Hi, I’m Rob Begg.

I’m a Leadership, Mind & Consciousness Coach to successful, purpose-driven, entrepreneurs and leaders.

I help clients realise what I call ‘true wealth’

Attaining their boldest vision and goals with greater ease, speed and certainty from a state of inner peace, happiness and fulfilment.

If we fall for the illusion that we can be happy in the future, we’re setting ourself up for a lifetime of not being truly happy and we’re also getting in the way of our goals too.

Whether we know it or not, if we don't align our heart and mind, we're always going to be in our own way and making it slower and harder than it needs to be.

In 30+ years running, growing and eventually selling my businesses, I experienced many ups and downs both personally and professionally. 

Like many business owners, this included how challenging it can be to find balance and harmony as we work to achieve our goals and live our best and happiest life.

My own ambition, challenges, brick walls, frustration and suffering fuelled a desire within me to find answers.

What really sits at the heart of success? Beneath all the BS. Can we really have it all? Why do some succeed wildly when others don’t? Why’s it so hard? What’s wrong with me? How can I achieve my goals and be happy, fulfilled and at peace?

After many years of studying and working closely with various teachers around the world and increasingly exploring less mainstream / esoteric teachings, I eventually found the answers and clarity I’d been searching for.

The realisation that Consciousness is primary and is all there is and that our experiences and results are the expressions of what we’re giving life to in our own mind. 

It took me several more years of studying to really understand how this works and how it is we can move from being unconscious to conscious creators.

Along the way I discovered that strategy, striving, hard work, knowledge and capability are never the drivers of our results.

Our results are always a reflection of what we’re consciously or unconsciously, emotionally accepting as true and therefore allowing to be expressed through us.

Today I support my clients with the practical application of this understanding to achieve their vision and goals with ease, certainty, speed and flow.

In the past 14 years, I’ve supported hundreds of ambitious and successful entrepreneurs and teams to multiply sales, profits and impact in conjunction with enjoying more time freedom and living happier, healthier, fulfilling and enriched lives.

Whether you wish to multiply your profits, work half the time, travel the world, drop 10 kilos in weight or realise any other desire, there’s only one thing required.

To let go of wanting it and to accept the desire in your heart. 

The only way to consistently do this is through knowing who you really are as how can you get out of your own way otherwise?

Then it’s about opening your heart to your boldest vision and accepting it in consciousness with the understanding of how the mind operates so you then allow your vision to be expressed and experienced through you.

The truth is you can have whatever it is you want but the paradox is you’ve got to give up the ‘wanting’ first.

The game of life is one of Be, Do, Have and not Have, Do, Be.

“Man’s chief delusion is his conviction that there are causes other than his own state of consciousness.”

– Neville Goddard

To get out of our own way and fulfil our goals with ease, the smartest thing we can do is to become aware of who it is we are in the way of.

What To Expect When Working With Me.


A complete commitment to you and your success throughout the time we work together. I won’t just be your coach, I’ll partner with you on the journey.


Your beliefs, perceptions, assumptions and world view will be challenged in the context of you creating the business and personal outcomes you seek.


A shift in our awareness always precedes a shift in results. For most it’s unconscious so results are erratic. You’ll learn to consciously shift your awareness to attain next level outcomes with certainty.


The most effective way to learn is through direct experience. In working with me, you’ll learn experientially and not just intellectually.



Your results matter and I never lose sight of this however results are an automatic expression of a shift in your consciousness. Focus on source and the outcomes follow. 


Are You Ready for Your Next Level?

The Start With I Podcast

A podcast dedicated to exploring the origin of results, expressing our innate potential, the ways of the mind and how to live a wildly successful, abundant, happy and fulfilling life.


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