Rob Begg is a global expert in human behaviour and performance. 

For the past 13 years he has supported entrepreneurs, CEO's, business teams and professionals in both business and sport to rapidly and sustainably create the breakthroughs in performance and results they most want.

Rob is fuelled by a passion for helping individuals quickly understand the true origins of their performance and results and to thereby eliminate the root cause of what's standing between them and the attainment of their biggest goals.

Helping clients gain this awareness sets them free from the prison of their belief in secondary causes.

The awareness helps them to quickly let go of conditioned beliefs, to automatically and sustainably shift habits and behaviours, move into an aligned 'flow state' and create a mindset which radically enhances performance and productivity and delivers the desired objectives with greater certainty, speed and ease.

As an entrepreneur prior to coaching, it was Rob's own 'brick-wall' and 'glass-ceiling' experiences that led him to studying and becoming passionate about the mind and to ultimately becoming a leading, global expert on consciousness, the mind, mindset and human behaviour and performance.

Rob's uniqueness relative to most mindset coaches or teachers is in his results focused approach and helping clients to address the true origin or source of results which is 'before' both the mind and mindset. 

It is by supporting clients' to gain their own first-hand experiential understanding and not just an intellectual one that Rob is able to help them create the change in results they want in less time as well as supporting them to enjoy more fulfilling, happier, healthier and enriched business and life journeys.