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It’s the only key that turns the lock on unfulfilled potential.

Hi, I'm Rob,

I work with a small number of business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders.

Those who really want to shift their lives and businesses to an entirely new level…

To live boldly, have more impact, earn whatever they want and to enjoy fulfilment, happiness and true freedom.

The kind of fulfilment and freedom that can only come from knowing who we really are……. which is not who we think we are.

Only then can we shift from being led by the limitations, stories, beliefs and fears of the intellectual mind (ego) – which is so stealthily invested in the hamster wheel and minimising change – to being led by the infinitely greater wisdom and freedom of our true nature.

It’s a shift which makes ALL the difference.

One which brings clarity, certainty, fulfilment and freedom from the prison of logic, reason and perception.

One which frees us from the flawed belief that fulfilment and achievement  are tied to doing and which enables faster, more effortless and certain growth than our logic and reason will ever allow.

If you’re ready for a life and business transforming upgrade in awareness, to escape the bondage of logic and reason and discover how you really can have whatever your heart desires, let’s talk. 

Your mind may not want to but the voice we listen to dictates our future…. there’s the one in our head (the one that is intent on being right) and the one in our heart. 

Knowing the difference is the only way to attain true freedom.

Your heart is for freedom, fulfilment, and adventure into the unknown.
It also knows the way.

Your mind is for using the rear view mirror to drive into the future with.

The conflict between heart and mind is both felt and experienced.

Like pressing the accelerator and the brakes at the same time.

Learning to be heart-led once again, as we all were at one time in our life, is the only means of realising the vision and freedom our heart desires.

A once weekly, Saturday morning email to support awareness, fulfilment and desired results.

What is believing your mind costing you?

To achieve any big goal, the biggest challenge we face is in getting our mind out of the way.

Because our mind navigates by the evidence of our senses and our past, not our future.

When we believe the mind…

“Your mind wants what’s familiar. Your heart wants what isn’t.”


Most people are not aware their mind isn’t aligned with their goals. Or why it matters so much.

Understanding this and shifting perceptions sets us free to earn, live and create to our heart’s desire.

"indset isn't
on our mindset is like a dog
chasing its own tail"
- Rob Begg


All the highest achievers throughout history have had one thing in common.

They’ve been led by their hearts, not by their minds or circumstances.

The mind is a valuable tool but 98% of people unconsciously use it against themselves.

As a result they deny their hearts’  wisdom and the fulfilment of their desires. 

In believing their thoughts and feelings are real or by remaining unconscious of them, they unwittingly an unknowingly sabotage or slow the realisation of their desires.


We’re taught to trust our minds.

But this makes us unconscious prisoners of our intellect, thoughts and and beliefs.

Our heart seeks fuller expression, expansion and freedom.

But our mind seeks safety, security and approval.

Hence the internal conflict between the truth of our heart and the stories of the mind.

If mind wins, we suffer. 

We just may not know why.


Our results are not the reflection of our capabilities or our efforts.

They’re the mirror of what we’re accepting to be true.

If we buy into the limitations of our mind, we experience these limitations.

And we feel the contraction of this relative to our heart’s desires.

 If we allow our heart to lead us from our true desires, we experience these instead.

Along with the fulfilment and freedom that is our nature. 


The Start With I Podcast

A podcast dedicated to exploring the origin of results, expressing our innate potential, the ways of the mind and how to live a wildly successful, abundant, happy and fulfilling life.

Hi, I'm Rob Begg

I work with high-performing entrepreneurs, leaders and teams in business and sport.

Those who want to realise their boldest vision with speed, ease and certainty.... whilst enjoying the journey.

I help clients dramatically shift performance and results by understanding and tapping into the true origin of their outcomes. 

Because success isn’t about vision, goals, strategy, capability or hard work.

This may be what’s commonly taught, believed and practiced but it’s the very reason success isn’t common!

Results are the outcome of aligning our mind, body and spirit with the desired outcome.

When we do this, we enter a state of flow and the results follow with astonishing speed, ease and certainty.

It’s not magic, it’s mental science anyone can learn and apply for immediate benefit.  

"Don't be pushed around by the stories of your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart. The sky is not the limit; your mind is."

Powerful, unique and paradigm shifting coaching programmes for transforming and sustaining sales performance of individuals and teams.

Being a highly effective, high-performing leader, loving what you do is 100% about understanding you and how to lead you.. 

Transformative, bespoke team coaching for dramatic and sustained performance enhancements in business and in sport.

3 things you may want to know about working with me.


If we work together, I am 100% invested in your results.

Whatever results you may be seeking to attain, if you’re open, coachable and willing, I’ll show you what’s necessary to attain them and how. 


It’s never personal but some people are unwilling to question what they already believe to be true.

I can’t help anyone who wants change but who isn’t prepared to look at their own perceptions, beliefs or assumptions in the process.


If we work together, what you’ll learn won’t just affect your business, it will impact every aspect of your life.

Because it can’t not!

Business and life are not separate, stand-alone entities. 

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