Delusion is The Path Of Least Resistance

When I eventually accepted what I’m sharing here.

It ended decades of striving and changed my entire life.

Although it conflicted with almost everything I believed was responsible for me building a £3 Million a year business from scratch.

It also explained why it had taken me so long and had often felt so bloody hard.

This is the key but don’t take my word for it.

Look to your own direct experience.

The path of least resistance to achieving our biggest goals and dreams.

Is exactly the same as it is to their non-achievement.

It’s emotional and mental.

Not intellectual or physical.

Thinking, strategy, skill, discipline and action may be highly prized and important.

But they’re ALL outcomes.

Outcomes of what we’re giving life to internally.

Most of us – quite understandably – give life internally to how we can get from A to B.

Or we give life to how to fix a problem or find a solution.

Or to what we don’t want to happen or are perhaps fearful of.

And whilst it may be logical, we get slap bang in our own way (or stuck) as a direct result.

It was the story of my life for decades.

My awareness was mostly entangled in thinking and working towards my goals.

Or on being concerned with practicalities, circumstance or things on the outside.

Which meant incremental (and often unwanted changes) when I really wanted fundamental and desired changes.

This was until I eventually learned that..

To create truly fundamental change.

We’ve got to give life internally to what we do NOT believe.

We’ve got to give life internally to living FROM the accomplishment of our goals and desires.

Which is NOT the same as giving life to the wanting or desiring of them!

Because one is about BEING the person who KNOWS internally that the goal is already a done deal.

(Reference: Serena Williams, Elon Musk, Usain Bolt, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, etc.)

And one is about BEING the person who is working towards the goal and dreaming OF it.

There’s a MASSIVE but nonetheless SUBTLE difference.

And it matters.

Because our external experience is always consistent with WHO we are BEING internally.

And who we are BEING internally is what determines our thoughts, beliefs, actions, reactions and outcomes / results.

But isn’t that BEING delusional?

100% YES……. BUT only in most peoples’ eyes!

That’s the point and it’s the very reason more people don’t achieve their goals, live their dreams or experience their potential.

Because what’s required is to DIS-ILLUSION ourself!

To dis-illusion ourself from the belief that life works in any other way!

I’m not saying we must ignore current circumstances or pretend things aren’t happening.

I’m saying it’s about moving internally to knowing your goals are already yours.

Because it’s the internal experience of the goal or objective that moves us to having the ‘external’ experience of it.

There’s no other way.

As within, so without. It’s a Law of Being.

As with gravity, it works 100% of the time and it works the other way too.

The internal experience of wanting or not having gives rise to the external experience of wanting and not having.

The trick is to learn how to BE in alignment with and led by our Heart’s desires and not by the stories of our mind, our current circumstances or our history.

Because, left to it’s own devices, our mind is all for us BEING in harmony with our outside world and our current circumstances.

Unless led by our heart, the mind loves nothing more than to indulge in the unwanted.

Which leads to the unwanted or to more of the same or to much slower change than our heart desires!

The key is to accept we can’t have who we’re not prepared to be first!

And to know our heart doesn’t ever desire what we can’t have.

Only our ego does.

The key to realising our biggest dreams and goals is simply about whether we’re willing to BE heart-led and to dis-illusion ourself or to stay in the rat race and the heart-ache of being mind-led.

Who would you be today if you had absolutely no memories of the past?

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