Hi, I’m Rob

Like many people, I grew up believing the formula for success in life and business was knowing what you want, having a strategy, working hard and learning and developing along the way.

As an entrepreneur, I built a couple of businesses believing this but it was tougher, slower and often more stressful than I intuitively knew it could be.

Balancing time and money freedom, family, health, business growth and personal fulfilment seemed like a constant juggling act.

Like many entrepreneurs and leaders, I invested in personal and leadership development, mindset, self-improvement and being coached but despite my studies and efforts, I found results disappointing.

Thankfully, after many years, a mentor introduced me to teachings which helped me shift everything. Unlike most advice, these were not based on fixing or improving or re-programming my mind or striving or doing. 

They were based on a greater understanding.

One which included the simple but profound truth about who we are, that happiness is our natural state, what our purpose is, why we feel stuck, why we have the desires we do and that we really can have whatever it is we want. No matter what.

I learned what the mind actually is and how to use it in service of what our heart desires so we get what it is we want (instead of having it lead based on our beliefs, history or egoic fears).

Fast forward to today, as one of the most experienced coaches in the UK, I help clients around the world to become rich in the truest sense of the word and to realise whatever it is they most want.

Whether this relates to business, sports or other facets of life, it’s all about raising awareness of Self. 

Contrary to popular belief (which explains a great deal), fulfilling more of our potential, realising our goals and getting what we want in life – including being happy and fulfilled – doesn’t begin with why or what or how; it begins and ends with I.

“If you want to make money, make money but if you want to be rich in every way, know the one who wants what you want.” 

– Rob Begg

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