Hi, I'm Rob Begg.

As a boy I would dream about the life I wanted to create for myself.

I knew then I wanted a life of freedom and adventure and having my own business was part of this dream. 

Cutting a long story short, I set out on the entrepreneurial journey whilst at University and to date, I've never worked for anyone else or had a 'real job'.

It's been an adventure filled with ups and downs, successes and failures, joy, struggle and heart-break, two 7 figure businesses, others which went nowhere; blood, sweat and tears, travel, friendships, more tears, fun, laughter and lots of learning along the way.

Looking back, I can divide my entire career into 3 distinct chapters...

The first chapter involved working really hard, frequently banging my head against a wall, exerting lots of effort and energy and trying to figure out how to fulfil more of my potential, sell more, earn more, grow faster and feel happier, more secure, more in control and more fulfilled.

The second chapter involved more hard work and head banging and becoming interested in understanding the mind, mindset, consciousness and why it really is that some people succeed wildly when others don't. Or why they succeed in one area of life (e.g. health) but not another (e.g. money).

From a personal standpoint, I was intent on closing the gap between what I knew I was capable of and the results  I kept experiencing. Why did I make it look so hard at times!

The third chapter - the one I'm now in - involves living from the knowledge and understanding that our results in life are never the outcome of hard work, effort, long hours, strategy, luck or the business we’re in. Nor do they come from force or willpower.

Our results are the outcome of our 'mindset' and when we embrace and live from this one unchanging spiritual truth, we can quickly begin to create the changes we may have been chasing for years.

When we understand this, we can earn what we want, work less and live the abundant, happy, fulfilling life we once upon a time may have dared to dream for ourself. 

Needless to say, this third chapter has and continues to be the most rewarding in every way!

Today my focus is on helping entrepreneurs, business leaders and their teams to awaken to their true potential and to a different way of being and operating in the world.

One which sets them free and which empowers and enables them to grow faster, earn more money, have more fun, work less (if they want to) and to experience true wealth in the form of joy, happiness, inner peace and fulfilment.

If you're ready to take your life, business, income, happiness and freedom to the next level and to get the results you really want, you've come to the right place. 

Are you ready for different?

Are you ready to achieve unrealistic goals with certainty, in less time and without the effort, sacrifice and struggle?

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