What if realising the results you really want is as simple as having your awareness in the right place?

It is.

Knowing why is what makes it simple.

Hello. Here's what you may want to know for now.

I'm a leading mind, performance and results coach specialising in helping business leaders, professional athletes and teams (as well as coaches) take the guesswork and uncertainty out of realising the successes they most want.

Having studied the mind and what really leads our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, behaviours and results for almost 30 years, my approach is somewhat different to that of most coaches.

The reason being that I focus on cause and effect and not on the symptoms.

When we understand our true nature and how the mind so faithfully moves us to experience in line with who and what we're aware of being, we can dispense with the 'limiting belief' and misconception that we need to work on re-wiring or re-programming the mind, changing habits, striving harder or fixing anything to succeed as we'd love to.

There may of course be action to take or skills to be honed but understanding what inspires all of this is what matters.

Falling short of our goals and not realising our vision occurs because we overlook what's prior to the mind and what leads and precedes ALL of our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, behaviours, actions, reactions and results.

We overlook what's both cause and effect.
Our awareness and who and what we're aware of being.

It's just too simple when we're identified with it being more complicated!


You can have whatever it is you want but here are some of the most common desires I help clients fulfil...

Clarity & Vision

Perhaps you've some clarity on what you want but not the crystal clear vision you'd love. Or perhaps what you'd really love seems like an impossible dream so you find yourself compromising and suffering the effects.

Individual Performance

You're getting results but you'd really love to accelerate and take your impact, sales, income and profits to the next level and with greater ease and certainty.

Team Performance

You'd love your team to perform consistently at the next level and to generate the results everyone wants but perhaps nothing you've invested in to date has truly delivered?

Time Freedom

Your relationship with time is entirely based on your beliefs and stories. If you'd love time for travel or other aspects of your life whilst ensuring your business continues to flourish and grow, it's much more simple than you currently believe.


You'd love to have the confidence to speak on stage in front of 100 or 1000 people, post fearlessly on LinkedIn or to simply never question yourself in meetings. You want to stand firmly in the courage of your convictions.

Health & Vitality

You've built a great business but perhaps you've neglected your health and are feeling the need to do something about it. You already know there's more to it than diet, exercise and discipline.  This aside, you still want to enjoy the finer things in life!


Here are the ways I work with clients...

Mindsource® Programme

An industry leading, self-paced and fully supported 'flagship' coaching programme with everything you need to know to shift your awareness and rapidly grow your business or fulfil any goal.

1:2:1 Coaching

I offer a limited number of 1:2:1 places for those with a desire to realise a specific objective or outcome and want to take their game (in business, sport or life) to an entirely the new level .

Speaking & Presenting

Keynote speaking, guest appearances (podcasts) and presenting at conferences and events.

Educational Events

Live, online or in-person training and educational events to support results as well as mental and physical wellness.

Team Programmes

Coaching programmes for teams in business and sport which are focused on specific, desired outcomes. Delivered in person or online subject to arrangement.

Schools & Colleges

Bridging the gap in our education system by bringing awareness and understanding of the mind and what really leads success and failure into schools and colleges across the UK.


1. Awareness

Our awareness of being is foundational yet it's the one thing most overlooked.

It's THE game changer.

Because when we KNOW we are pure unconditioned potential in every new moment, it shifts everything.

Unfortunately, it's typically overlooked in favour of the belief that we need to reprogramme our mind or on what we need or must do.

Overlooking what's foundational is why most investments in transformation through personal development, mindset, coaching and training fail to deliver the outcomes anticipated, hoped for or promised.

2. Clarity

Most people are not clear on what it is they really want or make the mistake of aiming only for what they believe is possible.

Many also unknowingly set goals to prevent what they're fearful of or are using the past to determine their thinking.

As such their awareness is on where they are today and on figuring out how to get to where they want to be. This may be normal but it radically reduces the chances of success.

Whenever we're in 'figuring out how' mode, we're limiting ourself to linear, logical progression versus the kind of quantum leaps we could otherwise enjoy.

3. Identity

A clear vision, strategy, capability and action are of little consequence if we're not identified with the fulfilment of our vision.

Who and what we're aware of being leads our thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, feelings, decisions, behaviours and results.

Winners win because they're winners first and because they've won in spirt before they've won in the mind and in the flesh.

Knowing how to consciously shift our identity to align with the fulfilment of our desires and not the wanting of them makes all the difference.

4. Results

Actions, re-actions and results are the automatic expression of our awareness and assumptions.

We can believe it's more complicated and then of course it is.

Thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviours, strategies, actions, reactions and results follow who and what we're aware and conscious of being.

We can't 'do' feelings and we can't 'do' results.

They follow how we're conditioning awareness in the mind.

See step 1.


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