CEO Group Coaching

Group coaching is immensely powerful.

I run a number of Leadership Coaching Programmes throughout the year. 

Programmes vary but typically run for 12 weeks with group numbers limited to a maximum of 10.

If you’re an entrepreneur, leader or professional and would like to take your awareness and leadership, business, fulfilment and game of life to an entirely new level, then a group coaching programme may be for you.

The intention of my coaching is simple.. 

To set you free from your mind and the prison of your perceptions so you may be led by the infinitely greater wisdom of your heart and intuition and realise much bigger goals with greater speed and certainty and from a state of flow and fulfilment.

Through a combination of live, weekly group coaching calls, a digital learning platform and 1:2:1 access to me, I will coach you on how to live a truly Self-empowered, fulfilling and rewarding life free from dogma and doctrine and stories of the mind. 

You’ll come to understand you really can have everything you desire if you’ll just let go of the belief that you can’t and stop conditioning your desires with your logic, reason, memories of the past and the false assumptions you believe to be true.

Whatever you truly desire, you can have. 

Whether you’d simply like to double your income and work half the hours or something much more, you’ll discover there are no limits other than those you place in your mind.

You’ll discover the only obstacle to whatever it is you want is your own consciousness and that you must be willing to embrace facets of your self you’ve not yet accepted or have unconsciously been rejecting.

You’ll learn the simple but all encompassing law of Being which determines that you can’t express what you haven’t accepted in consciousness first.

My coaching is not for the faint of heart. 

Working with me will help you liberate yourself from your perceptions and see the world in a different light – literally. 

You’ll realise you can attain whatever your heart desires but that living from your truth requires taking responsibility in a way you may be unaccustomed to.

The reward for this responsibility is freedom and fulfilment.

My coaching is primarily about self-realisation (the missing element of most mindset and other coaching) and then integrating this understanding (self-actualising).

The outcome is you elevate your consciousness, access and live from the wisdom of your heart and intuition and free yourself from the BS programmes, stories and limitations of the mind and dogma which denies the growth, happiness and results you want and are capable of.

If we work together, you’ll understand why logic and reason are the enemies of the change your heart desires and your intuition knows the way to.

You’ll also understand why the intellectual mind is designed to follow the heart and not to lead it!

If you’re serious…

If you’re serious about creating a meaningful and transformational shift, are open, coachable, willing and able to invest in yourself and would like to explore joining a group programme, what to expect and what guarantees are available, please book an introductory and complimentary call via the button below.

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