When it comes to consciously creating change in our lives, there's ONE THING required over and above EVERY THING.

In fact, the change we really want cannot happen without it!

What is it?

It's a sustained shift in our state of consciousness.

Who we identify ourselves as being. What we identify with.

Our I AM-ness.

Because whether we accept or deny it, ALL change starts with a change in our consciousness.

There is NO other way.

Ancient cultures, mystics, Greek philosophers, Scripture, The Bible, Einstein and countless others have told us this.

Quantum physics is now catching up too!

The scientific understanding of how human consciousness affects energy and matter is proving ancient wisdom to have been very wise indeed!

When it comes to money and wealth, a small percentage of people are blessed with a wealth consciousness.

A smaller number - without necessarily being aware of what they're doing - succeed in identifying with ever-greater levels of wealth and abundance as they go through life.......and
so, the 'success' they desire literally follows them!

Their wealth creation
follows their wealth consciousness..... because it can NEVER precede it.

The same is true in other areas of our lives. Health, weight, relationships..

Try as we may, the signs always follow, they do not precede!

And yet most people approach wealth creation believing it works the other way around.

That the wealth consciousness will follow the money!

They go by: "When I have the money, then I'll be and feel wealthy."

This is understandable and it's logical!

Based on our conditioning and what we've been told, this is how it works isn't it?

No, it's not. It's actually a recipe for a life time of struggle and disappointment!

Because trying to create wealth from a consciousness of lack can never result in the desired outcome. Never.

This said, we may be fortunate to be among the very small fraction of aspiring wealth creators who are blessed to have a shift in consciousness along the way and who succeed in sustaining it but...

...without this shift, our dreams are destined to die on the vine.

So, what do we do need to do to succeed?

The answer is so simple as to be overlooked by most.

We invert the recipe for struggle.

Because doing this works every time for every one.

And this means we create a wealth consciousness first.

To create it before we're actually wealthy.

We do this by using our imagination as it's designed to be used and by getting emotionally involved in our vision of wealth to the point of feeling it as done.

By persisting in doing this and by persisting in dying to our old self, we take on a new state of consciousness aligned with our desired results.

And we live from the end.

And the best thing about doing this......

We no longer live with the wanting and desiring. (Why would we? Because we now have the consciousness!)

And everything else takes care of itself!

Do we need to do anything?

Yes. of course we do but just as they always have been and always will be, all of our actions and behaviours are dictated by our state of consciousness anyway!

(Free will is an illusion).

Our state of consciousness will always move us and move everything and everyone around us to bring our outside world into alignment and equilibrium with our internal state.

Much as we may choose to deny it, it's the way it is.

Our outside world, our bank statement, our income, our lives as a whole are a mere reflection of our resting states of consciousness.

The problem we have is we're conditioned to want to change the mirror to change the reflection.

In the cold light of day this makes no sense whatsoever but it's what most people continue to do.

The truth, as we well know, is we can't break the mirror to change our face.

But we can change our face to change what's being reflected.

The question is whether we want to or not.

If you do, I can show you how. You can book a call with me
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