About You

Some assumptions…

You want something more, better or different. Maybe very different.

Business / sales growth, more money and time freedom, impact, fewer hours, less stress, more energy, more fun…. maybe all of this.

Regardless of the specifics; your freedom, happiness and fulfilment are at the heart of it.

Perhaps you’ve been down the usual paths – coaching, mindset, personal or leadership development.

But the results haven’t followed as you’d hoped..

The reason is that most support addresses what’s secondary,

Consciousness is what’s primary. 

Your point of power to create is your ability to be present and to increase your awareness of your true nature.

This is done by focusing in the present on the love of what you want and not on the wanting of what you’d love.

A fundamental difference that makes all the difference.

As you increase your awareness of your true self, you increase your ability to stay in your present and to realise that there is no connection whatsoever between now and your past unless you create it in your mind.

Your entire life experience is created in the present moment by what you are assuming about yourself and your relationship to others and to the world.

Not just your present as you see it but your past and your future too. It all comes through the present moment. All of it. Now is all we ever experience.

what you’re currently assuming and believingconsciously andunconsciously right now


We’re taught to focus on our goals and take action towards them.

But this is fundamentally flawed and it explains why most people do not realise their dreams and goals.

Our consciousness determines everything so you must learn an

It’s simple.

When you discover the simple truth about you and your mind, you’re free to create as you want to.

You’re no longer bound by your past or by your assumptions or beliefs or circumstances or a lack of time or money or resources.

The only thing that ever binds any of us is the perception that we are who we are not….. and the assumptions that flow from this.

See through this illusion and you’re free to do and have more of or less of whatever it is your heart desires.

You even get to find out why your heart wants what it wants and this in itself is a liberating gift.

All time is now and now is your time regardless of what you now do. 

Whatever you do, don’t waste it running assumptions that no longer serve you.

If you’re serious about your goals and dreams and would potentially like my help, then let’s have an exploratory chat.

If nothing else you’ll gain the clarity you may want. 

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Certifications, Degrees, and Experience

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Professional Certified Coach, PCC

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ACCG Accredited ADHD Coach

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Member of ABC, DEF

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Career Specialty Services Provider, CSS

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