Because your inner game matters more.

If you're ready to align yourself with your truest intentions, get out of your own way, play a bigger game and enjoy 'true wealth', then I might be able to help.

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How much have you really grown in the last year?

Your business, income and life are a mirror and can only reflect what's going on within you. 

There's something you should know..

It's a well worn cliché but it's also true....

You really can be, do or have whatever it is you want.

There are no limits.

And regardless of your scepticism, struggles or your wild success to date, I can quickly show you how to prove this to yourself beyond any doubt.

So you can free yourself up from all self-sabotaging thoughts, habits, behaviours or whatever other obstacles you perceive are in the way of the business, life, success and freedom you really want.

The rewards from this awareness are beyond measure.

Because, when you get to the truth beneath the noise, snake-oil and all the BS (including your own stories), you'll enjoy the sales growth, income and whatever else you may desire... and you'll also experience 'true wealth'.

In the form of inner peace, fulfilment, happiness, ease and freedom. Not fleetingly but lastingly.

Because that's what you really want... and it's available to you right now.

But there's a price you must pay for this awareness. 

It's responsibility.

Meaning you've got to be willing to do what most people aren't. Which is to abandon your victim mindset in favour of the truth about you.

Even if you think you don't have a victim mindset, it's almost certain you have...... and it's what's holding you back.

If you're serious about change, open-minded and would like to learn more, let's talk.


Right now is all you've got or ever will have.

There really is no such thing as a 'better time'.

So why not decide now to book a call (or decide not to).

What does your 'next level' success look like?

When I meet my clients, many are already objectively successful.

Some have built 6, 7, 8 or even 9 figure businesses from scratch. And many haven't.

But they all have one thing in common. 

They want something more or different.

Sometimes it's more sales, faster growth, money, health, freedom, better relationships, more impact, to leave a legacy, kick a habit, or all of the above. 

It really doesn't matter.

Because the fastest, most certain path to any or all of these things is exactly the same path.

And better still, it's also the path to getting what it is you really want. 

Because the origin of all outcomes is consciousness.

It may sound way too simplistic, spiritual or ethereal but it's still how it is. Your business and life are nothing more than the expression of your consciousness.

So, when you learn to align your consciousness with the 'success', results and life you desire; your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviour all line up and the results follow....with ease and with certainty, just as night follows day.

And when you do this with understanding, you get what you want a lot faster and you also get what you really want .... full mastery of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours... inner peace, abundance, happiness, joy, freedom and true wealth..

Are you Ready Yet?

Are you ready to get what you really want with speed, certainty and ease?

Hi, I'm Rob Begg

"Man's chief delusion is that there are causes other than his own state of consciousness".

- Neville Goddard

My journey into what I now do was long and full of ups and downs.

As with every entrepreneur, I've experienced my fair share of highs and lows, successes and failures.

In my time, I've started, grown and sold a couple of 7 figure businesses but not knowing then what I know now, I did things the hard way.... and I paid the price.

Looking back, I'm immensely grateful for the many things in my life which didn't work out as I'd hoped. For the things which caused me the most pain and suffering.

I say this because these were the things I learned the most from. Eventually.

It was my failures, much more than my successes, which nudged me to finally wake up to discovering the true origin of results. 

To why it really is that any of us succeed or fail at anything.

To learning about consciousness, the mind and the nature of reality.

To understanding why it really is some entrepreneurs succeed wildly when others - who are every bit as intelligent, talented, capable and hard working - struggle endlessly.

To understanding why those who are mega-successful are so often unable to pass the formula for success to their own kids.

Mistakenly attributing the origins of their success to such things as hard work, sacrifice, skill, knowledge, strategy, risk-taking or the business they're in.

Ultimately it was my many 'failures' which led me to learning we really can be, do or have whatever it is we truly want.

And to realising the game of life truly does work by law and not by luck or chance.

Over the past 12 years I've worked with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and sales teams to help them accelerate the attainment of their 'next level success'.

For the last 6 years I've focused specifically on helping clients achieve the sales and income growth they want with greater certainty, speed and ease - mostly through shifting the perceptions, beliefs and assumptions they don't know are getting in their way.

It would be easy to label this as 'mindset' however most most mindset focuses on thoughts, beliefs, feelings, habits and behaviours and although valid, none of these are the root cause or origin of outcomes.

