When you hear the word 'SALES', what do you think or feel?

Personally speaking, I had a fairly negative association with sales and selling for a long time.

I grew up being advised to be a bit wary of salespeople in general.

They weren't to be trusted. Many were dodgy. Apparently.

And for a big part of my life I really didn’t like being sold to!

And I didn’t much like the idea of selling to others.

So when I became a business coach, I definitely did not identify myself as being a salesperson.

Because I was a coach.

And, although I didn't know it at the time, this cost me a lot of time and money and prevented me from helping a lot more people.

Back then I didn’t know my subconscious beliefs about selling were such a big problem!

Or that to shift my results I had to completely change my relationship with selling and identify as a salesperson as well as a coach.

Thankfully, I've since done this.

So much so I now coach coaches, professionals and teams on selling and on how to shift how they identify with and relate to sales.

I now see selling as the most honourable profession in the world.

Because selling is something we do FOR people, not TO them.

And selling is essential if we’re going to help more people get what they want.

Because even when people want something and even when you and they both know you can help them get it, it doesn't mean they sell themselves on the idea!

What I've discovered in recent years is that selling is both an art and a skillset.

AND that it's mostly a mindset.

What I've also discovered is that skillset and knowledge without the right mindset are worthless.

You can be the best coach, lawyer, accountant, marketer, fill in the blank on the planet but if you don't see yourself as a salesperson too, you may never get the opportunity to help people in the way you know you can!

But the great thing is that when we change our mindset on selling, everyone wins.

We get to help more people and our business and income grows to reflect the growing value and service we've provided!

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