How Not To Overcome Procrastination

Attempting to overcome procrastination is the worst possible approach we can take…

Winning at the game of life is about power, not force.

Anything we actively resist always persists in our experience.

It has to.

Because what we bring our awareness to with emotion is creative.

And inclusive.

Wanted and unwanted.

So, when we’re trying to ‘overcome’ anything, we’re resisting it.

Because, by definition, we’re aware of being the one who has the issue or problem to overcome.

So it must therefore persist in our experience.

In one form or another.

Until such time as our awareness shifts.

For as long as our awareness is oriented to ‘problem-solving’ or ‘solution seeking’…

We’re going to keep creating in line with the very thing(s) we’re trying to say goodbye to.

Which can feel like we’re endlessly fighting with our self, others or the outside world.

But we can readily change this if we want to.

Because it’s simply a law of consciousness. A law of being.

As consistent and dependable as gravity.

AND what’s great is that when we understand this and align with our desires (versus resisting our problems or trying to change habits), we can realise whatever it is we do want.

With speed and certainty and from flow.

Even if our ‘egoic mind’ tells us this is complete BS…. which it does.

Of course, when faced with any problem, it’s normal to want to address it and to be moved accordingly.

Which, depending on the issue, may be highly advisable.

Especially when and if we believe our actions will produce the desired results.

But re-action is the lowest ‘form’ of action we can take.

Because it’s action inspired by the problem.

And in any case, it’s never the action or the strategy or treatment that ‘dissolves’ or resolves the problem.

It’s always our belief or faith in the strategy, action or approach that does.

In other words, it’s the shift in our awareness and assumptions.

Because our consciousness is always the operative and creative power at play.

So, whether trying to ‘overcome procrastination‘ or any other perceived obstacle –

money, sales, cash-flow, health, injury, relationships, team members, clients, not enough time, etc.

Trying or seeking to overcome the problem inevitably results in maintaining the wanting or the needing to overcome it!

Because until or unless our consciousness shifts, the problem can’t shift or dissolve either. We just keep getting what we’re conscious of!

Yes, we may jump out of the frying pan for a while but without a sustained shift in our consciousness, we invariably land in the fire…. or in another frying pan!

The new job, new fitness regime, new diet, new business, new sales director, new strategy, new year, new journal, new resolutions, new week are all good and well. 

But they often lead us to familiar results and familiar experiences.

We can try everything we can think of and we can try really hard but intellectual belief, desire, effort, action and willpower are not enough.

Because what they typically are is our resistance to the things we don’t want.

And no matter how much we may consciously believe we can, we can’t fight the law of being and win! It’s just not possible.

So how do we resolve or ‘overcome’ a problem?

The first step in ‘overcoming’ anything is, paradoxically, to completely drop our desire to overcome it.

To surrender to what is.

To drop our resistance.

To make peace with it and let go of any and all desire to overcome it or get past it.

Which, to be clear, is NOT to say we ignore it or pretend the issue isn’t in our experience.

Denial is resistance.

Acceptance is the key.

This seems counterintuitive …. but only because we’re so culturally engrained in Newtonian physics and ‘old-school’ personal development advice and the belief in doing that we’ve lost touch with our intuition.

In truth, it’s completely and utterly intuitive!

But intuition aside, even from a logical perspective, how can any amount of focus and action-taking to get away from a problem possibly result in a sustained experience of the desired outcome?

It can’t.

Or at least not without a shift in our consciousness along the way.

And the shift always precedes the result, it never follows. 

The next step is to adopt a ‘creative orientation.’

Instead of a problem and solution seeking orientation.

We do this by tuning our awareness – not to fixing or solving or overcoming the problem – but to the desired outcome.

To what we would love instead..

To WHO we now are as the one without the issue or problem. 

And to what is now in our awareness instead.

This is how we exercise our creative power as it’s intended to be exercised. 

For what we’d love, not for what we’re trying to escape or what we believe will create a better future.

(Wanting a better future is resistance to the present and what we resist persists!)

Tuning into what we’d love is the key to attaining everything we truly desire.

