Why Getting Ahead of Ourself is So Fundamental.

When it comes to achieving our goals and intentions, two things are very clear.

One is that most people don’t believe we can have certainty about the achievement of our goals, intentions or desires.

Because we’re taught early on in life to believe otherwise.


There are too many variables involved for certainty.

Too many moving parts and uncontrollables at play.

People, circumstances, conditions and things, etc.

We’re taught it’s safer and better NOT to set our heart on things.

To be realistic. To not get carried away…

In case the things we desire don’t happen.

A version of

“it’s safer to be disappointed now by putting a lid on your dreams because then you wont be disappointed later!”

A version of spirit crushing madness based on ignorance and a misguided belief that there’s safety and comfort to be found in conformity, uniformity and compromise.

But this aside for now..

The second thing that’s clear is that following common and traditional advice on goal achieving does not deliver consistent results across the board for those who follow such advice.

Or attempt to follow it.

One reason being that common advice does not provide a sufficient understanding of either of the only two fundamental requirements for achieving any goal with certainty.

One fundamental being a sufficient understanding with regard to THE imagination.

What it really is and the hard science behind its mechanics.

Which in and of itself would reveal the understanding that we can be certain about the attainment of our goals.

As well as revealing why it is we each have our own desires in the first place and why it is they vary so much from one person to the next.

The second fundamental being the requirement to TRUST.

Which in our adult life is an outcome.

An outcome of understanding the imagination.

Because with an understanding of imagination – which can truly only be gained through our direct experience and not intellectually – returns our ability and willingness to trust and have faith in our desires and goals…

Whereas without this understanding, we’re subject to doubt, fear, uncertainty, memories of the past and believing in secondary causes.

It’s safe to say that most adults might broadly define imagination to be a cocktail of remembering, visualising and day-dreaming.

The ability to hold a picture of something in the mind or envision and entertain something from our past or in the future we may wish to experience or may not wish to experience.

But there’s so much more to imagination than this.

Most adults would understandably not deem imagination to be the one and only creative power there is.

But even pausing for a minute or two to seriously consider this possibility takes us some of the way to understanding that it is.

It explains why countless infamous and learned individuals have declared that imagination is reality or that imagination creates reality.

And it’s why Quantum physicists essentially say the same thing whilst also continuing to remain mystified….

Mystified by the fact that in seeking to better understand imagination and the mechanics of reality, they keep finding the evidence of whatever it is about imagination they imagine and believe they might find!!

In other words, they find the evidence of what they’re assuming and believing to be true.

They experience the evidence of what they bring awareness to with an assumption…. which represents a conscious or unconscious act of trust or faith.

Regardless of the assumption, the underlying assumption backed with trust plays out in experience.

In other words, they find what they fundamentally trust they will find!

Before there’s any evidence.

Such is the nature of imagination and the mind.

Imagination is also completely impersonal.

It just consistently delivers in harmony with what’s imagined and trusted in.

But this article isn’t about imagination as such.

It’s about trust.

They go hand in hand of course.

We can’t have one without the other.

We’re always imagining something and we’re always trusting in something.

Whether it’s our desires or our doubts or fears.

One definition we might use for trust in the context of achieving our goals is.

Faith in an (as yet) unseen reality.

Because that’s what our goals and desires are.

(It’s also what our fears are too).

They’re imagined experiences.

Whether it’s creating a global business, doubling sales, going on a wild adventure, getting a new job, new home or car…

Or failing to do x, y or z…

Our goals and desires as well as our doubts and fears are all imagined.

Mostly unconsciously.

And if we trust or have faith in them, we experience this trust as a feeling.

Good, bad or however we may label it…. How we feel is a guide to what we’re trusting in.

We essentially have an in-built emotional sat nav to bring our conscious awareness to what we’re imagining and having faith in!

Moment to moment to moment.

As young children, we operate our imagination freely and with tremendous skill.

We are wide open and wise in our innocence.

We’re not concerned with logic or reason or practicalities.

We are literally “innocent”.


Completely unconcerned with the physical evidence of our 5 senses.

So we happily set our hearts on the things we desire…. and we trust.

We abandon ourselves to our imagination.

For us it is real.

And our imagination combined with an open heart – (trust and certainty) leads to the fulfilment of our desires.

BUT along the way we become “adult-erated” ……by others who seemingly know better.

Adults who have in turn been taught and adult-erated by their own parents or teachers or colleagues or other early life influencers.

Taught to be realistic, told that we must work hard to survive or succeed in the outside world.

Or that we’ve not been good enough…

Taught to stop fantasising. Taught about the real world.

Taught that money doesn’t grow on trees.

That hard work is necessary, commendable, somehow makes us worthy or validates us.

Taught to believe that the right strategy is what we need.

And so we’re slowly but surely taught to NOT get ahead of ourself.

We’re taught we must work and move towards our goals from where we are.

And we slowly become imprisoned by our own, ever-crystallising and misguided perceptions.

We slowly but surely lose the ability to flex our creative power and we lose our freewill to choose.

We forget that our imagination combined with trust is what literally shapes our world.

We become afraid to imagine freely as we once did.

We protect our heart and we unknowingly constrict the infinitely greater wisdom which we freely allowed when we were wise as children.

And it hurts our hearts.

We suffer the consequences.

Because we inherently know we’re capable of so much more.

We suffer not living the free and abundant life we once imagined we would.

We suffer not knowing that the education we received is now our single biggest obstacle.

Because now we trust our reason and logic and the intellect…

No we’re hemmed in without knowing it.

Often making decisions based on memory, reason, logic and fear.

But what’s most amazing is that it’s never too late.

If we desire it and can built trust from understanding, we can have the experience of being, doing or having it.

As Albert Einstein famously said…. and he knew a thing or two about the physics of imagination….

“Logic will get you from A to B but imagination will take you everywhere.”

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