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What does your version of success look like?

….to start your own business, grow your current one, multiply your income, land your dream job, become a leader, lose weight, improve your health, buy your dream home, discover and follow your true passion, enjoy thriving relationships, travel the world, go on wild adventures, become a best-selling author, enjoy complete time and money FREEDOM to do whatever you want whenever you want…..

I don’t claim to know what you want but I do know this….

If you can tell me what you want, I can show you how to get it. GUARANTEED.

How can I say this?

Because SUCCESS is a SCIENCE, not a secret.

And it’s a science which can be easily and readily understood and applied by anyone to guarantee their success.

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from, what age you are or how long you may have been trying, all that matters is you have a desire to be, do or have something better or greater.

Because the achievement of ANY goal is not a complicated process.

In fact, it’s based on proven (scientific) principles and immutable Universal Laws and is as straightforward, consistent and reliable as 2 + 2 = 4.

The problem most people have in creating “success” is they don’t understand this.

How to achieve real world success isn’t taught in school, college or university so understandably most people go after success in completely the wrong way!

They set the wrong goals or focus on trying harder or on changing their behaviours and habits to change their results – a slow and often painful approach which rarely produces or sustains the desired outcome!

I’m Rob Begg, a success coach working with Bob Proctor teaching people around the world how to master their minds, work out what they want, remove self-limiting limiting beliefs and change and control their thinking so they can unlock their potential and achieve their goals and dreams.

At this event… I’ll show you precisely how you can do this and how, by applying a few basic (scientificaly proven) principles, you can accomplish ANY worthy goal you set (and in much less time than you may currently believe is possible!) Just imagine if your success could be guaranteed…… It can be because when you learn how to align your thoughts, your feelingsand your actions with what you really want, your success isn’t just possible or probable; it is inevitable! Doing this is something ALL highly successful people do either with or without their own conscious awareness.

Imagine for a moment…

  • Living a life with no restrictions or limits.
  • Waking up every morning feeling enthused about how you’re going to spend your day.
  • Building a thriving business, enjoying great relationships with people who are upbeat, enthusiastic and creatively productive.
  • Never ever, ever having to worry or be concerned about money.
  • Feeling on purpose, happy and fulfilled.
    Creating impact and having influence wherever you go.


  • Having a crystal clear vision of what you really want and complete clarity on how to achieve it,
  • Being able to overcome your FEARS, eliminate PROCRASTINATION and take consistent ACTION
  • Creating a SUCCESS MINDSET that’s permanent and not one that’s fleeting and temporary.


  • Being able to make DECISIONS quickly and easily.
    Having a SELF-IMAGE which allows you to transform your business and personal life in less time with less effort.
  • Becoming so PRODUCTIVE that you multiply your effectiveness and income and yet still have MORE TIME.
  • Being able to maintain HIGH SALES and say goodbye (once and for all) to the dreaded and mysterious fluctuations.
  • Creating a new FINANCIAL THERMOSTAT which you’re in complete control of.
  • Achieving all of these things and more without working or trying harder.
  • Achieving more in the next 6 months of your life than you have in the past 6 or 10 years?

Ridiculous! Impossible?

Your current thinking may be telling you it’s ridiculous and impossible. I understand because until a couple of years ago mine did too however this was also the big part of my problem!

Despite all of my knowledge, business and life experience, I was ignorant of the the fact that success in life is a simple science which can be readily applied.

Isn’t it time you unleashed the potential you know is within you?

Isn’t it time you for you to break through the limiting thinking and beliefs that have been holding you back?

It’s time you learned exactly how your results are created so you can create the ones you really want?

Discover your purpose.
Multiply your income.
Start of grow your business.
Grow your Self-Belief and Confidence.
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The life altering content I’ll be sharing at this event has not been created by me.

I’ll be sharing information based on a lineage of success going back more than 150 years which is in itself based on core principles stretching back much, much further in time.

I am just a messenger, passing on what I learned from my personal mentor Bob Proctor (the best teacher in the world on prosperity, success and human potential) which has enabled me and thousands of others to transform their lives and results and to be happier, healthier and wealthier.

Working alongside Bob as a success consultant, I am now on a mission to help as many people as I can so they too can realise their potential and live more prosperous, fulfilling and rewarding lives.


 If you can’t make this event but want to be first to know about future events, Click here.