When we're faced with a problem or difficulty, it's normal for us to drop into a state of "I must figure this out / work it through" or "I need to do something...urgently!"

Why wouldn't it be?

It's perfectly logical.

But there's a problem with this approach and it's one that can keep us stuck for years, decades or even an entire lifetime...

The reason being that 'figuring it out' mode is driven (understandably) from the mental / emotional state of 'having a problem' or from being conscious of where we are today (versus where we may prefer to be).

Figuring it out mode is all about "how" to get from wherever we are to somewhere else.

Our consciousness is filled with the problem or the current 'reality'.

Consequently this leads to thinking and activity which are "problem / today-driven" and ultimately this leads us to experiencing more of the same or at best, to creating incremental or temporary change.

Such thinking may help us devise a new strategy or plan or get us beyond an immediate crisis but it will never lead us to making the kind of shifts we might want for ourselves, our families and our business.

It's simply not possible.

When we're in "figuring it out or how to" mode, our brains are generating 'Beta' brainwaves.

Whilst Beta brainwaves may be great for concentration and for logic and reason, they're not helpful for accessing the solutions we want for our problems.

Logic and rationale are in fact seriously unhelpful for solving big problems or creating big change. The reason being that they're flawed. Our logic stems from our current beliefs, not our desires and it hijacks our thinking accordingly.

In a Beta brain wave state, our logic will provide us with thoughts and ideas consistent with our current beliefs and circumstances and moving FROM where we are but will prevent us from connecting with and entertaining thoughts and ideas consistent with being where we want to be.

In contrast, the solutions we want and need are accessed when we're mentally connected to (and conscious of) what we want AND when our brains are generating Alpha and Theta brain waves.

Alpha and Theta are the brain waves associated with healing and creativity.

To access these we need to attain calmness of mind and learn to move our attention away from the problem and away from the evidence of our 5 senses.

When first learning to do this, we need to find a quiet space and devote sufficient time to 'going within' however once adept at it, we can do it more or less any time and anywhere.

The 'doing' of this is, in essence simple however it does requires practice.

The much bigger challenge is in getting ourselves to actually do it!

The reasons for our resistance are overshadowed with a raft of different excuses but I believe they ultimately boil down to just two things: Conditioning and Ignorance.

1. Conditioning - we're conditioned to be human doings and not human beings. As such, we're literally programmed to believe we'll achieve more by doing more. Furthermore, when we're under pressure or faced with a problem, we drop into a more animalistic state of awareness. Fight, flight or freeze.

2. Ignorance - we don't know what we don't know. If we truly understood the degree to which our states of consciousness create our entire experience, we may be more inclined to want to prioritise the states we choose to live from.

In our ignorance we choose instead to argue for our limitations, defend our busyness and beliefs and choose to hang onto the notion that we actually have free will to act.

In our ignorance we remain unaware that our thoughts, actions and behaviours are always coming from whatever our state of consciousness happens to be at the time. Free will separate to our state is an illusion.

In our ignorance we believe there are causes outside of our own state of consciousness and fail to see that a change of consciousness is necessary before we can change our outside world.

In March of this year I ran a series of free, early morning "Calm & Creative Mindset" Workshops to support my contacts and community.

There was nothing for sale and nothing to buy; just an intent to help.

I've decided to run some more of these in the next few weeks.

Dates and times are to be confirmed however If you’re interested in attending / know someone who would benefit / would like more info, please let me know and I'll ensure you're kept informed.

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