The challenge however, is that even when we’re equipped with this understanding.

Most of us go at it intellectually or from a subtle state of fear, lack and wanting.

As such, we set goals based upon what we believe will make us feel better, safer, more secure, more worthy or good enough or happier in the future…. instead of for what we’d really love.

The difference can be subtle but if we do this, it’s not only resisting what is, it’s leaving our old identity firmly in tact.

We create from our identity! 

And we’re still the one wanting and therefore unconsciously resisting.

Which is typically then experienced as a battle with self or others or with what’s showing up.

And if we don’t know what’s going on, we’re then on the hamster wheel believing we need to try harder or DO something different.

Which is more resistance and responding to symptoms, not root cause.

And somehow we find we can’t then line up our thoughts, feelings, behaviour and experience as we’d love to.

We keep self-sabotaging, falling into old ways and procrastinating.

Only we’re not really procrastinating.

We’re prioritising.

Prioritising our ‘drugs’ of choice.

Proritising what’s familiar to our current (old) identity.

Because procrastination is an illusion.

It’s never about what we’re putting off but what we’re doing instead…..

Based on who we are conscious of being and what we’re identified with. 

And in any case, we’re always going to want to put off what feels like hard work and if it feels like work, we’re not being pulled by what we LOVE. 

So, without our emotional alignment / identification with our desired outcome, it’s almost certain the problem we’re seeking to get beyond or resolve will just keep recurring.

Or morph and appear in a different form.

Because it’s a function of who and what we’re identified with and the lesson keeps being served up to us to support us to understand this.

It’s a Law of our Being!

But, until we surrender to it, we either remain stuck or we go backwards and forwards, changing the scenery but not the net outcome.

Or we spend our days on the striving hamster wheel!

Seeking a solution outside of ourself where it can’t be found.

Perhaps wondering why we seem unable to consistently hold an empowering emotional and mental state…or get the results we deserve.

Leadership of self then feels like a constant battle…. instead of a joy.

So what must we ‘DO’ to lead ourselves with ease?

And to experience the reality our heart desires?

The answer is to ‘Be’.

And we ‘do’ this by knowing and surrendering to what our heart desires and by then embodying a state aligned with its fulfilment.

But why?

Because all of the above.

And because we always think, feel, act and then experience in accordance with whowe are dominantly aware of being and what we’re therefore emotionally attuned to the fulfilment of.

Wanted or unwanted.

One challenge we may have with this – aside from our intellect dismissing it in a bid to preserve our current identity and what’s known and familiar….

Is if we’re so accustomed to ‘being identified’ with our past or current experiences and with being the one resisting them….

We may not know who we’d be without the challenge we’re wanting to overcome.

We’re so accustomed to waking up being the one with the challenge.

And the one with the To-Do list or a seeming head full of things to overcome, that we keep giving life to the very identity (and experiences) we want to change.

So the identity and the results that match it then persist….. despite our wanting different.

And if we look at ‘the facts’ and continue to identify with them and become emotionally involved with them, we hold them in place…. which re-enforces the identity that created them in the first place!

Wanted or unwanted.

And in the case of the unwanted which we’re resisting, we then experience patterns of sameness or incremental change which is at a much slower pace than our heart desires.

And it can be bl**dy painful! 

But we can free ourselves… in a literal heartbeat.


Firstly, by accepting that our awareness of being is what’s creating.

And secondly, by understanding that the facts we look upon are not really facts at all.

What they are is facets.

Facets of who we are dominantly conscious of being!

Symbolically expressed so we can recognise our Self.

So we can recognise how amazingly powerful we are as creators.

So that we may discover how to create consciously….. with the least effort and action.

Instead of striving endlessly to change the facts which are merely the expressions of our own awareness of being!

The idea being that at some point we choose to follow our truth and our heart again as we did before we were taught it was safer or better not to.

And in doing so, we then realise our heart’s boldest vision and goals instead of the compromised version resulting from being led by the endless wanting and resistance of our mind.

The irony in all of it being that the only thing that’s ever in our way is a story in our mind that we believe and trust in…

A story which isn’t true.

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