If you've been trying to shift your 'mindset' to shift your results....

And been finding it hard-going, this helps more than ANYTHING else..

In fact, it's the ONLY thing that's guaranteed to deliver results.

Doing this alone gets you beyond trying to manage and control your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviour

That's like herding cats and it's exhausting!

Techniques and strategies may stop us feeling crap, look great on paper.... and break a pattern (for a while) ...but they deal with outcomes, not the source issue and they're like bandaids....

Sooner or later they fall off.

Focus instead on changing your 'state'.

Because everything in our life is a 'state' of consciousness made visible.

So, as we change our state, everything in our life changes.

Step one is define the exact state you want to live from.

What kind of person do you choose to be?

What do you choose to have/be/do in the world?

Then, detach yourself from the old states and fully attach to your new state.

Become the spectator of the old states and the participant in the new.

It takes practice but it's the fastest, most effective, easiest and sustainable way there is to consciously create change.

To experience different, we have to stop identifying ourselves with our current results.

And start IDENTIFYING with our aims.

Because identity leads activity.

Identity leads thoughts, feelings, behaviours and results.

So, when we embody the new states, we not only feel now as we want to feel but we get to let go of all the "pushing" and "forcing" to make it happen.

And the results consistent with the state follow. Always.

If you'd like to discuss changing your state, you can book a call with me here.

Life is way too short to push water up-hill, let alone giant boulders!

P.S. The bottom of the caption in the image cut off on uploading but says.....

"Hey Sisyphus, when you've got a minute, I'd like to discuss this progress report with you."

Funny. Not funny 🙂

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