Habits matter. A lot.

Because they determine more than 95% of our results.

Almost everything we think, feel and do is habitual!

Whether in a business or personal context, achieving our next level goals or creating a
shift always depends on changing or creating at least one habit.

Every time. No exceptions.

Change or create even just a couple of key habits and things move really fast!

The problem is, most of us find our habits are not easy to change or create.

But they can be.

Despite what we've read, been told or experienced, changing habits can in fact be quick, simple...and easy.

And we can also change several habits at a time.

Provided we focus on the source of the habits and not on the habits themselves.

Because our habits are just expressions and outcomes.

Expressions and outcomes of our beliefs.

Beliefs we hold about ourselves, about others or about the world.

And beliefs are surprisingly easy to change.... unless of course we cling to a belief that they're not!

Here's how to make 'habit' change simple and easy:

Or, more importantly, here's how to make getting the results we want easy too.

1. Give up on trying to change or create a new habit at the level of the habit. (It's way too hard.... we all know conscious intentions to change engrained behaviours is hard and often temporary..... even when we really want to!)

2. Know your desired outcome. (Knowing only what it is we don't want will always result in failure - we must also be clear on the desired outcome that sits behind the desire to change or create the habit).

3. Understand your habit is simply the expression of a belief. A belief you hold in your subconscious which then acts like a programme and runs your thoughts, feelings, reactions, responses, behaviours and results on autopilot.

(Our results are really nothing more than a mirror of our beliefs - both conscious and subconscious).

4. Deliberately create an image in your mind of you as the person who already has your desired outcome. What would this version of you believe and therefore what habitual behaviours would they be expressing?

NOTE: Focus on YOU and your 'self-image', not the mechanics or strategy for creating the desired outcome.

This is the number one reason people fail to get the results they want - they focus on the strategy and plan instead of on the beliefs and self-image of whoever is creating the strategy!

Our self-image always out-pictures itself which is why a new strategy without a change in self-image usually ends up as a different means of getting to the same result!

5. Take ownership....because we can't change what we won't or don't own!

We are always at the centre of everything we experience so we must own this. Blaming other people or things renders us powerless to effect change and usually only perpetuates what's unwanted. Changing our self-image (Step 5) is key to changing whatever we may wish to change in our experience.

6. Embody this new 'self-image' and live from the 'state' of already having your desired outcome.

(Not in a 'fake it until you make it' sense because if you're conscious of faking it, then you're also conscious of not being in the state of your desire's fulfilment and therefore dependent on willpower. The old habits and behaviours are therefore likely to win the day).

When you embody the new state of consciousness aligned with already having your desires, the new 'state' then gives rise automatically to a whole new set of thoughts and behaviours and you no longer have to manage or avoid or resist old behaviours.

Thoughts, feelings, behaviours and results always come from our state of consciousness.

(It's how it works.....Never mind the mindset stuff, Quantum physics proves this. We are always creating from our state of being).

7. Persist with step 6

Of all the steps, step 6 is most vital.

As with a new pair of shoes, embodying a new state can initially feel a little uncomfortable and the old state will seek to cling on but persistence will result in a feeling of naturalness and the results then follow. Always.

Until and unless we change our state of consciousness, the old habits, behaviours and result will continue to play out or we'll feel like we're in a never ending battle with them.

Until we change our state, we'll continue to experience that frustrating gap between what we consciously believe and know we're capable of and the results we experience!

Try as we might, we can never outperform our own state any more than we can turn left and expect to experience what's to the right.

Without our conscious awareness, our state is dictated by our subconscious beliefs and assumptions which act exactly like an internal thermostat on our results.

No amount of knowing more or of trying harder will make much of a difference until we change our state.

But when we do and we learn how to stay in state, we shift the thermostat and our new results follow swiftly. Every time. No exceptions. Guaranteed.

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