I don't know about you but I made creating change look so hard for so long.

What I now realise is there are really only two or three things which make it hard.

One of these is getting to the truth.

The truth about you (and me) and who we really are.

To do this we've got to cut through all the "Bull-schlagger" (love that word) and all the crap and complexity and false beliefs we've unwittingly bought into.......... (and become addicted to).

Another is to accept this truth. (Or stop continuing to deny it).

And accepting the truth means letting go of the limited concepts we hold about who we are and who we're not and what this leads us into in terms of believing what we need to or must do to do better.

Because the truth is, when we get to the truth about us, creating the change we want in our lives is simple.

And ultimately, (because of who we are), it comes down to this.

Who I am conscious of being will become my experience.

Our consciousness (which we get to choose) will be faithfully out-pictured in our world.

Every single time. No ifs, no buts, no maybes.

If I claim myself to be weak, poor and struggling, this will be my experience. (I was quite good at this).

If I claim myself to have more to do than I can do or to be unable to get ahead or earn more money, this too will be my experience.

On the other hand if I claim myself internally to be who I want to be and remain true to this, I will see this consciousness being expressed externally.

It may be too simple (or painful) for most of us to accept but it's equally difficult (and painful) to dismiss as being false.

The truth is we cannot continue to claim ourselves to be what we are trying to free ourselves from and ever expect to be free from it!

And by claim. I mean who and how we perceive and feel ourselves to be.

To create the changes we desire, we must stop fighting the evidence of our senses and claim ourselves to be that which we desire to be.

Then what we require is faith.

To hold true to our new state of consciousness until such time as our senses detect the physical evidence of our new state of consciousness.

(This of course is what derails most people but only because they've not got to or fully accepted the truth about who they are and how powerful they are).

To hold true to our new state, we must 'die to our old state' and occupy the new desired state.

Not to fake it to make it - some goorooos may tell you to do this but it doesn't work.... because you can't be in the consciousness of not having yet made it and expect to experience it!

You can't kid consciousness by faking it!

All change starts with a change in consciousness.

There is no other way and yet we're so conditioned to fight to change the circumstances of our lives whilst maintaining our existing state of consciousness.

And this is to fight against the very nature of things.

Or, as I said on a group study call last week,
it's like rearranging the deck chairs on The Titanic. It won't change the fate of the ship!

No matter where you are today, no matter the circumstances or the current climate, you have it within you - because of who you are - to embody the consciousness of the success you want.

You don't have to wait. You can do it right now and if you can maintain it, your consciousness will be out-pictured in your world.

Every single time. No ifs no buts, no maybes.

Just as it always has been and always will be.

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