Goal Achieving & The Cost of Worrying

The cost of worrying may not be obvious.

But it is significant.

Financially, emotionally, energetically, physically, relationally….

Because worry is creative.

It’s understandable to believe worry is the effect of the news, the economy or current circumstances.

But it isn’t.

Worry is the outcome of what we’re thinking or imagining about the future.

Based on what we’re believing in now…

Based on our inner ‘state’.

(Our state is essentially what we are identified with in any given moment).

And our ‘state’ is what determines the nature and quality of…

our thoughts, feelings, imaginings, beliefs, perceptions, assumptions, actions, reactions…

….and the outcomes which subsequently correspond with them.

And so, when we change our predominant state in relation to anything, we change the corresponding outcome.

With certainty.

Regardless of the economy, circumstances or whatever else we may currently perceive as obstacles.

But we have to be internally oriented, and to think and feel from our

vision and goals and not from where we are today or from our worries, doubts or fears.

Because we can’t fulfil our heart’s desires if we’re more aware of the

absence of them or of the perceived obstacles than we are of their fulfilment.

It’s just not possible.

Those who consistently realise and achieve their visions, goals and dreams are not worrying about the economy or circumstances or obstacles… or how to minimise the downside.

They’re not emotionally involved with or bought into the opinions, logic and beliefs of politicians, reporters, doom-mongers or nay-sayers.

And they’re not thinking about how to get from where they are today to where they want to be.

Because they’re predominantly already living in an internal ‘state’ of fulfilment.

And so they’re thinking and acting from a state aligned with their vision and goals.

Visionaries and super-high achievers are almost always led from and by their heart and intuition.

Not by their mind or their intellect, logic, reason, fears or circumstances.

The extent of their emotional connection with their vision supports them to

remain in an aligned state.

And… when we’re heart-led; the added benefit is that motivation is intrinsic and not extrinsic.

Meaning procrastination is no longer an issue and productivity increases exponentially from a state of flow.

Those who are heart-led are able to quieten their minds and to tune out the crappy “but what if” or the “must do, should do, need to do” stories the mind likes to come up with in order to minimise change…

Meaning they’re tuned in to their heart and to what it’s intuitively leading them to do next.

For most people, this makes no sense…..

But this is exactly the point!

Success and fulfillment and flow and freedom are not most people’s experiences.

Most people experience hard work and striving for success and fulfilment at some point in the future.

Because what makes sense and appeals to reason has nothing to do with the heart.

It’s based on memory and intellect and on the evidence / experience of the past.

It’s based upon what we already know.

And yet what our heart most wants is what’s not yet known.

So, regardless of circumstances – and I’m absolutely not dismissing the challenges we may be facing – it’s important to remember we always have a choice.

To be “Mind-led” or “Heart-led”.

It’s a subtle difference but the difference in experience is not subtle at all..

Being mind-led leads to more of the same or similar or to slow and incremental… because ultimately it’s fear-based and denies our true nature.

Being mind-led is effort-full and hard work and is typically accompanied with a degree of worry or stress which is literally costly.

In contrast, being heart-led leads us to experience more of what our heart most desires.

It’s the allowance of our true nature and the intelligence of our intuition. It’s love-based (not fear-driven) and in being heart-led, we not only move much further and faster with ease and flow…

We feel fulfilled on the journey too.

Many infamous achievers have said the same thing in different ways – Albert Einstein included – but perhaps Steve Jobs summarised it best when he said:

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Everything else is secondary!

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