Hi, I’m Rob

Like many people, I grew up believing success in life and business was mostly about knowing what you want, having a plan, creating the right mindset, working hard and learning and developing along the way.

As an entrepreneur, I built a couple of businesses but it was tougher, slower and often a lot more stressful than I intuitively knew it could be.

Balancing time and money freedom, family, health, business growth and personal fulfilment seemed like a constant juggling act.

Like many entrepreneurs and leaders, I invested in personal and leadership development, mindset, self-improvement and being coached by famous and not famous gurus…

Yet despite my studies and efforts, I found results were often short-lived or disappointing.

Until a new mentor helped me gain an understanding which shifted everything

I learned about who we fundamentally are as ‘I AM Awareness’ and how the mind projects experience in correspondence with who and what we’re conscious of being.

It was like being handed the missing piece of a jigsaw.

Suddenly I could see just how much I’d been in my own way!

Today, I help clients around the world gain and apply this understanding to realise their boldest visions and dreams and to enjoy clarity, mental peace and fulfilment.

Whether this relates to business, sport, health, time, money, relationships or other facets of life, experiencing whatever we want is ALL about our awareness of Self.

There really are no limits.  

“Making money and building a great business is cool but if you’re not happy, fulfilled and enjoying mental peace, you’re not wealthy.”

– Rob Begg

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