Awareness For Breakthroughs.

What does your 'next level' success look like?

You’re successful. You’ve achieved some amazing things.

But you want something more. 

What’s next?

Maybe you’re clear on this. Maybe you’re not.

Perhaps you’ve tried coaching, personal development and mindset. 

You’ve read the books and followed the gurus but somehow been left wanting.

The clarity,  next level breakthroughs and inner fulfilment have remained elusive.

But maybe you’re just ready to learn what you really want to know.

If you’re ready for life-changing change and are open to learning and unlearning; maybe you’re in the right place.



"The challenge with creating the changes
we really want is most advice doesn't help."
- Rob Begg


We’re Human-Beings. 

 This is where to start when it comes to creating change.

The clues are everywhere. 

Be-cause, Be-fore, Be-have.

Most of us ignore this in favour of strategy and action which always makes change slower and harder  than it needs to BE.


We’re conditioned to be Human-Doings.

But doing always stems from our state of Being.

And when our state is not aligned with the fulfilment of our goals, the doing can feel exhausting and the results we seek can remain frustratingly slow or elusive.


Success is never the outcome of talent, ability and effort.  

It’s the outcome of what we’re dominantly identified with.

When we truly understand this and learn why it is we want what we want, we can discover how to achieve the breakthroughs and results we want with speed, ease and certainty. 

The Honest Mind Podcast

A podcast dedicated to exploring our true nature, innate potential, the ways of the mind, being happy and how to live a life we truly love.

What I Do

I help entrepreneurs, leaders and teams attain the awareness required to achieve the results, fulfilment and freedom they most want with the speed, ease and certainty they want it. 


I work 1:2:1 with a handful of Leaders to support the attainment of their grandest vision and hearts' desires.


Helping leaders to free their potential, elevate confidence, eliminate stress and achieve astounding results.


Helping high-performing professionals and teams enjoy accelerated sales and margin growth in less time.

3 things you may want to know about me.


If we work together, I am 100% invested in your success.

Your vision and goals matter and whatever breakthroughs or results you may be seeking, if you’re open-minded and willing, I can show you how to attain them with certainty. Because it’s not a question of luck; it’s about laws of mind.

I’m aware your freedom, fulfilment and happiness are also at the very heart of what you want and this is one reason it’s at the very centre of the work I do.


The one and only obstacle between you, your vision and goals is in your mind. If we work together you’ll gain this understanding from the start. Not just because it’s the key to the attainment of your goals but because it will also set you free. 

But despite this, the truth is most people are not ready or willing to accept this realisation or responsibility and I choose to work only with those who are.  

So, if you’re genuinely ready to let go of much of what you think and believe to be true in favour of the actual truth; we may be suited to working together.  And if not, this is totally ok.


If we work together, you’ll have my 100% commitment and support and you’ll get results too but I won’t allow you to continue indulging what’s in your way. 

In working together, my responsibility is to help you experience the breakthroughs you want with certainty, in the shortest time and with the least effort.

Some ‘tough love’ may therefore be required from time to time. If you’re a high-performing entrepreneur or lead a business, you may not be used to this so it’s probably best you learn this from me upfront.

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