Awareness and Mindset Coaching for Personal and Business Breakthroughs.

The fastest (and certain) way to attain a sustained performance breakthrough is through a deliberate shift in our consciousness. The reason being that our results are always a mirror of our mindset.

The problem is we're not taught about this which means we can become stuck or miss out on the results we could otherwise achieve with certainty and speed.

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What does your 'next level' success look like?

When I first meet my clients, many are objectively successful.

But regardless of their 'success', they ALL have something in common. 

They want a breakthrough in performance and results and they want it quickly and with certainty and ease.

Many have already tried numerous 'strategies' and 'mindset', including working with famous gurus, only to end up frustrated by the lack of results.

In working with clients, I firstly help them gain an awareness of the true origin of outcomes, of what the mind actually is and how and why our mind generates our experiences.

These 'missing pieces' of the jigsaw provide a context and an immediate shift in awareness which enables clients to align their state and mindset with their boldest vision, dreams and goals.....

And of course the breakthroughs and results they've wanted then follow... with speed, certainty and ease.

Everything You Want Is Within You.

Waiting Patiently For You To Let It Out.

I love working with Rob. So much for me has changed. I now operate completely differently. Business has grown, I’m happier and more fulfilled and nothing seems to phase me anymore. Everything just seems to flow.

David Lewis

Scotland, UK

My thinking has completely changed since working with Rob. He has expertly guided me to shift limiting beliefs I’d unknowingly lived with all my life. As a result sales and profits in my business have 'exploded' and more importantly, I’m now living a happy and fulfilled life!

I am more confident in myself and my own abilities than I've ever been and I have a clear vision for the future which I know with certainty I will realise!

Melanie Auld

Scotland, UK

Working with Rob has been the best decision I've made in business and in life too! I earned more in the last two months than I earned in the whole of the previous year whilst doing a lot less! Rob has helped me quickly change my beliefs about money and about selling but most importantly, about myself. From there, everything has just flowed.

Sarah Conway

Toronto, Canada

4 things about me you may want to know.


I truly believe life is meant to be about doing what you love. That it's not supposed to be about struggle, doing work you don't enjoy or living a life you need a holiday from.  It's called the "Game of Life" for a reason but most people play "War with Self" instead. My mission is to help you understand the 'rules' of the game so you can PLAY the Game of your life.... and WIN.


I don't just say this, I 100% mean it. Your goals are important to me and I want for you what you want for you. Whatever your version of next level success looks like, one thing I know for sure is that freedom and happiness sit at the very heart of it and I'm here to show you how to attain this with ease and certainty.


I'm here to remind you that you really can be, do or have anything you want.  I work with those who are genuinely ready to let go of their limiting beliefs and stories in favour of the truth and to go after what they really want; not what they're prepared to settle for.  If this is not for you, it is totally ok.


If you become a client, I will love you and listen but I won't allow you to continue to indulge what's holding you back.

In working together, my job is to help you create the changes and results you most want quickly and easily and some tough love is occasionally what's required!