Your Time Is Precious

If attending an event, it’s essential you obtain a significant return on the investment of your valuable time. Attending one of Rob’s events is probably one of the wisest investments you’ll ever make.

May 2019

Tuesday 7th May | Glasgow
13.00 – 15.00

Wednesday 8th May | Edinburgh
12.00 – 14.00

September 2019

Tuesday 10th September | Edinburgh

Thursday 12th September | Glasgow

What You'll Get From My Events:

  • An understanding that there’s a part of your mind which controls your sales, your income, your health, your lifestyle and your results.
  • That you’ve been conditioned to think the way you think, to be living the way you live and to be earning what you’re earning.
  • What REALLY makes successful people successful (and why they usually can’t explain this to their children to guarantee they also succeed).
  • Why you behave as you do and not as you want and how to close your ‘knowing:doing’ gap.
    How to dramatically improve your results and accomplish anything you really want.
  • How to multiply your productivity, performance, income and profits.
  • How to live a happy, healthy and wealthy life.