this. It’s why the books and videos and working harder don’t really help. It’s also why training and coaching and most personal development and leadership programmes fail to deliver as expected. And why it can take years to achieve what could be experienced in months instead. 

A sustained shift in consciousness is the only way to deliver a sustained shift in results and this is not obtained through intellectual endeavour.

The intellect does or course have to be satisfied to the degree this is necessary however the focus through Mindsource® Academy is on supporting you to shift your ‘state of being’ through an ’embodied’ approach.

By doing this, you will effectively put new ways and levels of thinking, behaving, acting and reacting on autopilot. You’ll eliminate unhelpful conditioning and old beliefs and begin to experience the realisation of your desired results with remarkable ease and flow.

Places are limited and it’s important to determine if you’re a good fit for the programme and also for the group / cohort. It’s also important for you to be clear that the programme is suited to your needs and the application process enables you to ask any questions you may want to ask.

The investment for the programme is £6000 + VAT. (£7,200).

This is fully refundable within the first 30 days.

Live A Life You Truly Love.

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