They stem from it.

As such, the results of 'mindset' work are often disappointingly incremental or temporary instead of truly next level and lasting.

To create truly next level results, what's required is a corresponding shift in consciousness. There's no other way.

Perhaps you know this. Because many people do. 

But what many also find, despite reading the books, understanding the theory and hiring talented or famous guru coaches, is that not much changes.

Or not for long.

Their desired results remain elusive.

The reason being that more knowledge and information doesn't equate to better results.

If it did, many more people would be a great deal more wealthy and successful than they are.

The reality is not much changes until we do and what most people don't ever really learn is how to change.

This is what I coach and teach.

"What would your sales or income goals be if you based them on what you really want and not on your beliefs or your history?"

How boldly would you dare to dream if you knew you couldn't fail?

What would you dream of doing or having?

What would your sales or income goal be if it was based on what you really want and not on your (false) beliefs or your history?

Or on the evidence you keep coming up with to support or defend your perceived limitations?

What if you had no memory of the past?

And had no inherited or made-up rules in your head about how many hours or years you must work to achieve your goals?

What if you could earn more in the next year than you've earned in the previous 5 or even 10?

Are there really any valid reasons for why not? 

Or are they all just beliefs and assumption?

What if changing your core, foundational beliefs was easy?

What if the only thing that's stopping you is you, your beliefs and assumptions and your trusted scepticism?

What if the only obstacle is you and you really could learn how to free yourself up to get the results you truly want and live like you want to live?

"How boldly would you dare to dream if you knew you couldn't fail?"

Am I the right coach for you?

I don't work with everyone but here are some indicators we may be suited to working together...

  • You refuse to settle for 'being realistic' or for anything less than you really want.
  • You have a strong sense there's much more to life and so much more within you that you still want to express and experience.
  • You want to work with someone you feel understands you and who can genuinely help you create the meaningful changes and results you really want.
  • You've already achieved a certain level of success; you're curious about how to get to the next level faster and without all the stress and hard work.  
  • You value a direct, no nonsense approach, are willing to take responsibility and are comfortable with some tough love if and when required.
  • You're open to having many of your core, foundational beliefs and assumptions challenged.
  • You want and expect meaningful, measurable results and a life-long return on investment; not just a short-term spike that feels good in the moment but doesn't last.
  • You're willing to take full responsibility for your life and results, give up blaming circumstances, things, other people, the economy or anything else.

I love working with Rob. So much for me has changed. I now operate completely differently. Business has grown, I’m happier and more fulfilled and nothing seems to phase me anymore. Everything just seems to flow.

David Lewis

Scotland, UK

My thinking has completely changed since working with Rob. He has expertly guided me to shift limiting beliefs I’d unknowingly lived with all my life. As a result sales and profits in my business have 'exploded' and more importantly, I’m now living a happy and fulfilled life!

I am more confident in myself and my own abilities than I've ever been and I have a clear vision for the future which I know with certainty I will realise!

Melanie Auld

Scotland, UK

Working with Rob has been the best decision I've made in business and in life too! I earned more in the last two months than I earned in the whole of the previous year whilst doing a lot less! Rob has helped me quickly change my beliefs about money and about selling but most importantly, about myself. From there, everything has just flowed.

Sarah Conway

Toronto, Canada

4 things about me you may want know.


I truly believe life is meant to be about doing what you love. That it's not supposed to be about struggle, doing work you don't enjoy or living a life you need a holiday from.  It's called the "Game of Life" for a reason but most people play "War with Self" instead. My mission is to help you understand the 'rules' of the game so you can PLAY the Game of your life.... and WIN.


I don't just say this, I 100% mean it. Your goals and dreams are important to me and I want for you what you want for you. Whatever your version of success looks like, one thing I know for sure is that freedom and happiness sit at the heart of this and I'm here to show you how to attain all of this with ease, speed, certainty and consistency. 


I'm here to remind you and help you know that you can be, do or have anything you want.  I work with those who are genuinely ready to let go of their limiting beliefs and stories in favour of the truth and go after what they really want, not what they're prepared to settle for.  If this is not for you, it is totally ok.


If you become a client, I will love you and listen but I won't allow you to continue to indulge what's holding you back.

In working together, my job is to help you create the changes and results you most want quickly and easily and some tough love is occasionally what's required!