Does Your Mindset
Measure Up to Your Goals?

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Are you ready for change?

Are you an entrepreneur, leader, coach or consultant?

Are you tired of the long hours, hard work, hustle and grind?

Of the 12 hour days?

Of feeling like you're not getting the rewards relative to the effort you put in?

Or never quite earning what you're worth or having the time and money freedom you really want?

Have you had enough of playing small?


What if there's a different way?

One that's so much easier.

One that would let you ditch the hustle, grind and stress for ease and flow?

To trade working hard for relaxing and enjoying life?

To earn what you want, whilst having way more fun and freedom?

An impossible dream?

I used to think so but not anymore.

What My Clients Have To Say


“I engaged with Rob because I wanted to improve my coaching business. My income was all over the place. Some months I was earning £5K and some months I was earning half of this or less. By shifting my relationship with money and with myself, my income has grown dramatically. Most months I earn £20K and some months it’s more….. unless I decide to take the time out for myself that I now know I deserve!”


“I was introduced to Rob eight years ago and rapidly discovered an individual who, with grace, clarity and firmness, challenged my habitual thinking. It has been a life transforming experience; long standing family difficulties have resolved themselves with deep love in a way at one time I would never have imagined possible. Every area of my life: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, financial and physical, has been sustainably nourished and indelibly improved through my working relationship with Rob.”


“My thinking has completely changed since I met Rob. He has expertly guided me to see and shift limiting beliefs I’d unknowingly lived with all my life.

As a result sales and profits in my business have exploded and more importantly, I’m now living a happy and fulfilled life, I am confident and I have a clear vision for the future.”

Hi, I'm Rob Begg

At some point, many of us ask ourselves what we're missing.

I asked this question more than two decades ago.

I had a good life but it came at a price.

Long hours, personal exertion, never quite enough money, stress, anxiety.... missing out on my kids growing up.

I wanted different, better, more... easier.

So I set out to find what I was missing.

I didn't know what I didn't know so it was a long search!

But I persisted and eventually I found it.

And everything in my life began to change. Fast.

So much so that I now teach others how to do the same.

It's all about the mind and learning how to use it. something we're never taught.,

It works for everyone. If you're open, coachable and up for creating a life you love, I can show you how.

Earn what you want, work less, have way more fun...
Learn why your results are entirely dictated by your mindset.

What My Clients Have To Say


“I love working with Rob! So much for me has changed. I now operate completely differently. I’m happier and more fulfilled and nothing seems to phase me anymore. Everything just seems to flow easily.”


“Being a lover of measuring the time my team and I have been working with Rob, our sales conversions have gone up from 20% to over 60%, our AOV is up by an incredible 28%, our gross margin is up by 4% and marketing spend has almost halved!" The net result is transformation!”


“I'd only recommend working with Rob if you want to be happier, more fulfilled and purposeful; to be free from worry, doubt, fear and limiting beliefs and to grow your business and income with more speed and ease! Otherwise don’t bother!”

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