I help entrepreneurs to get un-stuck and achieve the results they really want.

Shift Your Thinking. Unlock Your Potential. Make A Quantum Leap

Most people know how to do much better than they’re doing; the problem is they’re not doing what they know. Watch this 90 second video and discover why.

If you have a vision or a really big goal for your business or your life, I can show you how to achieve it.

How do I know?

Partly because I’ve studied and applied the principles of both success and failure for more than 25 years.

Partly because I’m not an employee or failed entrepreneur turned coach – I have the battle scars from running my own 7 figure businesses.

Partly because I’ve been stuck, I know how it feels and I know what’s required to get my clients unstuck (if they are stuck). 

But mostly because I’ve personally trained, studied, worked with and been mentored by the best success coach in the world, Bob Proctor. 

And, after 30 years as an entrepreneur – including 10 years as a certified business coach – I  finally learned the truth about success.

Despite all I thought I previously knew, Bob taught me that success, however we each define it, doesn’t happen by luck or by chance or as the result of hard-work. 

And it’s definitely not the result of how much we know! 

Success is a system; one which can be learned and applied by everyone.

The truth is that if you really want to make a Quantum Leap in your results, you’ve got to shift the way you habitually think.


“We become what we think about.”


This sounds overly simplistic – and on one level it is – however understanding this intellectually and understanding it emotionally are two very different things! 

Why do you think, feel and act the way you do?

Why do you accept certain thoughts and ideas whilst rejecting others?

How do you decide what’s “realistic” or “achievable” for you or others versus what’s not?

Because the truth is you can be, do or have anything you want. 

Whether what you want is to 10x your income, start your own business, grow your current one or live a life of freedom, I can show you how.

And right now, you don’t need to believe me or believe it’s possible.

All you need now are 3 things: the desire for change, being open to being helped and the decision to take a next step.

Hi I'm Rob Begg...

“Success is the result of what we do, not what we know.”

To transform our results, we must change our thoughts, habits and behaviours and re-programme our mind for the success we want.

Rob is a success and mindset coach based in Scotland in the UK. Trained and personally mentored by the legendary Bob Proctor, Rob helps success seeking individuals, business leaders and teams to achieve extraordinary results in both their businesses and their lives.

Teaching proven principles and using a time-tested process, Rob help his clients instal new habits and behaviours and to achieve incredible shifts in their results both quickly and sustainably.

Rob combines a unique blend of knowledge and skills gathered over more than 30 years as an entrepreneur, business and personal success coach and Proctor Gallagher consultant which supports clients to unlock their potential and which guarantees transformational results.

Take a step towards the success in life you really want?
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“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

What Others Are Saying...
What People Are Saying...

Working with Rob is incredible. Rob's knowledge and experience and a proven, step-by-step plan are a great combination. My team and I have achieved results we hadn’t even dared to think about before. I highly recommend Rob to anyone who is serious about taking their success in any area of their life to the next level... and beyond.

Mark Tiedman
CEO, Cherry Tree
Nick Dayman

Finally!! A consultant and a programme which have both delivered on their promises! In a little over 4 months, I've more than doubled my income while cutting my working hours in half - something I'd once have thought to be impossible! Thanks Rob (and Bob!)

Nick Dayman
Owner, Weve-A-Gift

I've tried all sorts of stuff in the past and, to be honest, before working with Rob, I thought anyone who talked about helping others to create "massive changes" or "quantum leaps" was talking total BS. I've since had to change my views! In 15 months, with Rob's guidance, support and process, I've grown my profits by almost 400%! and lost 20Ibs!

Fiona Reid
Reid & Co.
I Begg To Differ Podcast

On The I Begg To Differ podcast, high-performance, success and mindset coach Rob Begg shares uncommon philosophies, perspectives and strategies to help you prosper and achieve uncommon success in every area of your life.

Whether what you want relates to your health, wealth, income, career, business, relationships or something else, your success most likely depends on you NOT following the masses.

I Begg To Differ Podcast

If success is uncommon, why listen to common opinions on how to achieve it?

On The I Begg To Differ Show, Rob Begg speaks with ordinary people who are doing and achieving extraordinary things.

They share their uncommon strategies, perspectives and contrarian opinions on success in business and in life and also share what they’ve learned from their failures and darkest moments.

As a listener, you’ll receive awareness, insights and actionable strategies to help you take your life and your results to the next level and beyond.

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The first step to creating the change you want is to take one.

If you have a question, would like to know more or would like to speak with Rob or one of his team, we’d love to hear from you.
Get in Touch
The first step to creating the change you want is to take one.

If you have a question, would like to know more or would like to speak with Rob or one of his team, we’d love to hear from you.